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Detailed explanation of the shielded network cable of the wifi jammer

Admin Posted on 2022-10-21

There are two common types of network cables: shielded and unshielded. With everyone's attention to network security, the shielded network cable of the wifi jammer is welcomed. What other advantages does the shielded network cable have in addition to the shielding effect?

The jamming structure of a single-shielded network cable is a layer of aluminum foil shielding layer; the double shielding structure of aluminum foil layer + metal braided net. In terms of shielding function, the double-shielded network cable has stronger performance.

The role of jamming network cable:

In a strong electromagnetic interference environment, it can ensure the stable transmission of signals, prevent external signals from interfering with cable transmission data, and prevent information leakage and eavesdropping.

The jamming structure of the network cable is the internal distortion of the cable, which has the inherent advantage of preventing and reducing the radiation energy of large-power equipment that interferes with the outside. Signals interact with each other.

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The network cable of the wifi signal jammer has strong performance, and a strong shielding effect and the transmission speed is doubled and stable, but the requirements for wiring are also extremely strict.

The requirements for the wiring of the wifi jammer device system are that the type of high-quality lines must be shielded, and the components of the jamming Internet system are composed of the same crystal head, routers, switches, etc., and also have shielding functions. For example, with the component unshielded function, the entire Network isolation systems fail, with other system components and cable shielding, becoming a source of obstruction throughout the local network.

The shielding function and cable grounding of the entire system equipment are the basic requirements for the wiring of the shielded network cable, and cable grounding is very important for the network wiring of the shielded network cable.

The building structure that needs to be wired first has good low-line wiring conditions.

We observe that one wire in the internal structure of the network cable can be shielded, which is the ground wire of the copper cable, the ground wire, and the shielded wire with good grounding.

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