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How to deal with the factors that affect the effectiveness of the prison wifi signal jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-11-07

1. Due to the difference in the power and number of channels of the signal towers such as China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Netcom, the distance between the signal tower and the prison, and the size of other nearby buildings, terrain, and landforms, the signals in the prison area are also different.

2. Because the scale, building structure, local cell phone signal tower direction, power, terrain, and other factors of each prison are different, the cell phone signal strength, number of channels, and frequency bands in each area of ​​the prison are different. In addition, radio waves are invisible and intangible, and are affected by various factors during their transmission;

3. Due to the different characteristics of the direction, power, and distance of each signal tower in the actual use environment, there may be dozens of channels for the user's mobile phone to automatically select in the same environment, and there are differences in the field strength of indoor and outdoor spaces, ground And metal objects cause very complex adverse effects on the signal jamming by the mobile phone. So we all have experiences like:
(a) In different regions, some mobile signals are strong, and some Unicom signals are strong;
(b), even in the same place, the signal is also different, there are strong and weak points, so the wifi jammer system is a highly professional system project.

Second, how should we deal with the above reasons?

1. Carry out a detailed on-the-spot investigation of the prison environment, topography, landforms, etc., very carefully. The investigation needs to shield the regional environment, understand the actual requirements of customers, and design personalized solutions. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out project investigation and project solution, and comprehensively solve problems for customers in a scientific and systematic manner;

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2. Thorough analysis, thorough analysis of local signal distribution and building structure. Using non-general general equipment positioning, measured by a series of instruments. Choose different composite antennas, according to the organic combination of antenna application principles in different frequency bands;

3. After on-site inspection of the building structure, terrain, and local signal tower direction, power, channel, etc.; and have a large number of communication microwave technology, professional, high quality, a strong sense of responsibility, very serious requirements for details, construction experience The rich staff can meet the construction needs of the large-scale wifi jammer device system engineering site, and solve and deal with various difficult problems on site in time. Complete and rich professional technical data and professional testing and analysis instruments can solve practical problems for clients of the prison and provide them with the best solutions.

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