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International competition, new breakthrough in drone jammer technology

Admin Posted on 2022-10-12

Not long ago, the President of Venezuela was attacked by a drone, which has caused widespread concern around the world to prevent the threat of drones. The UAV, which is listed as one of the "five threat platforms" by the U.S. military, is gradually becoming one of the most destructive aerial threats due to its advantages such as cheapness, flexibility, and clustering. How to quickly and effectively scout and destroy enemy drones has become the focus of the drone battle.

United States: by machine

At the Farnborough Air Show in July this year, Raytheon launched a drone jammer system composed of the "Coyote" UAV system and advanced radar, leading the trend of "machine-based aircraft".

This type of advanced radar is responsible for accurately identifying and tracking various types of UAVs. The "Coyote" UAV equipped with advanced seekers and warheads will carry out suicide attacks on target UAVs according to radar instructions. Its advantages such as low cost, high efficiency, and support for multi-platform delivery have attracted the attention of countries around the world. According to Raytheon, the U.S. Navy is working on a "low-cost drone swarming technology" project and has tested the swarming capabilities of the Coyote drone.

There may be swarms of drones fighting in the future, so this kind of drone has a bright future." According to Bussin, vice president of Raytheon's Advanced Missile Systems Department, the "Coyote" can not only fight back against drones but once equipped High-end sensors can also be used to perform tracking and search tasks. Currently, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration use drones for tasks such as typhoon tracking and model prediction.

Great Britain: Super System

Three leading UK companies in their respective industries are reportedly jointly developing a robust, efficient, and highly integrated anti drone jammer defense system to counter the security threats posed by drone misuse.

The system integrates Bright's electronically scanned air defense radar, Chase's optoelectronic indicator, multispectral camera and target tracking software, and Enterprise's directional radio frequency suppression and jamming system, which can detect targets within 8 kilometers. detection, tracking, identification, jamming, and deterrence of UAVs. By combining the best of the three, the system can jam a maliciously used drone and force it to land.

Brock, CEO of Enterprise, said: "Because the three companies have reached the best level in the industry in radar detection, image tracking, radio frequency interference, data communication, etc., the UAV jammer system jointly developed by the three companies is bound to be the best in the industry. Stand out in anti-drone products and become a leader in the drone battlefield.

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Israel: Hard and soft

At the Arms Show in Paris this year, two Israeli technology companies exhibited remote-controlled weapon systems and integrated defense systems for UAVs.

When "soft attack" is selected, the remote control weapon system can immediately interrupt the transmission of the UAV's image signal with the help of the signal interception device, forcing the UAV to land. The integrated defense system will use drone gun jammer to jam and radio frequency detection of the drone, forcing the drone to land or return to the starting point.

If you choose "hard attack", the remote control weapon system will activate the intelligent shooting mode to automatically lock and shoot down moving targets on the ground or in the air. The integrated defense system uses laser guns to destroy drones within a range of 800 meters in seconds.

Both systems feature advanced radar detection equipment capable of detecting and tracking drones of all types. The remote-controlled weapon system can also be installed on various types of platforms and vehicles and has the capability of all-weather and multi-domain operations.

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