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What is the main structure of the wifi jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-31

Over the years, as long as there are large-scale exams, in order to completely eliminate the phenomenon of fraud on the test site, it is not surprising to install wifi jammer. However, many people have only heard of this thing and have not carefully observed what it looks like. So, what does the construction of a wifi signal jammer look like?

Housing for wifi blocker

A wifi frequency jammer is first of all the material of the shell, there are currently two types on the market. One uses a metal case and the other uses a plastic case. Metal shells are generally suitable for external wifi signal jammers, while plastic shells are generally used for built-in wifi jammers. There is still a little difference in the internal structure of these two types of wifi jammer devices.

The signal jammer with a built-in antenna generally installs the antenna inside and is composed of various electronic components. The built-in antenna signal jammer like this is mainly a little more beautiful in appearance. The signal shield of the external antenna has several interfaces on the shell for installing the external antenna. These connectors represent signal shielding for different channels. The reason why the built-in antenna is set is that I am afraid that the teacher will make a mistake in the antenna, which will cause the wifi signal jammer to have no effect.

wireless signal jammers

Generally, the number of external antennas also determines the pros and cons of the wifi blocker. The shielding range of the antenna will be wider. There are also various electronic components inside. Through these electronic components, the purpose of interfering with the mobile phone signal is achieved. Although many manufacturers produce signal jammers for examination rooms, there are very few companies that are authoritative in this regard. Among the more professional companies at present, Jammer mart is one of the best. They have been engaged in design and research in this area for many years and have a number of technologically advanced products. More in line with the requirements of the majority of schools.

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