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GSM jammers as a means of teaching compliance

Today everyone has mobile phones and various electronic gadgets. But even 20 years ago, the owner of such a device was looked at with great surprise. Recently, they are not only widespread, but also an integral part of everyday life. A huge variety of models, affordable prices and an incredible number of options have made this gadget one of the most popular.

How to protect your dacha from drones?

Today, both professional (cost several hundred thousand rubles) and semi-professional drones (1-2 thousand dollars) are offered, which can stay in the air for up to half an hour and provide a fairly high quality video. There are also very inexpensive samples (from 3 to 10 thousand rubles). Yes, the video quality is lower and they stay in the air for just a couple of minutes, but often this is enough to see what is happening in the neighboring area.

Wireless frequency jammers - effective in combating unauthorized access to information

Cellular radio frequencies are the field through which unauthorized access to information is often made. The use of devices to block such access involves the creation of interference in the path of wiretapping. At the same time, such signal jammer is capable of blocking both cellular radio frequencies and GPS, GLONASS, Wi-Fi signals.

EaglePro Jammer Blizzard-Highlights

It is not surprising that business information leaks due to emails being hacked or tapped in conversations. Car security systems, alarms, courier services-all thanks to the support of GPS and GSM standards. But sometimes people need a little privacy, and then they may need signal jammer.

Anti-eavesdropping devices: TOP-5 effective devices

Recording jammer. Another device that comes in handy in the anti-spy kit arsenal will prevent the conversation from being recorded. A good example of such a device is the Chameleon UltraSonic 18GSM voice recorder jammer. The jammer emits ultrasonic radiation and blocks the voice recorder recording, so your conversation will be completely protected from outside interference.

Install signal jammers in important places Do not carry mobile phones

Mobile phones are convenient and flexible and are widely used in people's work and life. Mobile phone communication is the transmission of voice and data information in an open electronic communication system. As long as there is a corresponding receiving device, it can intercept call information at any time, any place and anyone. Every mobile phone can make calls.

If there is no cell phone signal jammer in the prison

Prison cell phone shields have become a necessary supplement to the tool library needed to protect prisoners. Mobile phones are getting smaller every day, which makes it easier for prisoners to smuggle into the facility. This is a more difficult task for correctional workers who are already burdened, but mobile phone shields are a weapon that restricts prisoners from using mobile phones for potentially dangerous activities. The use of cell phone jammer can also force prisoners to use prison-approved/monitored phones.

Mobile jammers ensure driving safety

Every family has a computer, printer, mobile phone, camera, TV. Each student has his own mobile phone, can access the Internet, communicate with friends on popular social networks, read books and find all necessary information previously stored only in the library. All these devices make our lives easier, faster and more comfortable.

2.4 GHz wifi jammer for home and office

Mobile and wireless Wi-Fi network shields are designed to ensure your safety and protect your private property space from unnecessary telephone conversations, eavesdropping on communication channels and information leakage on mobile Internet channels, with the help of wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks Wireless cameras and loopholes. In addition, when using a signal jammer, most of the activities of wireless devices will be blocked, 99% of which are operating in the 2.4 GHz frequency.

Use GPS jammer to stop GPS tracking!

Vehicle standard jammers are usually installed in the cab by connecting them to the car's power supply system. Their blocking range is a few meters. But there are other options for such devices. They can not only block GPS signals in the car, but also block external signals.

Recording blocker-how to protect your data?

If your daily life or business is related to confidential data, protecting information is a necessary measure. You can put important files or videos in a safe place for storage. But in most cases, the danger comes from the third party's party. They must exist in business negotiations. They generally use microphones, listening devices and recorders. So in order to protect our data, we need a recording blocker, so what is a recording signal jammer?

Some prisons abroad also implement cell phone signal blockers, prohibiting the use of cell phones in prisons

Prison Minister Andre said: "Although a series of security measures have not worked but increased the illegal use of communication equipment, the introduction of this new policy is bound to increase the possibility of handling this question. Once the recognized mobile device is blocked, we can further comfort the victim and avoid the development of illegal activities more quickly and on a larger scale than before. "The United Kingdom implemented prison signal jammer to prohibit the use of mobile phones in prisons.

Training institutions can use mobile phone signal jammers to increase the admission rate

The appearance of mobile phones has greatly facilitated people's lives, promoted the completion of work and study, and brought in the connection between people. But sometimes over-reliance on mobile phones will only make mobile phones a hindrance, a negative reaction. Especially for students, especially during the stressful study period, if they rely too much on mobile phones, they will waste their studies, or even retreat if they fail to advance. Nowadays, many training institutions can use cell phone signal jammer in teaching places in order to increase the admission rate.

