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Can a drone jammer interfere with an aircraft's navigation system?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-05

With the popularity of drones, negative news such as drone jammer interfering with civil aviation aircraft also occurs from time to time. Many voices suggest that airports should install anti-drone interference equipment. But the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently banned U.S. airports from installing anti-drone equipment without permission because of concerns that it could interfere with aircraft navigation.

According to media reports on May 9, the FAA issued a letter warning U.S. airports that they cannot install drone anti jammer equipment without the permission of the federal government. Because these devices may interfere with the aircraft's navigation system and thus affect flight safety.

This isn't the first time the FAA has questioned drone jammer devices. According to earlier reports, FAA tests in recent years have found that drone signal jammer work unreliably and that radars often give false alarms. In a July 2018 letter to airport operators, it said it was not advising airports to deploy drone jammer systems because it would affect the safety and efficiency of airspace.

In fact, there are also industry insiders in the aviation industry in China who oppose the large-scale deployment of anti-drone equipment, for the same reason that they are worried that it will interfere with the navigation equipment of civil aviation airliners. Some experts once joked that "drones are a potential threat to flights, but the interference of drone jammer kit is a real threat".

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Drone UAV jammer interferes with aircraft to be verified

It is also worth mentioning that there have been many "suspected drone disturbance incidents" recently, but many of the culprits have been proven to be kites, runaway balloons, model aircraft, or birds. At present, UAVs produced by mainstream manufacturers generally use geo-fencing technology, and they cannot take off in restricted flight areas such as airports.
In general, the claim that the drone jammer interferes with the aircraft navigation system remains to be verified.

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