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Four types of drone jammers

The rapid development of drone technology and growing awareness of their potential threats has resulted in the rapid growth of the drone detection market. Technology providers offer solid detection mechanisms, but organizations now face new challenges.

How drones can steal company secrets

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or "UAVs" for short, are unmanned aerial vehicles controlled by radio remote control equipment and their own programmed control devices.

Questions about the wifi jammer in the detention center?

The advancement of science and technology has added great convenience to everyone's daily life, especially in the past two years, the progress of communication technology has been rapid, and the machines and equipment produced by many data wifi jammer manufacturers have updated their own machines and equipment for the development of the times.

What places are suitable for wifi signal jammer?

In daily life, there are many areas, such as examination rooms, meetings, prison cells, and other areas, where it is very inappropriate to use electronic devices and communication equipment at will Just use a wifi jammer. In special places, the mobile phone's digital signal and Wi-Fi are all shielded.

The main features and parameters of the wifi signal jammer?

In fact, the project-level wifi jammer is derived from the computer hardware upgrade of the general signal jammer. It is more delicate in quality, more wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant in appearance.

How does the installation of wifi jammer at home help children learn

Due to the opening of the era of big data, communication technology has gained a very large development trend. At this stage, the development of an intelligent system mobile phone Wi-Fi network has an effect on improving the speed of development.

Face-to-face communication requires wifi signal jammer

The wifi jammer kit will help you save more time with your kids and students face-to-face. wifi jammer is great and your kids are teenagers; you know you have no right to order them anymore. So just open the door to your brain and buy this wifi jammer to help you in secret.

Do you know the vulnerability of the wifi signal jammer?

The basic principle of mobile phones (wireless communication) is shown as follows: In a certain output power area, the mobile phone and the communication base station are connected by radio waves, and the data information and sound effects are transmitted with a certain baud rate and configuration method.

Is there a problem with the wifi signal jammer in the examination room?

The annual college entrance examination has gradually begun. During the whole process of today's college entrance examination, candidates take pictures with their mobile phones and send the test papers to the QQ group to find the answers.

How to build a high-quality wifi signal jamming system?

As a professional modern communication wifi jammer technology, the signal shielding system is especially used in the special environment of prisons, and the requirements for wifi jamming technology are higher. In the special environment of the prison, the activities are relatively concentrated due to the dense population.

Things you didn't know about wifi jammer?

With the popularization of wireless internet, the demand for wifi jammer in various conferences, exams, etc. has gradually increased, thus opening up a broad market for wifi signal jammers.

Do you know an engineering grade wifi jammer?

How to choose and use an engineering-grade wifi jammer, and what is an engineering-grade wifi jammer device? In fact, the engineering-grade wifi signal jammer is derived from the hardware upgrade of the ordinary wireless jammer.

Gas station essential wifi jammer

At present, the mobile phone signal is almost everywhere, and all electrical equipment is surrounded by it. When the mobile phone is not in use, the interference of the surrounding signal to other electrical equipment is minimal.

Do wifi jammer affect the latest functional phones?

At present, the mobile phone has become a relatively close partner of people, and even the so-called "opportunity cannot be lost". At the same time, wifi is almost everywhere.

How important is a wifi jammer?

With the rapid development of modern communication technology, the use of wireless wifi networks has been widely popularized. While mobile communication is convenient for people.

Comparison of common and high-quality wifi jamming technology

Pros: Inexpensive wifi jammer, simple technology Disadvantages: uncontrollable, large interference: interference to the surrounding, interference to the base station, large radiation, short life.

Do you know the classification of the wifi jammer signal and power?

As can be seen from the above, the signal frequency bands used by each operator are different, so when purchasing a wifi jammer, we must also consider which operator's signal we want to block, or directly buy a model that blocks the entire network.

The most detailed wifi jammer price analysis

Many customers call directly to ask how much your wifi jammer is, just like when you go to the 4S to buy a car, ask how much your car is, and then the merchant will give you 1 million.

What is the shielding range of a suitcase wifi jmamer?

When some customers ask us about the wifi jammer, they will put forward the following requirements according to the needs of the application scenario: the product needs to be portable.

What should be paid attention to in the production and debugging of wifi jammer?

Nowadays, all kinds of wireless signal jammers emerge in endlessly, but no matter what kind of renovation, the multi-band wifi jammer in its core components is indispensable.

Introduction to the characteristics of hand-held wifi jammer

Do you need to block certain frequency bands and carry the device with you when you need it, and if so, which type is right for you? Of course, a handheld wifi jammer might be your best option in this case.

Is the signal bad due to the installation of a wifi jammer?

The signal of the community or urban village may be installed with wifi jammer, the purpose is to let everyone install broadband, is this true? There are also many people who are skeptical about this issue. Friends who live in urban villages can observe more.

How to deal with the factors that affect the effectiveness of the prison wifi signal jammer?

Due to the difference in the power and number of channels of the signal towers such as China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Netcom, the distance between the signal tower and the prison, and the size of other nearby buildings, terrain, and landforms, the signals in the prison area are also different.

Parts and installation method of wifi jammer

In some special areas and periods in our lives, we may use a device like a wifi jammer, but do you know the composition and placement of a wifi signal jammer?

Drone jammer countermeasures: Radio detection gives drones nowhere to hide

The drone jammer system is radio-detected, and the drone has nowhere to hide. The UAV jammer countermeasure system has become a section that must be mentioned and expanded in the field of UAVs.

Introduction to the defense scheme of UAV countermeasure equipment

In order to achieve a comprehensive defense of UAVs, it is necessary to designate a comprehensive drone jammer defense plan. In the early stage, it is necessary to fully communicate and understand the needs.

What are the technical characteristics of the portable drone jammer gun?

The standard configuration of security personnel is a portable drone jammer gun. How to say, because the security personnel patrol the location is not fixed.

Description of three countermeasures for low-altitude drone jammer system

What are the three countermeasures of the current low-altitude drone jammer system? I believe many of my friends want to know about it, so I will introduce it to you today.

Are wifi jammers getting more and more popular?

In today's society, mobile phones have increasingly become an indispensable tool in people's work and life. Now walking on the street, people can see people holding mobile phones everywhere.

9 major problems to avoid when buying a wifi signal jammer, how many have you won?

Wifi jammer is mainly used in examination rooms, prisons, gas stations, mobile phone bombs, oil depots, liquefied gas stations, detention centers, interrogation rooms, courts, labor camps, conference rooms, theaters, churches, libraries, school dormitories, special security and loss of confidentiality Places (confidential offices, negotiation rooms, event vehicles.

What factors should be paid attention to when installing a wifi signal jammer?

In what environment can a wifi jammer be installed and the effect is better, why sometimes the wifi signal jammer is not effective, or the effect is very poor? In fact, this is attributable to the surrounding environment where you use the wifi jammer device. In terms of installation technology, the following elements must be considered:

Will install a wifi jammer damage my phone?

The strength of the electromagnetic signal emitted by the wifi jammer is very weak, and the test data shows that the strength of this signal is far from harming the human body.

Applications for drone jammer

The global market for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), referred to simply as drones, has grown substantially over the past decade and is now an essential tool for commercial, government.

International competition, a new breakthrough in drone jammer technology

Not long ago, the President of Venezuela was attacked by a drone, which has caused widespread concern around the world to prevent the threat of drones.

Is there a difference between wifi jammers when used outdoors and indoors?

There is a difference between indoor and outdoor wifi jammer. You can use wifi signal jammers with the same power indoors. There are walls around to block the house, and the signal received from the base station is relatively weak, so it seems that the effect is much better.

How to judge whether the blocking effect of the wifi jammer is good?

If you want to make sure whether the wifi jammer can really effectively block the mobile phone signal is very important, when buying a wifi signal jammer, testing is a very important step.

Why don't you install a wifi jammer when you can't make calls on the plane?

The frequency of the mobile phone signal will interfere with the equipment on the plane, which is a big safety hazard. In order to ensure flight safety, the use of mobile phones is currently prohibited on planes.

What are the advantages of a handheld wifi jammer?

A handheld wifi jammer is a high-tech product developed based on the actual situation of mobile communication in my country. It can block GPRS, GSM, DCS, CDMA, PDC, TDMA, PHS, PCS, W-CDMA, etc. within a radius of 5-10 meters.

Main application places and methods of wifi jammer

Nowadays, people's life is inseparable from mobile phones. Everyone has their phones on them all day, but some places block their signal. Today will introduce to you the purpose and usage of the wifi jammer.

What kind of solution should the detention center use to solve the problem of signal jamming?

In order to meet the needs of the new situation, improve the technology prevention capability of the detention center, strengthen the technology management level of the detention center, promote the construction of digital informationized detention centers.

