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Will the wifi jammer affect other electronic products?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-14

For the understanding of wifi jammer, we probably know that wireless wifi jammers can interfere with mobile phone signals. For example, when used in the examination room, it can prevent candidates from cheating with their mobile phones, and if they are used in prisons, they can prevent criminals from committing crimes again. People only know how the wifi blocker works and whether it will affect other electronic products.

What is wifi jamming and how does it work

WiFi jamming is the process of interrupting or interrupting wireless communication by disabling WiFi transmitters.

This can be done by blocking or overwhelming the WiFi signal with a stronger signal. In this way, anyone can easily intercept the signal of any WLAN.

This can happen in a number of ways, such as through WiFi hacking, radio interference from Bluetooth, or broadcasting on the same 802.11 channel as the legitimate access point. The most common reason is when someone maliciously hacks into a legitimate access point, WiFi can also be interfered with in an unintentional way.

WiFi jamming can also be caused by unintentional means, such as when a user is broadcasting on the same channel as the access point, or when there is too much interference from other devices.
pocket wifi jammer Under normal circumstances, the frequency emitted by the wireless wifi frequency jammer when it is working will interfere with the normal frequency of the mobile phone receiving the base station, resulting in the mobile phone being unable to connect to the base station, making calls, sending and receiving text messages, and browsing the Internet normally. When the wireless wifi jammer is turned on, even if the mobile phone is full of signals, there is actually no signal during use, which is a kind of "false signal" that appears on the mobile phone.

When you turn on the wifi frequency jammer, it only has a shielding effect on the mobile phone, and other electronic devices have no effect. This is because the electromagnetic signal transmitted by the wifi jammer device is completely within the wireless frequency range stipulated by the state, which will only block the communication of mobile phones and will not affect other electronic products.

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