Choose your GPS jammer

More and more people often face illegal GPS tracking, therefore, GPS signal suppressor (jammer) can be a practical help to prevent any spy tracking attempts of the GPS tracker signal installed in your car . The gps jammer can be powered by the cigarette lighter in the car. Very convenient and compact device that can suppress GPS signals. The working principle of the anti-gps system is to interfere with the transmission frequency of the useful signal. The greater the amplitude of the power noise generator, the less likely it is to realize the connection of the noise generating frequency, and the greater the influence radius of interference.

High-power mobile phone jammer to ensure high security

Today, mobile phones are one of the most popular communication methods in the world. However, people are worried about the possible effects of the radiation they emit. In addition, mobile phones can affect the operation of devices, such as pacemakers and ECG recorders, and as a result, doctors may make a wrong diagnosis. In places such as oil fields and gas stations, the use of mobile phones can cause explosions. In prisons, criminals communicating via mobile phones can do illegal things. Low-power cell phone jammers cannot effectively disable cell phone signals in these places. High-power mobile phone jammers are the perfect tool to eliminate the damage and further consequences caused by mobile phones.

Signal jammer-your personal guard

When you don't want to be tracked, you urgently need to buy a GPS tracking jammer to ensure your private life and private conversations. More importantly, GPS jammer can also protect your private conversations from eavesdropping. If you have not used jammers before, you should know that they are user-friendly and easy to operate. When you want to carry a jammer with you, a portable jammer is perfect for you.

Which occasions cannot be separated from the mobile phone signal jammer

In many occasions in life, such as exams, meetings, etc., using mobile phones is very inappropriate. At this time, in addition to confiscating mobile phones early, you can use cell phone signal jammer to block mobile phone signals and Wi-Fi within specific occasions. The signal is shielded. Without the mobile phone signal and Internet signal, we will not play with the mobile phone. This is an excellent effect.

RF signal jammers: types and characteristics

The types of radio frequency jammers vary widely, that is, they can be used as wireless (Wi-Fi) detectors, detectors, gps trackers, mobile phone scramblers, radio frequency signal detectors or blocker solutions, and they can prevent Wireless video cameras and audio equipment, so-called spy wiretapping devices. The working principle is the interference radio type, they are "white noise" transmitters. That is, this is a powerful non-information signal transmitted in the same frequency range in which the device is operating, which needs to be blocked.

GPS jammer stops spying

If you think someone is tracking your location, let us introduce you to tools such as GPS jammer. You can record every minute of a private conversation and show your location. Therefore, when you want to ensure that you and your privacy are protected, a GPS jammer is what you need. With this device, all "enemies" will not compromise your privacy.

Blockers can prevent and prevent cheating

The Ministry of Education issued examination disciplines to the national teaching department to ensure the safety of the college entrance examination this year. In order to eliminate the phenomenon of testing, many college students who act cautiously enter the school as "shooters".

How to stop GPS tracking devices on your smartphone

The Federal Communications Commission estimates that 95% of mobile phone users will use GPS tracking devices, and blocking such GPS tracking devices with GPS jammers is very popular.

How to stop cell phone GPS satellite system from tracking and positioning

Many of us may have seen gps jammers used in movies, in reality there are many such jamming devices that block GPS satellite signals.

How to prevent GPS location tracking for security

New technologies not only bring convenience to our lives, but also bring new risks and dangers, but they can be used to improve security, such as portable jammers that can prevent GPS tracking.

GPS anti-tracking mini jammer device

Since most people realize that we have the right to privacy, if you think you have been followed or tracked, you can protect yourself by purchasing a GPS jammer online.

How to interfere with a GPS tracker on a car

Since they have different attributes-battery life, frequency, etc., buy GPS jammers to pay attention to the supported frequencies.

Mobile GPS device can easily track precise location

Almost every smartphone uses GPS for navigation and location mapping, which is a great potential risk for us. Using GPS jammers can shield our location information.

Protect personal phone information and privacy of private locations

We store a lot of personal information in mobile devices, sometimes even very sensitive information. To ensure security, you can use GPS jammers that can interfere with mobile phone signals.

Mini GPS jammer avoids privacy to protect location first

Wireless technology was created to track down thieves and prevent crimes against your property, but at the same time poses a great danger to our personal safety, and the use of mini GP jammers can effectively hide the location.