How to test the signal strength of a wifi jammer?

WiFi jammer is often used in school examination rooms, student dormitories, church conference rooms, factory workshops, toilets, detention centers, prisons, troops, military areas, interrogation rooms and other places.

What kind of signals can a wifi jammer generally block?

With the continuous development of science and technology and the realization of the information age, the wireless Internet, as a symbol of informatization, is considered to be more and more inseparable from the wireless wifi network.

What should I do about the lightning protection measures of the wifi jammer?

Although the wireless network is convenient for surfing the Internet, the problems it brings cannot be ignored. This is not only a network access issue but also a network security issue.

What is the main structure of the wifi jammer?

Over the years, as long as there are large-scale exams, in order to completely eliminate the phenomenon of fraud on the test site, it is not surprising to install wifi jammer.

How to detect the effect of wifi jammer?

Wi-Fi signal shielding equipment is used in many places, but it is not immediately available after installation.

5G full band wifi jammer how to jam the signal?

5G full-band wifi jammer has become a standard test device in the examination hall. Not only the Chinese exams but also the exams, civil service exams.

Which school are suitable for installing wifi jammers?

The wifi jammer uses the same frequency as the router to receive the downlink frequency of the base station for electromagnetic interference of the same frequency.

What is the best way to interfere with the signal in the school's examination room?

The most important place to use signal blockers in the examination room is the school examination room, especially in the secondary school examinations.

What should be done in the establishment of a wifi jammer system in prisons?

Determine the scope of the shielded area, whether it is the key area (or inside the building) in the prison area or the entire fenced compound.

What is the importance of a wifi jammer in a prison?

With the continuous development and popularization of mobile phones as a mobile communication tool, and the continuous improvement of the technical level of mobile communication tools.

How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of wifi signal jammer?

The first step is to look at the selected wifi jammer craft. High-quality wifi signal jammers are made of real materials from the housing to the internal components.

How to choose a built-in and external wifi jammer?

Of course, in terms of energy saving and heat dissipation, the built-in wifi jammer cannot compare with the external wifi signal jammer. From the external structure, the built-in wifi jammer device integrates the transmitting antenna, power supply.

How does the wifi jammer achieve multi-network coverage?

Whenever a base station tries to connect to a mobile phone, there is a high-power "noise" from a machine on the same frequency as the mobile phone.

The necessity of using a wifi signal jammer

Although people may turn off their phones on their own. But not all. So using a wifi jammer is absolutely necessary. Use a wifi signal jammer because it can happen that someone accidentally turns his phone on and it rings when it shouldn't.

How wifi jammers interfere with your signal?

Every year during the college entrance examination, the school will have network problems, such as mobile phone disconnection and slow Internet access, because the school has turned on the wifi jammer.

What are the reasons for the wifi jammer not working properly?

In order to facilitate customers to use the wifi jammer better, this article will summarize some reasons that may cause the jammer you ordered to not work properly!

What happens to my phone after using a wifi jammer?

The wifi jammer is produced to reasonably avoid and interfere with related signals, such as GPS, WIFI, 2G, 3G, and 4G. It is mainly used in school examination rooms, prisons, detention centers, etc.

The difference between ordinary wifi jammers and high-quality jammers

People pay more and more attention to their privacy and security, and wifi jammer is becoming more and more popular.

What are the features of the latest 5G wifi jammer?

With the rapid development of the Internet, the mobile phone network is also constantly improving, and the speed of the Internet is getting faster and faster, but the dangers are also increasing. To avoid privacy leaks, you may want to install jammers in your movie theater room.

How to check the shielding range of wifi jammer?

What is the shielding effect of the wifi jammer? How to judge its shielding range. When everyone is testing the wifi jammer device, the test methods that may be used are still somewhat inaccurate.

How to transform the conference room wifi blocker into a portable one?

Some important meetings will use wifi jammer. If each conference room is not equipped with a wifi blocker.

The conditions that a high-quality wifi blocker should have

On some occasions, the use of mobile phones will bring a lot of trouble, so it is thought to install and use wifi jammer in these places where mobile phones are prohibited to prevent the use of mobile phones and ensure that the mobile phone signal in this area is limited.

The principle of wifi jammer interfering with the network

Whether it is a large signal jammer device or a small signal blocker device, its principle is to interfere with the mobile phone to receive the normal frequency sent by the base station through its own frequency

How does a wifi jammer interfere with the network?

The penetration rate of smartphones has been getting higher and higher, and the scope of applications is also getting wider and wider, ranging from small to daily consumption, and large to work applications.

How much do you know about the built-in wifi jammer?

The built-in wifi jammer means that the antenna is made in the machine. Why should the antenna be made in the machine?

What are the types of antennas for wifi jammers?

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, the application market of Bluetooth technology is becoming larger and larger, and more smart devices have or are considering using Bluetooth low-energy modules to achieve more functions.

Precautions for installing the shield cover of the wifi jammer

The shielding cover is not a necessity. We can judge whether the wifi jammer needs to be equipped with a shielding cover according to the actual situation.

The relationship between wifi jammer and external shield

WiFi jammer has been used in various fields of the Internet of Things, such as wireless meter reading applications, wireless charging piles, smart thermostats, etc.

Why is there a signal blind spot in your home?

I believe that we have encountered a bad home network, but the network is not good only to blame the house to buy a large one? In fact, not, China's residential structure building is more complex.

Four major factors affecting the price of wifi jammer instrument

Specific wifi jammer can be found almost everywhere on the Internet, and prices vary. For those with electronics and soldering experience.

New military drone signal jammer

Long-range automatic drone jammer system, which can provide the detection distance of small drones like DJI Phantom, up to 5 kilometers, 360-degree panoramic coverage, no blind spots, and visual tracking ability.

UAV jammers can jam and shield satellite positioning signals

With the rapid increase in the popularity of UAVs, the difficulty of controlling UAVs is increasing day by day. In order to solve the efficiency of relevant departments' control of drone security and protect the privacy of ordinary people.

Buy high quality wifi jammer

There is a saying that people listen to God, meaning that people are planning things and the rest of the results depend on luck. This principle is also what we always adhere to. We promise to produce high-quality jammers, 4G jammers, 5G jammers, wifi jammer, or GPS jammers and sell them to all our customers around the world.

Is the important meeting wifi jammer useful?

The rapid development of modern communications technology, requiring technology security enterprises to keep pace with the times, and constantly develop and grow their own strength to meet the multiple challenges.

What is the principle of electromagnetic shielding material?

Electronic equipment work, not only do not want to be outside electromagnetic interference, but also do not want their own radiation out of electromagnetic interference with external equipment, as well as radiation hazards to the human body.

The application of wifi jammer in modern society

Nowadays, with the development of high technology, we are enjoying the advantages brought by high-tech products, such as fast communication speed of cell phones, using WiFi network to access the Internet, and many other advantages of high-tech products.

How to prevent the signal from being blocked?

Today, there is a wide variety of cell phones available for communication and it is very cheap to buy one, so whether you are an old man or a young boy, you can get a good working cell phone at your disposal.

Factors that should be considered when selecting a wifi jammer

In the product hardware design, due to the use of high-speed chips, interfaces, high-power circuits, etc., to take into account electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic radiation, wifi jammer design is essential.

Can the wifi jammer in the exam room block 5G?

The arrival of the 5G era has brought great convenience to people, and the speed of mobile phone networks has increased to a new level.

Wifi jammer helps you check the hole camera

The software for checking pinhole cameras generally checks by scanning suspicious devices connected to WiFi in the room.

Wifi jammer for wireless transceiver module

The wireless transceiver module is used in electronic equipment toy control, industrial control, wireless remote control, and other industries. When the remote control transmits and sends data.

What is the function of the shielding wire of the wifi jammer?

Since the wireless wifi jammer will emit a certain power interference signal, when the antenna of the wifi jammer device is too close to the cable of the wired network, certain interference will be observed.

What is the shielded wire of the wifi jammer?

Shielded wire is a transmission wire that uses a mesh braided wire to wrap the signal wire. A conductor wrapped with a conductor outside the wire is called a shielded wire, and the wrapped conductor is called a shielding layer.

Advantages and disadvantages of car wifi jammer directional antenna

In recent years, with the improvement of security protection standards and the continuous improvement of emergency response plans for various emergencies, the armed police or the special services of the public security have begun to equip high-power wifi jammer one after another to face various tasks.

Are all wifi jammer antennas the same length?

As one of the most important components of the wifi jammer, the antenna is the most common for every customer who comes into contact with this product.

How to get a wifi jammer fast?

There is growing concern that people without access to new technologies are being marginalized in all aspects of economic and social activity.

Do you know the usage of wifi jammer?

