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Various ways to capture drones

Admin Posted on 2022-10-11

In today's society, drones are everywhere. The huge U.S. RQ-4A "Global Hawk" drone can stay on top of your head for 24 hours and continuously monitor your morning departure and evening return, life trajectory, leaving you with no privacy at all. Be afraid! But don't worry, it's not these strategic-level giant drones that are really annoying, but the tiny remote-controlled UAVs that can be seen everywhere in life.

Take a walk in the park, shop on the block, and you’re likely to see a WeChat drone buzzing over your head. Speaking of RC UAVs, that's a good one! Drones can be used to shoot TV and movies. Those stars can have a 45° V face without using a selfie stick; drones can be used for express delivery directly to the window, "Open the window! Your express delivery! Waiting for receipt. A piece of children's shoes, please fasten it!"; Drones can be used to survey rice fields and help farmers monitor the growth of crops.

In short, in modern society, remote-controlled drones are more and more integrated into people's lives and become a new thing that everyone is talking about.

There is joy and hatred, but not everyone is interested in such remote-controlled aerial vehicles, especially when the drones fly to forbidden places they should not enter, and secretly shoot video or cause other security risks. For example, in an airport, if you fly a small four-axis drone at will, it will definitely interfere with take-off and landing flights, causing confusion in air traffic control and flight delays. Another example is the security guard's work for large-scale events, and it is necessary to prevent these little guys from becoming low-altitude, slow-moving targets for terrorist attacks.

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Traditional methods of driving drones: hand-held net shooting tools on the ground, hanging drone netting systems, and air-to-air net shooting. Compared with the traditional method of driving drones, the latest drone jammer is more efficient, convenient,and intelligent.

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