Handheld GPS jammers block all types of GPS devices

jammer-mart offers a variety of dedicated GPS jammers that can disable all types of GPS devices in certain areas.

High-end GPS jammer shields mobile phones and GPS bands

The tracking industry has been under development, so complex trackers have emerged. The use of GPS signal jammers can suppress both mobile phones and GPS frequencies.

GPS jammer makes car GPS position disappear

In recent years, the theft of cars by cargo theft has increased in Mexico. The culprit is GPS jammers.

GPS jammer: the culprit for lost cars

The reason why some thieves are able to effectively steal goods from the car is that the main reason is that they have purchased a GPS jammer and the device will stop positioning on the GPS positioning system.

How to prevent criminals from interfering with the car's GPS positioning

The fact that there is no technology that can stop GPS jammers does not mean that we cannot protect ourselves.

Mitigating GPS jammer impact on fleets

Criminals have been using GPS jammers to block signals from GPS tracking equipment installed in trucks. How can they mitigate their impact on the fleet?

How to detect and prevent GPS jammers in your fleet

In addition to being more difficult to stop due to the GPS jammer technology used, they can also identify signal blocking devices and operate according to specific procedures.

GPS jammer in vehicle makes vehicle disappear

When a thief implements a vehicle theft, the GPS jammer will be used to block GPS and cellular signals transmitting data, so the precise location of the vehicle disappears.

Criminals use new GPS jammers to attack vehicles

Criminals used a new type of GPS jammer to attack vehicles, mainly freight.

Criminal uses a GPS jammer to interfere with car location

After class suspensions in some schools, car owners are often victims of theft, and criminals use GPS signal jammer transmitters to deactivate the door lock system of temporarily disturbed vehicles.

U.S. GPS jammer usage should continue to grow

That fits in your pocket a GPS jammer . Some entry-level products cost less than $ 50, and you can easily get a "forbidden" model with just a few clicks on the Internet.

GPS jammer interrupts surrounding GPS and navigation signals

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, pilots flying along the Gold and Silver Coast and throughout the southeast may experience GPS signal jammer issues next week.

GPS jammers are used to mislead geographic and destination information

Online security education platform SearchSecurity said: GPS jammers were originally developed by the military to mislead enemies about geographic location and destinations.

How to prevent the government from tracking your location

It is legal for police to connect a GPS tracker to your car on the driveway of your property, and using a GPS jammer prevents the government from tracking your location

High-end drones used at movie production sites

So for some people who are confidential or worried about personal safety and personal secrets, drone jammer is indeed a perfect piece of equipment.

Russia's jammer drones play a big role in electronic warfare

In Russian electronic warfare, unidentified officials told NBC that this drone jammers have strong interference capabilities and that Russian equipment is sufficiently complex.

High power drone gun jammer destroyi multiple signal frequency bands

Although it looks like the cruelest rifle you've ever seen, a drone jammer gun is actually a high-power jammer capable of destroying multiple frequency bands simultaneously

Drone jammers prevent uavs from communicating with its operator

The Academy of Military Engineering of the Serbian Army has developed a new quad-rotor drone jammers to disrupt tactical communications.

Navy invests heavily in new generation of electronic jamming technology

Marine Corps Air Show The U.S. Navy hopes to drive the next-generation "drone jammer" sometime next year, although the system won't be operational until 2022.

Using drone jammers to disrupt drones used in military exercises

According to the FAA, GPS systems may not be available for the next few days due to military exercises, and uav jammers must be interfering with GPS signals for several hours during the event.

Drone jammer makes GPS systems inaccurate

When military exercises require our drone jammer, he said: "You can still use GPS, but you must know that it may not be accurate.

Drone jammers will not affect car GPS navigation

The good news is that drone jammers don't affect the navigation systems in our cars or the maps we use on our phones.

Drone jammers that play a huge role in electronic warfare

According to U.S. researchers, drone jammers (and continuing to jam) signals from satellite navigation of aircraft flying in Israeli airspace came from Syria's Russian Hmeimim Air Force Base.

Drone jammer capable of jamming enemy uavs flying at high altitude

As part of a confrontation with American and Iranian backgrounds in the region of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, drone jammers can jam enemy drones flying at high altitudes.

Using drone jammer in prisons to force them to land

The problem of drones flying illegally in prisons, and drone signal jammers can force drones to land or return home.

Drone jammer can also affect your life

Piat acknowledged that new offensive drone jammers would be brought into the army by 2023. Then, We can provide on-site solutions for the entire army.