In today's society, mobile phones have gradually become an indispensable tool in people's work and life. For example, when you are walking on the street, you will find that almost everyone has a mobile phone in their hands.

The basic principle of electromagnetic shielding of wifi jammer

The shielding effectiveness of a wifi jammer depends not only on the structure of the shield. The shielding body should meet the basic principles of electromagnetic shielding.

Do you know wifi jammer?

Judging from the size of the wifi jammer in the exam room, it is not very big and can be easily placed anywhere in the exam room. There is no need to open up another place and there is no noise. have a big impact.

How wifi jammer achieve interference?

The 5G wifi jammer has become the standard test equipment in the test room. Not only the high school entrance examination, but also the postgraduate examination, the civil service examination.

What factors will affect the use effect of wifi jammer shielding materials?

As different places have different requirements for shielding, in order to meet people's different shielding needs, the level of shielding technology is gradually improving.

The difference between different quality of wifi jammer

Now many enterprises, in order to expand the sales field, in order to improve sales performance, and produce substandard products, use ordinary civilian wifi jammer in high-end professional places to seize the market at low prices

How does the drone jammer achieve interference?

At present, the control of UAVs mostly uses radio communication technology. By transmitting high-power jamming signals to the target UAVs and suppressing the control signals, the UAVs can be forced to land or return by themselves.

How do drone jammers work principle?

The drone jammer device consists of a handheld host and a battery pack. The handheld host is an integrated design of three-band transmitter antennas.

Can the wifi jammer realize long-distance wireless remote control?

After vehicle modification and comprehensive assembly, the high-power wireless wifi jammer becomes a set of vehicle-mounted special equipment that can be quickly transferred, deployed, and used with the vehicle as the transport carrier.

Detailed explanation of the shielded network cable of the wifi jammer

There are two common types of network cables: shielded and unshielded. With everyone's attention to network security, the shielded network cable of the wifi jammer is welcomed.

Why are high-power models less commonly used in wifi jammers in the examination room?

Every few months before the college entrance examination and high school entrance examination, many school customers ask us about the wifi jammer in the examination room.

Wifi jammer maintains fairness in social exams

With the rapid development of modern communication technology, the use of mobile phones has become more and more popular. In recent years, mobile communication has not only brought convenience to people, but at the same time, it has also brought new challenges to information security and confidentiality.

Tips and methods for using wifi jammer

Every year, the middle school entrance examination and the college entrance examination are national examinations. In such a solemn examination occasion, there are always some people who try to fish in troubled waters.

How wifi jammer controls mobile phone communication?

Now is the era of the Internet, the speed of information dissemination is very fast, although cell phones have many advantages, but some times need a wifi jammer to stop the spread of information to avoid major losses.

What is the defense effect of the drone jammer?

DJI's DJI Mavic 3 (Yu 3) UAV has been on the market for a while. Recently, a customer reported a problem when communicating with us: the previously purchased and installed drone jammer is not suitable for this new type of large-scale drone.

Is there a way to destroy drones with a drone jammer?

At present, there are various means and ways to counter UAVs, and various UAV interference or countermeasure devices emerge in an endless stream. Recently, the solution of UAV detection + UAV interference is also emerging.

Wifi jammer online store for sale

Is the site safe? Is the wireless network safe? Did you know they don't reveal confidential information? Now is an era of information explosion, and personal privacy, and data leakage incidents often occur, how to avoid it wifi jammer can help you.

Introduction to the characteristics of hand-held wifi jammer

Handheld wifi jammer (also known as portable mobile phone jammer/blocker/suppressor/truncator/isolator/conference information security machine) is an advanced technology, which is mainly aimed at small venues with special needs of security and confidentiality at home and abroad.

How does a wifi jammer interfere with your cell phone signal?

Many users who use wifi jammer do not understand their working principle and often use them beyond the frequency range, resulting in poor use.

Wifi jammer helps improve study efficiency

With the advancement of society, the rapid development of high technology, and the Internet, people's living standards are getting higher and higher.

How to crack the signal jammer?

The wifi jammer uses the latest Israeli interference technology to generate stable electromagnetic signals, covering the frequency bands of mobile communication GSM, CDMA, GPRS, local calls, and PHS, so mobile phones cannot be used in some specific places.

What are the functional characteristics of 5G wifi jammer?

The main method of using the wifi jammer is to first select the area where the mobile phone signal needs to be cut off, and place the cutoff device on the desktop or wall in this area.

High quality connector shielding gasket produced good wifi jammer

Laird (Laird Technology) is one of the world's leading suppliers of shielding materials, and its various shielding and grounding technologies have obtained a number of technical patents.

The importance of shielding layer for wifi jammer

Because the shielded cable has a good ability to resist external electromagnetic interference, and also has the ability to prevent the electromagnetic field generated by itself from interfering with the surrounding environment during use.

What's the difference between drone jammer and drone gun?

Many people say that the drone jammer system is so expensive, just buy a drone anti-gun. Next, I will take you to compare the drone signal jammer system and the drone strike gun from various dimensions.

The application of drone jammer in security work

As UAVs are used in more and more industries, drone jammer equipment has gradually attracted more and more attention, especially the security role of UAV countermeasure equipment.

There is a big difference between the drive away and forced landing of a drone jammer

The incidents of "black flying" drones disrupting airports are endless, and airports in Chengdu, Chongqing, Yunnan, and other places have not been spared, and the police even offered a reward of 10,000 yuan to reward clue providers.

The installation of wifi jammer and its details

The exam is a rigorous method of knowledge level identification. Students learning abilities and other abilities can be checked by passing the exam.

Three steps to install a wifi jammer

The wifi jammer is a new type of information security product. It uses a specific electromagnetic signal to form a shielding network in the place that needs to be protected so that the mobile phone cannot receive data from the base station and cannot establish contact with the base station.

How to test a wifi jammer?

The most feasible test method for the wifi jammer is a variety of mobile phone field tests. Using multiple mobile phones with multiple frequency bands to test the shielding effect of the wifi signal jammer on site is the most convenient, trouble-free, and feasible test method.

Wifi jammer eliminates hidden dangers

Today, in the era of the mobile Internet, smartphones have become very popular. However, while bringing convenience to people's lives, there are endless things that are used to engage in illegal acts.

Common interference methods and wifi jammer

A wifi jammer can interfere with the proper functioning of a system in a number of ways. If remote access to the control center can be achieved, for example, turning the antenna toward null can effectively mute the link.

Wireless signal anti-jamming measures and methods

Wireless signals are susceptible to naturally occurring periodic and random phenomena such as background noise, EMI, RFI, CME, and EMP, to name a few. Some wireless technologies.

Application explanation of wifi jammer

With the rapid development of modern communication technology, the use of mobile phones has become widespread, and mobile phone communication not only brings convenience to people but also brings new challenges to communication security and confidentiality.

Wifi jammer to prevent signal tracking

Whether in public or at home, people's lives are now inseparable from Wi-Fi networks. Not only computers need to be connected to the Internet, but many functions of smartphones also depend on the Internet.

Drone jammer promote social progress

The arrival of drones and their impact on the lives of ordinary people has undoubtedly taught us a lesson about technological naivety. Proposals and fast approvals for new legislation aimed at controlling drones illustrate the point.

Can I use a drone jammer privately?

Nowadays, the stock of consumer drones is gradually increasing, and the number of drone enthusiasts who do not obey the order is also gradually increasing.

What is the impact of base station on wifi jammer?

Recently frequently active in the major examinations of a mysterious figure, I believe that many people do not know its true nature, it is a kind of school has been vigorously promoted in the size of the examination.

Introduction to the application of wifi jammer

Every year during the high school exams, the school will present cell phone calls around the drop, slow Internet access and other network problems, that is because the school opened the wifi jammer.

Design and circuit of wifi jammer

A wifi jammer, the fault is that it does not work for CDMA phones, I read the manual, the machine should be able to interfere with four frequency bands.

Different uses of multifunctional wifi blocker

Wifi jammer do not only provide communication protection. These wifi blockers are able to point out minor problems in the network signal. wifi signal jammer keep the frequency free from any interference.

How to achieve a homemade wifi jammer?

Wifi jammer is mainly for all kinds of examination rooms, schools, gas stations, churches, courts, libraries, conference centers (rooms), theaters, hospitals, government, finance, prisons, public security, military heavy places where the use of cell phones is prohibited.

Wireless signal blocker working principle introduction

The common wifi jammer on the market, the role of frequency: 869 ~ 894MHz; 825 ~ 960MHz; 1805 ~ 1880MHz and 1900 ~ 1990MHz, etc.The action band is CDMA800, GSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900. can control the diameter of about 40 meters range.

Wifi jammer to the rescue of students

The wifi jammer is one of the essential equipment for places like examination halls, prisons and gas stations, and its role is to shield the wifi signal and make the cell phone unable to operate normally.

