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Why is there a signal blind spot in your home?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-27

I believe that we have encountered a bad home network, but the network is not good only to blame the house to buy a large one? In fact, not, China's residential structure building is more complex, in the building complex environment is like a giant wifi jammer, blocking the signal transmission between the cell phone and the base station, the phone will prompt temporary can not be connected, Internet access is not smooth, as well as intermittent calls dropped lines and other situations. The specific performance is: called when the prompt can not be connected or shut down, the caller prompted no network signal, and the call process is interrupted dropped line, and other situations.

The reasons for poor signal in complex areas of the building

The bad signal is caused by interference, As the cell phone receives signals through the propagation of electromagnetic waves to work, the base station through the transmission of radio waves and cell phones establishes contact with each other, so as to achieve the purpose of voice calls. Therefore, the interference of electromagnetic waves will have an adverse effect on the cell phone. When the interference of certain electromagnetic waves in the air exceeds a certain level, the signal-to-noise ratio of the cell phone decreases to below the standard value, the phone will have no signal or drop out. So the user had better stay away from equipment that can send out strong electromagnetic waves, and to a place with less interference to make calls.

hand-held wifi blocker

Dropped lines are caused by the failure of switching across the area,Network operators are serving users by transmitting wireless signals through base stations, and the range of base stations is limited, so there may be many base stations in an area. The combination of all base stations is a network system each base station has its own range, beyond which the phone has to change base stations, thus keeping the phone in the network at all times.

When a user goes beyond one serving cell to another service cell during a call, the user's voice channel also has to be switched from the original service cell, but if the new service cell is busy at this time, there is no extra channel allocated to the user, so the service cell switch will fail, so the user's call process will also be interrupted.
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