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Basic requirements of wireless wifi signal jammer

Admin Posted on 2022-08-24

Modern technology offers many conveniences in daily life, but it also introduces certain risk factors. However, they can be used as an extra security measure.
Wireless signal shielding systems are also being developed today. For example, the school has installed wireless wifi signal jammer protection equipment to prevent cheating, and many students will use communication tools to make non-compliant behaviors in the examination room, which the school has banned many times. In order to pull the students out of the "quagmire", they took some management measures and chose to install a wireless wifi frequency jammer. The purpose of the school is that students can study and rest in peace, so that they can stop playing games. Equipping a wireless wifi bluetooth jammer is always more effective than having strict management measures.

Of course, the emergence of the wireless wifi signal jammer is not only because of these reasons, but also because of the needs of users in various aspects. The wireless wifi jammer device was created to meet their needs, and it is mostly used in enterprises or confidential institutions and hospitals. is still very broad. However, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the shielding project, the following basic requirements need to be met:

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①First of all, the design and implementation of the scheme must be carried out according to the actual building structure, layout and the specific distribution of on-site signals.

②It is required that the wireless wifi disruptor used is advanced in technology, reliable in operation, and has been tested by a large number of successful cases. There should be targeted shielding technology for extra strong signals.

③ Design, installation and debugging personnel must be familiar with relevant professional theories, have many years of experience in shielding design, installation and debugging, and be equipped with necessary professional testing instruments and equipment.

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