Does the use of wifi jammer affect other electronic devices?

Now, wifi jammer is not that unfamiliar, especially in schools where they are often seen. It is usually used before and after the classroom and when preparing for exams. This wifi jammer device is not just as simple as shielding mobile phone signals.

Use a wifi jammer to block information transfer

With the advent of the communication era, the use of mobile communication devices such as mobile phones, PHS, and wireless phones has enriched people's daily life and greatly promoted social and economic development.

What is the purpose of using a wifi jammer at school?

Thanks to the WIFI world, most primary and middle school students do not have the opportunity to sleep more during the semester.

How does the drone jammer counteract "black flying"?

With the rapid development of intelligent technology, drones have now entered people's lives. Various types of drones are used in many fields. Even in the countryside, drones are no longer a new tool. If the drone appears in the wrong location.

How does the drone jammer control the drone?

In various environments, drone jammer can use various interference devices to interfere with remote control, GPS signals, images, etc., so that the UAV cannot navigate normally.

Proper use of drone jammer

Drone jammer can target illegally intruded drones with some strong jamming signals. There are many types of UAV countermeasure equipment.

Wifi jammer prevents data leakage

In modern times, anyone in the world needs to guarantee personal privacy, for example, a leak of serious negotiation can lead to huge material damage and other problems without good consequences.

Precautions for installing high-power full-band wifi jammer

According to the different needs of the site, the installation location of the full-band wifi jammer will also be different.

What are the antennas of the wifi jammer?

Does a wireless wifi jammer really have no antennas? In fact, the wireless wifi signal jammer refers to the wirelessly transmitted mobile phone signal jammer.

A technical background in wifi jammer manufacturing

This article relates to the technical field of wifi jammer, specifically to high-power wireless signal jammers that improve heat dissipation and control.

How to legally use a drone jammer?

The only way to legally use a drone jammer is if you are using it for your own personal safety or protection.

International competition, new breakthrough in drone jammer technology

Raytheon launched a drone jammer system composed of the "Coyote" UAV system and advanced radar

7 ways to prevent drones from invading your privacy

then frequency jamming may be what you need, and a drone jammer is one such solution.

Where do you need a wifi jammer?

In the era of the Internet, the speed of information dissemination will be very fast, and sometimes it is necessary to block or prevent the dissemination of information so as not to cause great losses and panic.

The way to block wifi signal

Wifi jammer is a behavior that temporarily disappears or weakens the mobile phone signal by using a certain device or a certain method.

Best recommended home wifi jammers

If your signaling device has a large-capacity battery as a power source, it means that you can use it more conveniently, and long enough without limitation.

How to buy wifi jammer in prison?

Wifi jammer is a relatively professional modern communication signal shielding technology, especially in the special environment of prisons.

What is drone jammer used for?

it also causes the problem of drones flying randomly and black. In order to solve this chaos, the drone jammer came into being.

Various ways to capture drones

Compared with the traditional method of driving drones, the latest drone jammer is more efficient, convenient,and intelligent.

Conditions for installing wifi jammers in prisons

Due to the special nature of the prison unit, the requirements for signal shielding are relatively high, so many aspects need to be considered when installing and using wifi jammer.

What types of wifi jammer can interfere with the signal?

There are many places where wifi jammer is used. The most common ones are those used in various exam rooms.

How to test the shielding range of the conference room wifi jammer?

Before installing the conference room wifi jammer, it is necessary to test the shielding effect. After testing, it can be determined whether the wifi signal jammer meets the shielding requirements of the entire conference room.

How to use drone jammers and precautions

With the advancement of science and technology, people's exploration of high altitudes has become more and more intense. Due to the booming of the drone market.

Advantages, disadvantages and application scenarios of drone jammers

One is the use of larger UAVs against small UAVs, which can use larger UAV firepower or high-pressure pneumatic jet capture nets to capture and transfer small UAVs to safety during flight.

The benefits of drone jammer in aviation areas

With the rapid development of social science and technology, in recent years, civilian drones have repeatedly appeared in important consular areas in my country.

Wifi signal blocking skills and methods?

Many exams and other departments need wifi jammer to prevent communication equipment from contacting the outside world, which can better prevent cheating.

Does the wifi jammer need to be adjusted?

Many places need a wifi jammer, but many people do not know the installation method of the wifi signal jammer. Some people think that the wifi jammer device can be used directly by connecting to the power supply.

Wifi Jammer Power and Consumption

We all know that wifi jammer is used on occasions such as the high school entrance examination and the college entrance examination, but in fact, as long as it is a more important exam.

Will blocking the wireless wifi signal affect the mobile phone signal?

Nowadays, many places need to block the signal, so the wifi jammer is particularly important, but in many cases, it is only necessary to block the signal of a certain point or a certain piece of the signal.

How to solve the malicious intrusion of drones?

Malicious drones are a headache for the police, and how to locate and "solve" them has become a topic of research in various countries.

The principle of drone jammer

The drone jammer consists of a handheld host and a battery pack. The handheld host is an integrated design of three-band transmitter antennas, which can generate 2.4GHz/5.8GHz frequency band UAV flight control interference signals and satellite positioning interference signals at the same time.

Advantages of various drone jammer technologies

At present, drone jammer in various countries is mainly divided into three categories.

Three interference methods of drone jammer

With the development of drones, drone jammer is also rising rapidly. At present, China's anti-drone technology mainly includes sonic interference, signal interference, hacking technology, laser cannons, "anti-drone" drones, and the seizure of radio control.

Is the wifi jammer in the exam room easy to crack?

Now there are wifi jammer in exam rooms, but some people want to use some means to cheat, and even try to find loopholes at all costs. So, is the test room wifi signal jammer easy to be cracked?

How to test wifi signal strength and choose wifi jammer?

The use of wifi jammer is becoming more and more widespread, but many people do not know how to detect the strength of the signal. The following is an introduction to the method of detecting the strength of the wifi signal jammer.

What is the function of wifi jammer?

Now our mobile phone communicates with the base station through the uplink frequency and then transfers the signal to the mobile service switching center to realize the call.

Where is the working scope of wifi jammer?

Have you ever used a wifi jammer? How does it work and where can you use it? Today we first introduce the working principle.

The relationship between wifi jammer power and price?

During the exam, how to ensure that the wifi jammer is normal and useful, and can play a good role in blocking, this is very important.

Why does my phone fall off after connecting to wifi?

1. Signal interference: There may be strong signal interference sources next to the router, such as microwave ovens, magnets, high-voltage lines, etc. or there may be wifi jammer.

Where is it legal to use a wifi jammer?

Wifi jammer rely on the science of radio frequencies. They can block devices from communicating by imitating the same frequencies the devices use.

The origin and function of wifi jammer

A wifi jammer feels like something out of a spy movie. Blocking the enemy's signal to the outside world feels like a James Bond movie.

Why do wifi jammer mostly use the transmission method of wired connection?

On many occasions need to limit the use of the network, installing a wifi jammer has become the most effective way to solve this problem. However, users like some schools, prisons, detention centers, etc., their demand for wifi signal jammer is large-scale.

UAV black flight management methods

UAV black flight incidents occur frequently, small enough to be used for peeping, large enough to steal state secrets and military secrets, small enough to fall down and injure a person.

Can a drone jammer interfere with an aircraft's navigation system?

With the popularity of drones, negative news such as drone jammer interfering with civil aviation aircraft also occurs from time to time. Many voices suggest that airports should install anti-drone interference equipment. But the U.S.

Drone jammer disposal process

At present, it is urgent to build an advanced digital anti-terrorism security integration platform, vigorously promote the modernization, intelligentization, and scientific process of counter-terrorism.

Is it safe to buy a wifi jammer online?

In today's intelligent society, having a lot of intelligent machines has provided us all with a lot of conveniences, but at the same time, there are also some dangers.

Principles of using wifi jammer in schools, prisons

Theoretical analysis shows that when the wifi signal jammer is working, if the transmission power is too large due to improper setting, in a small-scale conference room, classroom, and other confined spaces, the electromagnetic waves are superimposed in the narrow space, and the electromagnetic waves will pass through the walls that are originally separated from the outside.

How does the wifi jammer interfere with the base station signal?

Wifi jammer is one of the most popular ways to block WiFi signals. It is a device that uses radio frequencies to disrupt and block nearby wireless networks.

What exactly is a drone jammer? Consists of those devices?

One of the reasons drone jammer/anti-drone jammer technology is such a big issue involves situations where drones can be used to threaten the privacy of people, protected locations, large events, or critical infrastructure.

Can drone jammer guns target those small aircraft?

Drone UAV jammer system identification is critical,Low, small and slow targets cannot be found and recognized. Unable to lock the tracking target after identification?

