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What is the principle of electromagnetic shielding material?

Admin Posted on 2022-11-04

Electronic equipment work, not only do not want to be outside electromagnetic interference, but also do not want their own radiation out of electromagnetic interference with external equipment, as well as radiation hazards to the human body, which requires electromagnetic shielding to block the path of electromagnetic wave propagation. Electromagnetic shielding body on the attenuation of electromagnetic is mainly based on the principle of reflection and absorption of electromagnetic waves.

Electromagnetic wifi jammer is based on the secondary development of electromagnetic shielding materials, the required materials must have good electrical conductivity, according to the material preparation process, electromagnetic shielding materials include three main categories: 1) metal: direct choice of metal materials, such as beryllium copper, stainless steel, etc.; 2) filling class: in the non-conductive base material to add a certain percentage of conductive filler thus making the material conductive, base material can be used silicone, plastic and other materials, conductive filler can be metal sheets, metal powder, metal fibers or metalized fibers and other materials; 3) surface coating and conductive coatings: the substrate for plating, such as conductive cloth. And from the device point of view, the current widely used wifi jammer device mainly include conductive plastic devices, conductive silicone, metal shielding devices, conductive cloth liner, wave-absorbing devices, etc.

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The technical level of electromagnetic wifi frequency jammer is mainly led by the development of its materials, material conductivity, magnetic permeability and material thickness are the three basic factors of shielding effectiveness. Electromagnetic shielding materials will develop in the direction of higher shielding efficiency, wider shielding frequency and better overall performance, and various new materials will be more developed in the innovative application of electromagnetic shielding. The future development of technology, electromagnetic shielding will be to good conductivity, simple processing, cost-effective, suitable for mass production and other aspects of development. And in the future, more and more types of electronic devices will be included in the EMC management standards, EMC standards will also become more and more stringent, it can be expected that the trend of continuous upgrading of electromagnetic device process materials will be the direction of certainty.

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