Drone jammers that can also be used in US-Russian warfare

At the beginning of the next decade, it will begin to deploy the next generation of advanced high-power uav jammers with superior electronic attack and signal intelligence capabilities.

WiFi jammer blocking indoor mobile phone signal network

When the first mobile phone came out, you would be shocked. However, for schools and factories, the use of mobile phones is a difficult problem. You can install indoor WiFi signal jammer to block mobile phone networks.

Pay attention to these when buying WiFi Bluetooth jamming devices

You can get this WiFi Bluetooth jammer in many ways, but obviously the easiest way is definitely to buy it on the Internet.

WiFi jamming devices block the most commonly used 2.4GHz band

Many people may wonder who is actually using Bluetooth technology and, more importantly, why they use WiFi jammers to block this useful feature.

How do we solve the security risks of WiFi shared networks

We can use WiFi to share files at home and in the office. This is very convenient, but this information is also easy to be stolen. WiFi jammers can protect your information.

How to stop hidden cameras at home

If your location values ​​data theft protection, WiFi signal jammer can help you lock and block WiFi, hidden cameras, etc.

Portable GPS jammers that solves personal location tracking

The 8341HA signal interference product is the best handheld mini GPS jammer that works with all devices in nearby wireless devices, except for low frequency and 4G bands.

Wifi jammers prevent prisons from using mobile devices

Prisoners are unable to use mobile devices because their signals are completely blocked because of the wifi signal jammer installed in the prison.

Sistine Chapel use wifi jammer prevent data leaks

The Sistine Chapel's newly elected Pope Convention Center began on March 12 and wifi signal jammers have been installed throughout the Sistine Chapel and the residential area of ​​Santa Maria to prevent data leakage.

Vatican churches use wifi jammer to prevent others monitor

Many people consider the use of wifi signal jammers a very wise decision because eavesdropping and surveillance equipment is common today, and these high-tech tools have many loopholes.

Protecting personal smartphone data privacy

Some mobile operators treat users' personal data and sell them. WiFi jammers can prevent unnecessary data privacy leaks on mobile phones.

WiFi jammer protects personal data of mobile phone

On the operator network, what can we do to ensure that our personal information is secure? Using a wifi jammer can prevent access and use a Wi-Fi network to prevent mobile Internet.

How to ensure the security of the WiFi devices we use

Using an unsecured WiFi network may also be another source of compromising the security of sensitive information. This loss can be avoided with wifi jammers.

How to avoid the monitoring of the Internet and some home appliances

No one can ensure that your home appliances will not monitor you, the growth of hacked smartphone users, and loopholes in WLAN encryption protocols. Using a WiFi jammer is a good move.

How to stop scary spy camera surveillance

Hidden cameras can be found in every building that appears every day. They can be hidden well, and using a WiFi jammer can shield hidden cameras at home.

Securing WiFi Networks in Everyday Life

WiFi is for sharing files in homes and offices, but this information can also be easily stolen. To solve this problem, a WiFi signal jammer was created.

WiFi jammers interfere with dissonant wireless networks in life

Interfering with wireless networks is a trivial matter. WiFi jammers are a simple application and you must be careful not to interfere with non-sale or risky networks.

Why personal information will be lost when connected to public WiFi ?

The media has repeatedly reported that user accounts were stolen due to the use of public WiFi. The public has great concerns about the security of public WLANs. The use of WiFi jammers can shield the surrounding WiFi networks.

How to prevent hackers from stealing your various accounts and passwords

Can effectively prevent automatic access to unknown WIFI Using WIFI jammers , which can prevent your smart device from being attacked.

WiFi jammer keeps meetings ongoing

After politicians ignored the request to turn off the phone, the Indian parliament installed a WiFi jammer and the legislative session was constantly interrupted.

Wifi jammer affecting factors on the shielding radius

We know that the interference range of WiFi signal jammers in different frequency bands is different. What factors determine their interference strength?

WiFi jammers make all phones no signal

There are many factors that affect the shielding range of a WiFi jammer, and using it can prevent miscellaneous mobile phone calls.

How to stop annoying mobile communication devices while driving

With the development of technology, especially smartphones, more and more dangers for American drivers, cell phone jammers can help solve this problem.

Factory leaders use cell jammers stop workers playing phone

To be honest, getting rid of the addiction to mobile virtual networks is not as difficult as we expected, and it can be done by using cell phone jammers shield the surrounding mobile phone networks.