Wifi jammer solves the security hole of wireless network

Nowadays, there are many hidden dangers in wireless wifi networks. Some professionals want to eavesdrop on private ones, and they can easily eavesdrop through software. If you want to prevent your private data from being leaked while surfing the Internet, you need to install a wifi jammer.

The importance of spectrum analyzer for installation and debugging of wifi jammer

If it is in a normal use environment, it is not complicated to install and debug the wifi jammer. Generally, you only need to turn on the host switch after powering on the device and use the mobile phone to observe the work of the mobile phone at different positions from the shielding device.

How to choose a full-band wifi jammer?

As we all know, full-band wifi jammer has played an important role in places where there is a need for signal shielding, such as in the examination room, party and government agencies, large enterprises, etc.

How to process the production details of the wifi jammer?

The rapid development of the Internet has made our privacy issues more and more insecure, so many people choose to use wifi jammer, but many people do not know much about its manufacturing process.

The manufacturing process of wifi jammer

With the advancement of technology and the need for work, wifi jammer has been widely used in various examination rooms, government, finance, prisons, public security, military areas, and other places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited.

Product introduction of new portable all-in-one drone jammer

With the development of the UAV industry, the number of civilian UAV equipment has exploded. For the control of illegal behavior of drones, the protection of people's lives and property.

Calculation/metrics implementation method for drone jammer "link" block?

The purpose of this article is to explain how to implement calculations and/or metrics for "chained" blocks. Clearly, the drone jammer is not linked to the victim, but we can analyze their interaction in the same way we observe a normal communication link between two "partners".

The working mode of the drone jammer is more comprehensive

Signals are still very common in modern times because signals can act on many devices, such as mobile phones, drones, drone jammer, and other modern devices, and these devices are also very good in actual use.

Advanced 12 antenna high power adjustable wifi jammer

Pay attention to the field of signal jamming devices. Many people are using wifi jamming devices these days to help them get their perfect and desired state, which is very helpful to people.

New multi-function hid wifi jammer

WiFi jammers are useful in many public places where quietness is required. Once we have a wifi jammer, when we don't want to hear loud phone music.

Best wifi jammer block your wifi in minutes

Wireless jamming devices are tools that help block your Wi-Fi and any other wireless signals. You can buy them online or in stores, depending on the type of jammer you're buying.

Wifi jammer keep kids away from the internet

The development of smartphone wireless networks has a great effect on improving the speed of development. Mobile phones can solve network problems.

Wifi jammer for office

Our lives have been completely transformed by the advancement of the internet, communication, and business are now simply unimaginable, but despite the many positive benefits of this connection, its security still raises considerable questions.

Use wifi jammer sparingly

Wifi jammer is one of the most popular ways to block WiFi signals. It is a device that uses radio frequencies to disrupt and block nearby wireless networks.

How much power is the wifi jammer and does it consume a lot of energy?

We all know that wifi jammer is used on occasions such as the high school entrance examination and the college entrance examination.

How to use the drone jammer?

In order to meet the needs of modern people on some special occasions, many manufacturers have developed unmanned aerial vehicles.

How to solve the abnormality of the drone jammer?

Many units have purchased drone jammer. When you use the anti-drone system, there may be abnormalities. We really understand the reasons for these abnormalities and can deal with them in time.

What problems should be paid attention to when using the drone jammer?

The use of drones can undoubtedly bring a lot of help, so the use of this kind of equipment has become necessary equipment in many industries, but the function of this kind of equipment still needs to be understood.

Wifi jammer development trend

In the future, the development trend of wifi jammer is generally to have a certain anti-interference ability. Its characteristics include the following aspects.

Do wifi jammers also work on signal amplifiers?

Every year, various national exams require the use of wifi jammer. With the upgrade of signal jammers, opportunistic people also use high-tech equipment. Amplifiers are one of them.

What aspects should be taken to protect 5G information security

5G information security involves a lot of matters in all aspects, and it is difficult to sort out the correct maintenance ideas alone. At this time, relevant professional institutions come in handy.

Wifi jammer professionally isolates 4G signal and wifi signal

In today's life, 4G networks and WIFI have become indispensable things in life. All mobile phones and computers must go through this channel if they want to connect to the Internet.

Why do many people use wifi jammer?

Cell phones and wifi jammer are devices that create temporary "dead zones" for all cell phone signals. They work by sending out radio frequency signals at the same frequency as your cell phone.

What is the structure of the wifi jammer in the exam room?

Over the years, as long as there are large-scale exams, in order to completely eliminate the phenomenon of fraud on the test site, it has become very common to install wifi jammer.

Japan takes extreme measures to secure internet

Internet (IoT) devices have a reputation for being insecure, and Japan wants to do something about it. The country just passed a new law that allows the government to hack into citizens' internet devices and compile a list of risks.

Importance of wifi jammer field testing

In China, wireless wifi jammer has become standard equipment in examination rooms. For example, high school and college entrance examinations, postgraduate exams, civil service exams, and various qualification certificates will use wifi jammers to prevent candidates from contacting the outside world through wireless signals.

Talking about the pros and cons of wifi jammer

Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, the wifi wireless network has become an indispensable and important communication tool in people's daily work and lives.

Drone jammers are more and more comprehensive in combating drones

Since drones first appeared, criminals have been finding increasingly creative ways to use drones for illicit purposes. As the trend continues, however, local security experts aren't simply sitting back and watching.

The drone jammer gun effectively strikes drones

Drone jammer effectively defends the safety of important occasions,In some important occasions, such as conferences, concerts, or the scene of important events, it is always necessary to do a good job of confidentiality.

Which scenarios prohibit the use of drones?

Drones flying around will cause great security risks. The state has explicitly prohibited the takeoff and landing of drones in some important scenes, and each area has a no-fly zone.

The best use range and price of the wifi jammer in the exam room?

Nowadays, many schools will install the wifi jammer in order to prevent the occurrence of fraud. However, whether the school or the students, do not know how many meters the best use range of the wifi signal jammer in the examination room.

Base station that affects the effect of wifi jammer

After installing and using the wifi jammer, many customers will find that the shielding effect is not ideal. When analyzing the reason, the distance of the base station near the site is a very concerning factor.

Wifi jammer high quality selection

The high-power wifi jammer is a product developed according to the needs of the market, using special advanced technology. The principle is that the signal of the transmitter or instrument is modulated between the sides through the semiconductor device.

How does the wifi jammer divide the radio frequency band?

First of all, we have to say that wifi jammer is very useful in some places where they are needed. The radio frequency band is divided into many discontinuous frequency bands from low frequency to high frequency.

Where to buy cheap wifi jammer?

Today, almost everything is connected via the Internet. There are also refrigerators that can go online while you're looking for food online.

How to judge if a wifi jammer is working?

If you want to get a good wifi jammer, you can try to buy a portable wifi jammer. These devices are small and portable, with built-in antennas for easy signal detection.

What are the advantages and performance of 5g wifi jammer?

People's communication methods have become more and more simple and efficient after the emergence of mobile phones, but at the same time, it also brings a lot of inconvenience to work and life.

Frequently asked questions about wifi jammer knowledge

The internet has become more and more ubiquitous and has dramatically changed our lives beyond email and online shopping. In this fast-developing society, we need a wifi jammer.

Design and circuit of wifi jammer

After the working principle and circuit structure of the wifi blocker are understood, electronics enthusiasts, after understanding the working principle, they can do whatever they want, and then design and make it a try.

Wireless WiFi coverage of military camps may cause leaks and cause great attention

In mid-February 2019, a staff officer of an organ of the Guangzhou Military Region went to a subordinate unit to conduct a confidentiality inspection. When he checked the network settings of a laptop in the office building, he found that a WiFi signal jumped out from time to time.

What happens if a substandard wifi jammer is used in prison?

In places where there are strict requirements for shielding mobile phones, such as in prisons, when using unqualified wifi jammer, the following situations will occur:

Four ways to crack a wifi jammer

Jammers, including wifi jammer, have been used by the military and law enforcement for years. They are an important tool for cutting off enemy communications or acquiring resources.

The development history of wifi jammer

Everyone was happy when the signal jammer appeared at first,In the beginning, the wifi jammer was not actually set up for the exam scene. The original application of signal jammers is actually prisons.

How to determine the installation point of wifi jammer?

Many friends have never understood how to determine the installation point of the wifi jammer. Today, the manufacturer of the mobile wifi signal jammer will explain and answer this question for you.

How wifi jammers are made?

We all know that a wifi jammer is a special tool for anti-cheating, but it is not only used for cheating, but can also be used in all walks of life, such as countries, training institutions, large conferences held by the military, etc.

Little knowledge of wifi jammer

Nowadays, all kinds of wifi jammer is common in the market, and everyone's cognition of jammers is uneven. What should we know about wifi blockers?

