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The school must solve the mobile phone problem immediately

Admin Posted on 2021-02-02

Mobile phones are convenient smart tools that allow us to call to notify the arrival of dinner or check hotel reservations via the Internet.

In addition, they confuse the police, people who are often bullish or texting while driving, and schools that are adapting to modern times and setting strict rules for using mobile phones.

well. You know, school hours are not time for mobile phones, and anyone with teenagers in the building knows that these tools have become a major part of children’s lives.

Texting, tweeting, speaking and using the Internet constitute a large part of teenagers’ daily lives. The smallest thing we can do is to assume that they stop using their mobile phones during school to better focus on the classroom.

The newspaper’s Saturday report summarized measures taken by several Berlin school districts to restrict the use of mobile phones. The Tripp-Delmont School District approved the guide on August 8, so the latest information on this issue has been updated. Principal JACK told the Daily Telegraph: "We want our children to concentrate on class during school hours."

During school hours, many other areas have mobile phone usage restrictions. For example, students at Mitchell High School are allowed to use mobile phones during lectures. However, these phones must be turned off when students are in school. But in the middle school building, students cannot have distracting electronic devices.

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Throughout the region, other schools have also formulated their own guidelines on this issue-some are stricter, others are more relaxed, but still guidelines. If this policy is violated, school authorities may install cell phone jammer to prevent students from distracting their mobile devices.

This is a good exercise that should be considered in all school fields. When children go to school and read, mobile phones often destroy the consciousness of normal teenagers.

If students want to make a private call, there is also a landline phone at the reception. At least it should be there. Who knows these few days.

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