How to stop students from using iPhones in the classroom?

People often call or text while driving. Students are also used to communicating with mobile phones. It is necessary and urgent to use mobile phone jammers to block mobile phone networks.

How to shield the surrounding cell phone signal?

Smartphones are very popular around us, but they can become a bad thing.Cell phone jammers can block the surrounding mobile phone signals.

Cell phone signal jammer is very popular in quiet areas

In this case, it is best to actually use a reliable mobile phone signal jammer in these quiet areas, so as not to interfere with your mobile phone during your quiet and pleasant journey.

How to stop people from talking on their phone while driving?

Talking while driving is a well-known problem. Of all car accidents, 25% occur due to the use of smartphones while driving, and the use of cell phone jammers prevents mobile phone calls while driving.

Cell phones have become real street killer

Hundreds of people are killed and injured every day as a result of using a mobile phone while driving. The good news is that there is a cell phone jammers device that prevents drivers from using their phones while driving.

Use cell phone jammers to stop a company's bathroom phone

I need a high-performance cell phone jammer in the company bathroom because my employees go to the bathroom and use the phone for a long time.

Boss uses cell phone jammers to manage employee phone disable

As a boss or manager, it is difficult for you to manage employees to prohibit the use of mobile phones and improve their productivity. Mobile phone jammers provide a solution to this problem.

Retailers will benefit from cell phone jammer in stores.

In some rooms and certain events, using a mobile phone can be quite annoying. For example, movie theater operators would be happy with cell phone jammers.

Cell phone jammers to ensure a quiet living environment

If you want your quiet living environment not to be disturbed, then you absolutely need a cell phone signal jammer.

Prison: 3 million euros for new cell phone jammer

The French Ministry of Justice has just announced that new high-tech cell phone jammers will be used in French prisons, the exact cost of which has not yet been specified.

French prison monitor intercepts prisoner's confidential phone

Last month, the French Attorney General answered a parliamentary question about the currently limited use of "especially technical" signal jammers

Cell phone users' signal near the jail was disrupted

Prison authorities use cellphone jammers to control cellphone use by prisoners in high-security prisons, which is affecting cellphone services in nearby areas

Cell phone jammer installed in prison affects surrounding residents

After investigation, the jammer installed in the prison is affecting the mobile phone signals of the surrounding residents and has attracted attention.

UGC requires mobile phone jammer in test centre

The University Grants Committee (UGC) has instructed universities to strictly adhere to government guidelines while installing cell phone jammers at test centers to check the use of cheating tools.

Two Indian companies provide mobile phone jammer for test rooms

Two government companies, India Electronics Co., Ltd. (ECIL) and Ballat Electronics Co., Ltd. (BEL), have been approved to provide mobile phone jammers at the request of test supervisors to interfere with the test hall.

Cell phone jammers stop people from communicating with cell phones

The spokesman said that the use of mobile phone jammers was not intended to block anyone in the building or deprive anyone of online communication, but only for training courses that require full attention.

Ministry of Economy uses phone jammers to block phone signals

The Ministry of Economic Affairs made sense to stop the telephone signal on the grounds of uninterrupted training, ending the direct purchase of "mobile phone jammers to be installed in the Ministry of Commerce".

French prison buys new mobile phone signal jammer

Recent news indicates that some prisoners have mobile phones and use them to access the Internet, and the Justice Department has just announced that French prisons will use new high-end mobile phone jammers.

Prison: 3 million euros for high power cell phone jammer

According to AFP, seal defenders said that Thales ’new cell phone jamming device was being tested in Île-de-France.

Cell phone jammer makes your phone unusable in some locations

Police and the military can now use a new weapon: a cell phone jammer, making the phone unusable in certain areas at certain times.

Army and prisons use cell phone jammer

Imagine you are participating in a peaceful demonstration that is degenerating and trapped by a mob, but worry that you do not have an internet connection. It may be that the police used a cell phone jammer.

Cell phone jammer is used to disable the phone

If you already know what a jammer is, then you will be glad to see that one of the latest models of the technology is much better than previous models, and we will explain why.

Coffee shop uses cell phone jammer to interrupt mobile phone signal

Imagine the following situation. You are sitting in a nice restaurant and want to interrupt the mobile phone signal, you can use the mobile phone signal jammer

Cell phone jammer to disable cell phone signal area

Today, mobile users are increasing, so cellphone jammers have become common by comparing them with electronic devices to disable mobile signals in certain locations.

