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The conditions that a high-quality wifi blocker should have

Admin Posted on 2022-10-28

On some occasions, the use of mobile phones will bring a lot of trouble, so it is thought to install and use wifi jammer in these places where mobile phones are prohibited to prevent the use of mobile phones and ensure that the mobile phone signal in this area is limited. . Everyone likes to choose some cost-effective products, and the wifi signal jammer is no exception. I want to spend less money to buy a jammer with a large shielding range, reliable quality, and little interference to the outside world, so let’s talk about it below. What is the cost-effectiveness of jammers?

The interference range of wifi jammers

The range here refers to the effective interference range of the wifi signal jammer, and whether there are blind spots or leaks within this interference range. In the vicinity of some places where wifi signal jammers need to be installed, if there is an operator's base station, the mobile phone signal will be relatively strong, which will affect the interference range of the wifi frequency jammer. In order to achieve a good interference effect, it is necessary to purchase For a jammer with a higher power, the cost will increase accordingly. In theory, the greater the transmit power of the wifi jammer kit, the better the interference effect on the mobile phone signal, of course, the cost will increase accordingly.

The normal operation time of the wifi blocker

This refers to the trouble-free use time of the wireless wifi jammer. Assuming that the warranty of the wifi jammer is 1 year, but the actual stable operation reaches 3 years, then the cost performance has tripled. If the warranty is 1 year, the actual use often breaks down, although the warranty period is free, the possible risks are immeasurable, the personnel resources are also wasted, the corresponding cost performance will be reduced, and the user experience will be lowered.

wireless wifi bluetooth jammer

Interference with the outside world

If you do not consider the interference of bluetooth wifi jammers to the outside world, it is very easy to interfere with wifi signals, as long as you increase the interference power. However, to ensure that the shielded area has no blind spots and leaks, the power of the jammer is relatively large, which may cause a great interference with the outside world. This requires full consideration in the design of signal interference and technical control to achieve accurate and efficient shielding without external interference.

Cost of wifi jammer kit

The cost should follow the interference requirements and budget. You can't blindly choose cheap products, and you can't simply think that the higher the price is, the better the shielding effect. It is very important to actually choose the interference effect of the wifi bluetooth signal jammer. It is also necessary to inspect its past cases and test the interference the effect, and then make a choice.

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