Why is the wireless signal (RSSI) negative?

As people now pay more attention to security and privacy in their work and daily life, they always want to find a good way to prevent their privacy from being attacked or leaked.

What aspects should be paid attention to when installing a wifi jammer?

Under what circumstances can a wifi jammer be installed, the effect is better, sometimes a wifi signal jammer can be installed, but the effect is not good or the effect is very poor, why?

Wifi jammer selection guide

Do you have these questions before choosing a wifi jammer : Afraid of incomplete blocking? The signal environment is complex, afraid of insufficient budget?

Why modern society needs wifi jammers?

Why do we need a wifi jammer in this fast developing society. www.jammer-mart.com is a great place to find answers. The internet has become more and more ubiquitous and has dramatically changed our lives beyond email and online shopping.

Pay attention to the following matters, the wifi jammer has a longer service life!

WiFi and Bluetooth are wireless technologies that typically use the 2.4G frequency band to allow fixed and mobile devices to exchange data over short distances.

Can the wifi jammer block the mobile phone WiFi hotspot signal?

Mobile wifi hotspot is a technology that converts GPRS, 3G or 4G signals received by mobile phones into wifi signals, so that portable devices such as mobile phones

How to distinguish the quality of the wifi jammer?

When many customers buy jammers, they will ask the same wifi jammer. Why do WiFi jammers always have low prices and high prices?

Components and use of wifi jammer

In some special areas and periods in our lives, we may use a device like a wifi jammer, but do you know the composition and placement of a wifi blocker?

Will the heating of the wifi jammer damage the machine?

The wifi jammer scans from the low-end frequency of the forward channel to the high-end frequency at a certain speed during the working process.

How much does a home wifi jammer cost ?

As a parent, I don’t know if you also have this kind of trouble. Your child doesn’t sleep in the middle of the night, plays games on mobile phones, delays rest and study, and doesn’t listen to parental discipline.

How is the shielding distance of the Wifi jammer affected?

I believe that everyone is inseparable from the wireless network. The increasing number of base stations around the world and the popularization and application of wireless networks around the world have greatly promoted the overall development of countries in the world in terms of politics, economy, military, technology and culture.

What application scenarios should be avoided when using a wifi jammer?

In recent years, there have been more and more application scenarios for wifi jammer. The most used scenarios include: various types of examinations, examination rooms, various confidential institutions, various detention centers, prisons, drug rehabilitation centers and other detention and supervision places, etc.

The application and characteristics of wifi jammer

Currently, most of the wireless wifi jammer used in exam rooms are wireless wifi bluetooth jammers. However, a wireless jammer like this doesn't look special, so many people don't notice it and don't know what the thing is for.

How to choose the right wifi jammer?

Of course, in terms of energy saving and heat dissipation, the built-in wifi signal jammer cannot be compared with the external wifi signal blocker.

How to reduce the effects of a wifi jammer?

A wifi jammer is great, it protects our privacy and makes the internet safer, but it also emits a little radiation, although it's almost negligible.

Wifi jammer helps you prevent children from indulging in the Internet

With the end of the college entrance examination, middle school entrance examination and junior high school entrance examination.

Does the wifi jammer need to be cooled when it is used?

At present, almost all exam rooms and conference rooms are equipped with wifi jammers, but after a period of use, a certain amount of heat will be released.

The purpose of wifi jammer and how to use it

There are many different types of jammers available, and choosing which one to buy can be a daunting task if you don't know what they do and how to do it. The following article can help you quickly understand.

How to classify the transmit power of wifi jammer?

When some customers inquire about wireless wifi jammer products, they often only ask how much coverage they need and a psychologically affordable price. But when it comes to in-depth technical docking or recommendation of specific product model.

Wifi jammer use and buying guide

WiFi is the most popular form of communication, and our reliance on it is growing every day. Wireless communication standards are vulnerable to hacking and are often targeted by hackers.

Are wifi jammers the same for indoor and outdoor use?

The wifi jammer is definitely different in the outdoor and outdoor environments. We do not recommend using the same device in two different environments, especially the indoor wifi jammer device is used in the outdoor environment.

Common problems and solutions in the use of wifi jammer

The wifi jammer manufacturer will introduce you to the common problems in the use of mobile phone wifi signal jammers and how to deal with them.

Wifi jammer has become an indispensable part of people's life

The wifi jammer has been trusted by examination rooms, schools, prisons and other units. In recent years, the phenomenon of mobile phone cheating in various examinations across the country has occurred from time to time.

Will the wifi jammer affect other electronic products?

For the understanding of wifi jammer, we probably know that wireless wifi jammers can interfere with mobile phone signals.

How to use a wifi jammer correctly?

With the popularization of the Internet and wifi routers, wifi jammer is becoming more and more common in our lives, and the demand for them in various conferences, exams, etc.

Advantages of wifi jammer modular combination

For more than 20 years, in the process of mobile phone development from 2G to 5G era step by step, the development process of mobile phone jammer is also corresponding to it.

How to test the effect of wifi jammer?

Wifi jammer is used in many places, but it is not ready to be used immediately after installation.

WiFi Interference and Defense

Do you want to prevent others from using your wifi signal? Then you need a wifi jammer. WiFi is a ubiquitous network, and as the number of people using it grows, so does the number of devices connected to the Internet.

Why jam drones?

Using a drone jammer, you can block unauthorized tracking of your people or vehicles.

Drone jammer gun - safeguarding outdoor activities

The outdoors is a great place for people to meet, enjoy and experience new things. However, not all outdoor activities are safe places, despite the efforts of many to make them.

Why you need a drone jammer?

The micro drone market is becoming more and more popular among citizens, and drones weighing less than 250 grams are expected to usher in the promotional season.

The use of wireless wifi frequency jammers in police activities

Wireless frequency jammer is a widely equipped explosion-proof equipment in explosion-related places. wifi frequency jammers are commonly used for defensive jamming of remotely controlled explosive objects and can play a role in many important policing activities.

WiFi jammers can disrupt any wireless network

Jammer mart's latest launch of new powerful WIFI drone remote control signal jammer, and equipped with 4 powerful antennas.

How are wireless signals blocked?

With the development of society and the advancement of science and technology, almost every one of us has a mobile phone, and other wireless devices such as Bluetooth headsets and tablet computers are also widely popularized.

Precautions for the purchase of home wifi signal jammer

Some parents often come to consult the home signal shielding device, which is mainly used in their own indoor environment. In order to prevent children from overplaying mobile phones and affecting their studies.

Is the claim that wifi blockers are harmful to the human body reliable?

The damage caused by the jammer is the same as that of electronic devices such as mobile phones. The harm of the wifi signal jammer to the human body cannot be generally said to be harmful or harmless.

What should I pay attention to when using 5g wifi signal jammer?

5g signal blocker is also called wifi signal blocker and jammer, etc. It can block the mobile phone signal, so that the mobile network cannot communicate and surf the Internet normally.

What are the devices for signal shielding?

With the rapid development of science and technology, shielding equipment has emerged as the times require. The signal shielding device installed in the school examination room is mainly used to prevent cheating; and the shielding cabinet is mainly used to prevent the leakage of confidential information generated by computers.

Portable wifi jammer anti tracking

On a normal road, some sooner or later travel along the road at the same time. Someone who was texting someone while walking and hitting someone on their phone had some thoughts.

Will blocking the wireless signal affect the mobile phone signal?

Nowadays, many places need to shield the signal, so the wireless signal shielding system is particularly important.

The role of wifi wireless signal jammer vs antenna signal jammer

The requirements for many signal jamming devices are now very strict, and of course everyone needs to get a device that can meet their requirements at a good price.

The specific application of intelligent WIFI signal jammer

The development of smart phone wireless network has a great effect on improving the speed of development.

Do you know the 4 major advantages of wireless wifi signal jammers?

In recent years, various types of mobile phone jammers have emerged in an endless stream, and we are dazzled and dizzy, but in fact not all products are suitable for us to apply to ourselves.

Is the signal jammer system the bigger the better? What are the installation errors?

Detention centers are institutions for detaining criminals who have been arrested or detained in accordance with the law.

Precautions for installing wireless jammers in the examination room

In the examination room of this information age, the participation of wireless jammers is indispensable. With this wireless jammer, it is impossible to cheat by mobile phones.

What is wifi bluetooth jammers?

Today, most of the surrounding electronic devices have Bluetooth technology. It has become part of our daily life. It seems unstoppable to have these devices at some point, so it is necessary to prevent Bluetooth from interfere with other electronic devices.

Saving theft technology: the anti-theft portal jammer

The AES jammer detector, now integrated into our AM anti-theft antennas, informs you in real time when a thief has just entered your store with an anti-theft portal signal jammer. An acoustic alarm alerts you to the impending danger and you can react to it.