Cell phone jammer hold back you are asking phone from surveillance

Make sure that there is no surveillance in the room before the discussion. It is no longer limited to spy movies. It is also common in real life. The use of gsm jammers can shield its signals.

Cell phone jammer prevents people communication with each other

Americans usually buy cellphone signal jammers online, which prevent people from communicating with each other.

Mobile phone jammers not only interfere phone signals

Interference technology is not limited to mobile phone bands. There are also cell phone jammers that carry messages over wireless connection channels.

How to break students addicted to mobile GSM networks in class

Children go to school to learn something, and mobile phones are broken with the knowledge of ordinary teenagers. Buying a GSM signal jammer is the best choice.

A portable device that can block your phone's GSM network while driving

Many of us are taking serious risks when talking on a mobile phone while driving, which is why scientists have designed a special type of GSM signal blocker.

How to stop the web from leaking and insecure our personal information

In fact, Web resources have caused our personal information to leak and become insecure, which is one reason why GSM jammers are so prevalent in the market today.

How to deal with irregular mobile phone usage everywhere

With the use of ubiquitous mobile phones, many people use their phones everywhere, and their numbers are annoying. This can be prevented by carrying a gsm jammer.

GSM jammer shielding mobile phone signal network

According to reports, jammer manufacturers sell signal jammers primarily to military and law enforcement agencies, but at the same time they sell equipment to everyone.

Mandatory measures for schools using gsm blockers

School is the best place to learn: In school, students should abide by the school's regulations. Do not use mobile phones during the study period. The use of gsm jammers is a mandatory measure.

Jamming devices that help your phone number disappear

prevent radio signals from reaching certain specific mobile phone numbers, the gsm jammers makes specific mobile phone numbers will disappear from all available networks.

Gsm jammer handling phone noise trouble

In places where cell phones are not allowed, ongoing calls can only be annoying and generate a lot of noise pollution, and gsm signal jammers have entered almost any place where cell phones are prone to trouble.

Prevent drivers from using mobile phone's GSM signal shielding device

It is very dangerous for the driver to talk or text on a mobile phone while driving a vehicle. A gsm jammer can prevent the mobile phone from answering calls or texting.

How to solve private cell phone use in prison

In prisons, the justice department has brought huge problems to smuggling, because the number of undisclosed and undetected mobile phone devices is very high. The most effective is to install and use gsm jammers in prisons.

GSM jammer in IG (Prison) has been repaired

Gupta expressed satisfaction with more than 30 CCTV cameras at work, and IG prison has repaired the gsm signal jammer installed in the central prison

India uses gsm jammers, metal detectors to avoid cheating in medical exams

The All India Pre-medical Admissions Test (AIPMT) plans to use a large number of gsm signal jammers on May 1 next year to prevent large-scale exam cheating.

India: gsm jammers, fingerprint scanner prevents AIPMT fraud

The use of metal detectors and gsm jammers (used with government permission) in India will check the use of audiovisual equipment to prevent cheating on exams.

GSM jammers installed in examination room to prevent cheating

Candidates of the Haryt Teacher Test of Haryana (Htet) are unable to use all the high-tech cheating methods in the test because the authorities have decided to install a cell phone jammer in the test room.

How to prevent cellphone use in the classroom

For schools, gsm jammer is very cheap and have limited range, which can be very certain. This means that the "forbidden zone" can also be well controlled.

Using a mobile phone while driving can easily cause a traffic accident

Over time, especially smartphones pose an increasing danger to American drivers, and gsm jammers may be embedded in cars.

Forbidden to use mobile phone for safety while driving

Mobile phone distraction is more dangerous than other distraction activities while driving a car. From this perspective, it is reasonable to suggest that a gsm jammer be installed in the car.

GSM signal jammer is allowed in many countries

In order to interfere with mobile phones, all you need is a gsm signal jammer device that transmits at the correct frequency.

GSM jammer rejects cellphone signal reception

A Philadelphia man has sparked controversy after frequently using a gsm jammer device on a public bus to create a cell phone dead zone.

GSM jammer prevents students from using phones during class

This new system is very simple. Just activate the gsm jammer switch and approach the driver getting out of the car. At this time, the nearby mobile phone will no longer have a signal.

GSM frequency jammer blocks multiple networks simultaneously

The phone signal was blocked because there was no service. This was due to the use of a gsm jammer, which interfered with the phone signal band.

GSM jammer appeared in the automotive and telephone markets

Overpowering the signal from the phone with a stronger signal, this is the gsm jammer, which has recently appeared in the automotive and telephone markets.