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What factors should be paid attention to when installing a wifi signal jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-11-02

In what environment can a wifi jammer be installed and the effect is better, why sometimes the wifi signal jammer is not effective, or the effect is very poor? In fact, this is attributable to the surrounding environment where you use the wifi jammer device. In terms of installation technology, the following elements must be considered:

1. Comprehensive factors when indoor shielding:
1. Consider the horizontal application field space area of ​​the area to be shielded;
2. Consider the floor height of the shielded area or the vertical height from the air;
3. It is necessary to consider the decoration materials of the house and the shielding effect of the building materials themselves;
4. It is necessary to consider whether the source signal enhancement measures or secondary amplification have been adopted indoors;
5. It is necessary to consider the proportion of indoor metal and non-metal;
6. It is necessary to consider whether the transmission frequency of the existing wireless equipment in the room can cause mutual interference on the same frequency;
7. It is necessary to consider the acceptance ability and safe interval of anti-interference interference of existing indoor fine instrumentation equipment;
8. It is necessary to consider the isolation status and orientation of house windows and doors and windows;

8 antennas wifi blocker

Comprehensive factors for outdoor jamming:

1. Before installing the installation on open space and non-open spaces, consider:
2. The influence of the repeater on the wifi frequency jammer when it emits strong electromagnetic wave signals horizontally and vertically;
3. The effect of the wifi jammer kit on the repeater signal in the interval and antenna selection direction can be related to the antenna selection;
4. The ability of the isolation wall and sundries to block the signal transmitted by the repeater;
5. The radio wave blocking ability of stray objects and non-mobile solid blockers to the wifi shield;
6. Analysis of the resistance and avoidance feasibility of large-scale strong radio magnetic field electromagnetic wave intensity such as interval TV transmission towers, military radio transmission towers, and aircraft navigation systems;
Various environmental factors will cause the effect of the wifi bluetooth jammer to become weaker when used. And today's wireless wiif jammer all use technology that does not affect the uplink (base station), which will not affect the use of mobile phones by surrounding personnel, but it also improves the environmental requirements of wifi blockers.

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