Your phone could be used for Wi-Fi spoofing and classic MITM attacks

As you probably know, the traditional device used to break into a Wi-Fi network is a laptop, because the hacker will be able to use a variety of specific wireless modules.

Protecting against wireless threats posed by Android smartphones

As we all know, smartphones are often used for various business affairs, which is why they sometimes contain some sensitive information.

The difference between directional and omnidirectional wireless signal jammer

The directional wireless signal jammer refers to the shielding band that the wireless wifi jammer device only emits in one direction, which will not affect the signal of the mobile phone and other directions of the wireless device.

How to buy a wireless wifi bluetooth jammer?

A wireless frequency jammer that suits you is very important. Do you know what to pay attention to when purchasing?

Basic requirements of wireless wifi signal jammer

Modern technology offers many conveniences in daily life, but it also introduces certain risk factors. However, they can be used as an extra security measure.

How to Detect WiFi Signal Jammers for Sale

The most straightforward way to detect a wifi jammer for sale is to unplug it. But it can be challenging because tools like spectrum analyzers or directional antennas are not readily available to most people.

Wi-Fi protocol flaw exposes personal data of WP 7 and 8 users

With the rapid development of the Internet, smart phones have become an indispensable thing in our lives. They have brought great convenience to our lives and also caused great threats.

Social networks are the cause of corporate data breaches

The popularity of social networks around the world is increasing, and it's increasingly irresistible to browse friends' pages.

How to choose wireless signal jammers for schools?

For schools, whether in elementary or junior high schools, as mobile phones are becoming more and more popular, many children have poor self-control and even become addicted to mobile games.

How to protect your wireless network from hackers?

The growth of wireless technology has brought us not only advantages and mobility, but also risks.

GPS jammers cause security and time problems around the world

In 2015, pilots who flew to Northeast Philadelphia Airport reported that they had lost their GPS navigation signals as they approached the runway. The incident was caused by a truck driver who was parked in a nearby parking lot and disabled a tracking device using a GPS jammer he had bought.

Why does my phone still have a signal after using a wireless jammer?

After the wireless wifi jammer is used, if you want to know how it works, it mainly depends on whether the mobile phone displays a signal.

How to determine the number of wireless jammers installed in a conference room?

Less than 100 square meters. For the more common small and medium-sized conference rooms, the internal environment is relatively transparent.

Does the wireless wifi jammer device need thermal protection?

At present, every school examination room is basically equipped with a wireless wifi signal jammer. With its help, it is possible to maintain a stable order in the examination room and completely eliminate such bad things as cheating.

What factors will affect the shielding range of wireless signal jammers?

For all kinds of school examination rooms, supervision places, and secret-related units, wireless signal jammers are a very common device, because in some cases where mobile phones need to be shielded.

What is the specific function of the network version of the wireless signal jammer?

The network version of the wireless signal jammer is a new type of high-tech information security product developed on the basis of the original, using modern high-tech, through in-depth analysis of communication principles, and comprehensive comparison of electromagnetic emission suppression methods.

What is unique about the wireless signal jammer system?

In the face of places that need to use multiple signal jammer devices, it is often inconvenient to manage. Due to the large number of blocker devices, the daily inspection workload is relatively large.

How to choose a high quality wireless wifi signal jammer?

Check the selected wireless signal jammer technology. High-quality wireless signal jammers are made of high-quality materials from the housing to the internal components.

What are the functions of the wireless signal jammer system?

The wireless signal jammer system is a product that integrates signal shielding, monitoring and management. By shielding the downlink signal of the mobile phone, the illegal use of the mobile phone can be prohibited.

Installation of wireless signal jammers for technical precautions in classified places

In order to prevent the internal information from being stolen by the outside world, which leads to the occurrence of leakage incidents, many technical preventive measures are adopted in secret places, and the installation of wireless wifi signal jammer is one of these technical preventive measures.

How does the wifi signal jammer pass through the wall?

Wifi signal jammer, can it be shielded through the wall through the wall? To answer this question, several situations need to be considered.

What are the forms and types of portable wifi signal jammers?

The best operating principle of wifi signal jammer; the working principle of mobile communication is that within a certain frequency range, wireless devices (mobile phones, etc.) and signal towers communicate with signal towers through radio waves to complete data and sound transmission with a certain baud rate and modulation method.

How to choose the power of wifi signal jammer?

To interfere with the signal of the entire teaching building, should you choose a low-power signal jammer or a high-power one?

Why can a wireless wifi signal jammer interfere with your mobile phone signal?

Many users who use wireless wifi signal jammers do not understand its working principle, and often use it beyond the frequency range, resulting in poor use.

Can the wifi signal be blocked?

Now the wireless network is flooded, so the network will interfere with each other, resulting in poor wireless network at home, many people want to how to block the signal? Can a wifi signal blocker block local wireless signals?

Three factors that affect the working time of wifi signal jammers

As you know, actual working time will depend on signal interference strength and battery capacity. Signal interference strength depends on three factors:

What signals can a wifi signal jammer block?

Usually referred to as a signal blocker, blocking mobile phone signals is the most basic function. Mobile phone signals refer to all 2G/3G/4G/5G signals of the three major domestic operators, and both voice and data (Internet access) are blocked at the same time.

Shielding principle of wifi jammer

General wifi signal blockers are implemented by sending malicious disassociation frames. This trick is used to forcibly cut off the connection after identifying (malicious routes) in the right way to prevent users from connecting to malicious routes or apps.

How to calculate the interference range of a wireless wifi frequency jammer?

Many customers called and said that I needed a wifi frequency jammer with a radius of 50 meters, a distance of 500 meters, and a radius of one kilometer, and the three networks of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom were shielded. Is there a problem with the client's request?.

How to hack wifi signal jammer?

In major electronic forums and social platforms, there will always be posts of this kind explaining how to crack the wifi signal jammer.

How many ways are there for WiFi jammers?

So far, the main WiFi frequency bands used in China are: WiFi2.4G and WiFi5G, of which WiFi5G is further divided into WiFi5.1G and WiFi5.8G To make a WiFi jammer, you can determine the WiFi jammer of several frequency bands according to the WiFi frequency distribution on the site.

Continuation of smartphone "light pollution" in cinemas! Reason why you cannot introduce the "radio jamming device"

In many theaters, "videos that call for manners" are played to "turn off" the power or ask for manners before showing the work. However, it is not uncommon for movie fans to say, "I want you to force the radio waves in the theater to forcibly disable mobile phone calls and communications," because of the sluggishness.

Cell phone jammer that could keep you from distracted driving

Hart Levine is a concerned dad and an advocate for stopping distracted driving. He said he had a solution to the distracted driving problem. A cell phone jammer called Drive ID. You buy the device, download an app and connect the app to your phone.

The school must solve the mobile phone problem immediately

Throughout the region, other schools have also formulated their own guidelines on this issue-some are stricter, others are more relaxed, but still guidelines. If this policy is violated, school authorities may install cell phone jammer to prevent students from distracting their mobile devices.

Jammer installed at Maha prison to prevent attacks like Salem

Probably everyone will also find that in the workplace, organizations have gradually learned that to protect sensitive confidential and personal data, their superiors can ask them to use wifi jammer in the office to prevent data leaks or theft. , thus ensuring safety. . The exponential growth of drones and their sometimes harmful uses have convinced security-conscious professionals that the deployment of drone jammers is standard operating procedure to protect people and places.

Prison upgrades a new generation of mobile jammers

The source said, "3G jammers will improve our capabilities, as early wifi jammer can only prevent communications using second generation signals." The source said second-generation (2G) jammers can only block up to 50 meters. Mobile calls are vulnerable to attacks from upgraded 3G technologies. The Delhi High Court instructed authorities in July last year to set up 21 jammers in Tihar to check cell phone use.

Iran uses jammers to grab US drone

Iran-United States. The RQ-170 incident is a stain on American military history. As the consequences continue to spread, the development of GPS jammer is also very rapid in this ten-year-old real-world deception, and the importance of unmanned aircraft network security increases.

Jammers exist on the San Francisco coast

“Fast forward to 2020 [and] the odd pattern that I think we are seeing… is the emergence of out-of-the-box deception devices,” he told Newsweek. “If I'm right, cheap scooters can be sold now, then you can bet there will be more GPS jammer impact incidents in the months and years to come, which will affect ships, planes and ordinary turns will have a negative influence on instructions. "

The development of jammers has exceeded people's expectations

“We don't know where all these cell phone jammer are coming from, or the motivation behind them,” Piled said. “From a security perspective, fortunately, they seem to provide obvious misinformation… More subtle errors caused by deception can lead to tragic accidents. "

The true value of GPS jammers

The GPS jammer itself is usually a small independent frequency transmitter that can send interference signals within a range of 5 to 10 meters. These devices are usually plugged into a cigarette lighter or USB/charging port and require almost no power supply. Although GPS jammers are illegal in most places, they can be purchased online and appear in many forms, such as: B. Wi-Fi jammers, Bluetooth jammers, remote control jammers or drone jammers.

