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How does the wifi jammer interfere with the base station signal?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-30

Wifi jammer is one of the most popular ways to block WiFi signals. It is a device that uses radio frequencies to disrupt and block nearby wireless networks. They are used to prevent unauthorized access to personal or corporate data accessed over wireless connections.

There are three reasons why the wifi signal jammer interferes with the signal of the mobile communication base station:

First, the users of wifi signal jammers completely ignore the communication needs of outsiders, and the goal is wrong. It should limit the mobile communication of a few people (like candidates), but expand the target to other ordinary people around.

Second, the Improper use method, due to the improper installation position of the wifi blockers or too large a transmission power setting, should be controlled within a small range, but the control is not appropriate.

Third, The purchased wifi frequency jammer does not meet the standards recognized by radio equipment, the power exceeds the standard or the inferior quality is unqualified. To find out the reason, in order to overcome its influence on the mobile communication signal, it is actually very simple: first, use standard products produced by regular manufacturers, secondly, choose the installation location and direction of action, and thirdly, set the appropriate transmit power. , it is sufficient to confine its transmission signal to a small enclosed area. As long as the above three points are satisfied, their influence on the nearby mobile communication base stations can be minimized.

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The functional management department should increase supervision and regulate the safe use of signal jammers in schools and prisons.

In the face of the increasing use of wifi jammer device in all walks of life, functional departments such as the Radio Administration should increase supervision and standardize the use of wireless wifi signal jammer.

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