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Wifi jammer high quality selection

Admin Posted on 2022-09-21

The high-power wifi jammer is a product developed according to the needs of the market, using special advanced technology. The principle is that the signal of the transmitter or instrument is modulated between the sides through the semiconductor device, isolated and converted through the optical sensor or magnetic sensor, and then demodulated and converted back to the original signal before isolation, and at the same time, the power supply of the isolated signal is changed. Perform isolation processing to ensure that the converted signal and power supply are guaranteed. When it is in a working state, it can form a shielding magnetic field within the specified range, so that the mobile phone cannot be called and connected, so as to achieve the purpose of forcibly disabling the mobile phone, completely solving the various hazards brought by wifi, and make people enjoy both. High technology brings fast and does not interfere with the surrounding walls and also weakens the shielding effect of the shield. The shielding effect is also weakened due to the stronger signal near the window.

Protecting private data requires a wifi blocker

Without a doubt, email and the internet are necessities in most offices. But what about cell phones? For the office, the convenient use of the computer will weaken the function of the mobile phone, and the frequent use of the mobile phone will also distract some people's attention and reduce work efficiency. regulations. Especially in the organs and units, once the staff of the unit accidentally leaks the work content, it is easy to be stolen by the illegal elements, which is a very dangerous thing for the organs and units. In order to prevent such incidents from happening, agencies and units will be equipped with wifi jammer device or signal shielding cabinets to avoid leaks.

desktop wifi jammer

Because mobile phones have the functions of transmitting information, videos, recordings, etc., it is likely to lead to the leakage of important information of the state and related institutions. Many countries have relevant methods and laws to restrict the use of mobile phones by some important departments or important people. wireless communication equipment to safeguard national interests. Then it is like some places where information requires high confidentiality, such as office buildings, combat command agencies, financial centers such as banks or securities, and examination rooms. The examination room is the one I usually come into contact with the most. Basically, every school will install a wifi frequency jammer to prevent candidates from cheating. At the end of the semester, simulation, college entrance examination, or some qualification examinations, as long as the mobile phone enters the blocked area, it will be blocked. No signal is received or the signal is very weak.

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