5G jammers will soon replace 4G signal blockers

Although most markets still use 4G networks, 5G is the mainstream signal in the future and will soon occupy the market. With the greatly improved transmission speed, whether in life or work, the utilization rate of 5G has greatly increased. Our company has always put the development of 5G jammers in a central position, which is essential to keep up with the times and adapt to market changes and demands.

Military high-performance jammers have a great influence on us

If you need a powerful signal jammer, the high-power desktop jammer is the most powerful indoor equipment we have. There are a large number of signal jammers in high power jammer, designed to provide a higher interference rate, and you can also get the ideal type of high-power signal jammer.

Cell phone jammers are not permitted in Germany

Cell phone jammer, also known as cell phone blocker or mobile phone jammer, are devices that prevent wireless connections from being established in their surroundings. This creates artificial dead spots that are supposed to prevent the use of cell phones and smartphones. Cell phone jammers are primarily aimed at cell phone networks, but WLAN and GPS are also affected by them. The range of the Handy-Jammer depends on the model.

Jammer blocks and interrupts the radio link

The signal jammer sends a signal of the same frequency (noise or pulse) with a certain strength on a certain frequency, thereby superimposing the original transmission. If jammers are used exclusively, they are called strategic jammers. These devices are also called jammers, and the process is called noise interference.

Cell phone signal amplifier-4G signal is full but the network is very slow?

Cell phone jammer-it feels inaccurate after all, we use data to speak. According to related reports, the current average download speed of Chinese mobile phone users using 4G networks is 28mbit. If you add up the national internet speeds, the average download speed is about 3-4m/s. In fact, this value is enough for us to use the network normally, except where the signal is bad.

Mobile phone signal jammer solution

With the development of science and technology, the positioning, tracking and monitoring of mobile phones have become the most important reconnaissance methods and sources of intelligence in countries around the world. As long as the mobile phone is carried in secret-related places, whether it is used or turned on, it is extremely likely to cause leakage of secrets and cause serious harm to units or individuals, even the party and the state.

What is a cell phone signal booster?

Cell phone signal booster is also called mini repeater, also called cell phone companion. From its name, the signal booster knows that its function is to amplify the signal. Amplifiers that specialize in amplifying cell phone signals are called cell phone signal boosters.

Mobile phone signal jammer existing technology advantages

Many companies will install signal jammer in conference rooms. The main reason is that they don't want the call to interfere with the progress of the meeting. So what are the technical advantages of the signal jammer in the conference room? What are the installation and use methods of the signal jammer?

What is the shielding range of the mobile phone signal amplifier?

The shielding effect is different according to the distance between the location and the base station, and the shielding range is mainly determined by the strength of the magnetic field. Can recommend handheld 4-way and 6-terminal cell phone jammer. Low-power shielding through walls will weaken the signal. If you need to go through walls, it is not recommended to buy low-power ones.

People's Court of Gulou District, Nanjing City-Government Unit jammer Case

Since 2001, a total of 11 cases have been published in the "Communiqué", which ranks among the forefront of basic courts in the country. In order to prevent the leakage of important information of the government unit, signal jammer are arranged around the unit to ensure the information security of the government unit.

Why can wireless cell phone signal jammer interfere with your cell phone signal?

The working principle of mobile communication is that within a certain frequency range, wireless devices (mobile phones, etc.) communicate with the base station through radio waves, and complete data and sound transmission with a certain baud rate and modulation method.

Police blow up 3 Tanzanian vehicle jammers

Police said the suspects went to shopping malls, parking lots, leisure centers and other public places where they loitered in the parking lots and remotely intercepted their victim's car lock with a GPS jammer.
This way, they gain access to vehicles, steal valuable items and money, and lock them.

Drone on drone war with jammers

The big advantage of sending a fighter drone with countermeasures instead of attempting to do so on the ground is that it can reduce the power of the signal jammer near the drone, which reduces the interference with other RF equipment in the area. The rogue drone is specially designed for them.

The misunderstanding of using mobile phone shielding cabinet or mobile phone storage cabinet

In order to ensure the security of classified information, a "cell phone jammer" should also be placed in the classified area to block the communication of mobile terminals that are intentionally or unintentionally brought into the classified area.

Shanghai Real Estate Group held the 2019 annual work conference-conference room shield

Members of the group's leadership team also participated in the group discussions and exchanged views on issues of concern to everyone. In order to protect participants from outside interference in the conference room, the conference room signal jammer is placed around the conference room to make the participants focus more on the meeting and improve the overall quality of the meeting.

Guangdong Xinghai Concert Hall uses jammers

Large-scale musical instruments such as organs, pianos and advanced audio and video equipment imported from the Czech Republic, Germany, Japan and other countries have made the sound effects of Xinghai Concert Hall famous at home and abroad. Mobile phone signal jammers are used in the venue. In order to protect participants from external interference and focus on enjoying the influence of art, signal jammer is installed around the venue to allow participants to enjoy art.

Case of shielding device installed in Guangzhou Beilei Theater

As the activity base of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and Enterprise Cultural Association, the city-wide corporate culture and art festival is held here every year. cell phone jammer is used in the venue. In order to protect participants from external interference and focus on enjoying the influence of art, signal jammers are installed around the venue to allow participants to enjoy art.

What is the purpose of the signal jammer

Signal jammer is mainly aimed at various examination rooms, schools, gas stations, churches, courts, libraries, conference centers, theaters, hospitals, governments, finance, prisons, military places and other places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited. It is understood that cell phone signal blockers on the market can limit cell phone signals to 500 meters away from the launching station.

The built-in antenna jammer has those advantages compared with the external antenna mobile phone signal jammer

Of course, in terms of energy saving and heat dissipation, Borch's space-time built-in cell phone jammer cannot be compared with Borch's space-time external cell phone signal blocker. From the perspective of external structure, the built-in mobile phone signal shielding device integrates the transmitting antenna, power supply and heat dissipation fins in an external plastic shell, which is more beautiful in appearance, plug-and-play, and requires complicated antenna connections, plug-in power supplies, etc. advantage.

What are the reasons that the mobile phone signal jammer cannot work normally?

If you want to stop the GPS orbit, you need to choose a 2-in-1 jammer (low-cost 2G GPS jammer)) at least! Because when you only use a small GPS jammer to block the GPS, it will automatically activate the built-in SIM card to achieve GPS positioning.

The relationship between mobile phone signal jammer price and power

First, let's popularize the relationship between price and power. The shield is divided into low power, medium power and high power.
Low power, that is to say within 2W, this 2W refers to 2W per channel. If it is 8 channels, the cell phone jammer is also 16W. This is suitable for home use, small meeting rooms, etc., generally within 15 square meters.

The signal jammer manufacturer originally produced it like this

We all know that the signal jammer is a weapon dedicated to anti-cheating, but it is not only used for cheating, but can also be used in all walks of life, such as: large conferences organized by the country, training institutions, and the military. After we know the purpose of the signal jammer, we don't know how the signal jammer manufacturer produces such a signal jammer? Let's take a look at the situation of Shankino's signal jammer manufacturers.

Test the effect of mobile phone signal masker

The first is to test the coverage distance of the cell phone jammer device. Don't just use one of the two network mobile phones to try it out. During the exam, cheating candidates use different mobile phone networks, especially 4G mobile networks (4G networks use broadband high-speed transmission, if the power of the mobile phone signal masker is not enough, it may not be able to cover 4G).

What is the shielding range of the mobile phone signal jammer?

The signal jammer scans from the low end frequency of the forward channel to the high end at a certain speed during operation. This scanning speed can cause garbled interference in the message signal received by the mobile communication, and the mobile communication cannot detect the normal data sent from the base station, so that the mobile communication cannot establish a connection with the base station.

About the solution of mobile phone RF interference problem

In view of the RF interference problem of GSM mobile phones, GSM mobile phones work in TDMA mode, and RF transmission and reception are not performed at the same time. The basic principle of reducing RF cell phone jammer is to strengthen matching and isolation.

Advanced jammers can block multiple types of networks at the same time

Some simpler devices can only block one set of frequencies, while advanced cell phone jammer can block multiple types of networks at the same time, cutting off the signal of dual-mode or triple-mode mobile phones, making it impossible to switch between different networks and find open signals. Some high-end jammers can block all frequencies at the same time, while others can be set to block specific frequencies.