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The installation of wifi jammer and its details

Admin Posted on 2022-10-19

The exam is a rigorous method of knowledge level identification. Students learning abilities and other abilities can be checked by passing the exam. In order to ensure the fairness of the results, the examination room must have strong disciplinary constraints and specially set up chief examiners, invigilators, etc. to supervise the examination process. and criminal responsibility.

The components of the wifi jammer generally include the host, the antenna, and the power adapter. When installing the wifi signal jammer, because there is a strong signal magnetic field within a certain distance (usually 20-30 cm) around the host and the antenna, and there is also magnetic field interference around the 220V power line (strong electricity) (usually 5-10 cm), Therefore, how to place the installation position of each component is very important. If the placement position is incorrect, it is likely that the transmission of the shielded signal will be disturbed and the shielding effect will be affected.

The power adapter should be more than 20cm away from the host; (if the wifi jammer device is installed, due to the limitation of the installation environment of the site, the power supply cannot be kept away, and the power adapter can be placed under the host of the isolator. The power adapter will still be interfered with by some strong magnetic fields from the host of the wifi frequency jammer, but the interference will be less compared to placing the power adapter on both sides of the host.) There is no strong electric line within 20cm around the antenna ( AC220V); (including the left and right sides of the antenna, above the antenna, the strong electric dark wires embedded in the wall where the antenna is located, etc. If it is unavoidable, please try not to be within 10cm of the antenna)

8 bands wifi jammer

Wifi jammer installation details

1. The installation height of the shield is preferably not less than 1.8 meters from the ground. 2. When the installation location is less than 200 meters away from the base station, the shielding effect is inversely proportional to the distance from the base station. That is, the closer the base station, the smaller the shielding radius. 3. Tighten the antenna before powering it on, the antenna must be kept vertical (⊥), the numbers marked on the antenna should correspond one-to-one with the numbers marked on the antenna hole on the host, do not insert the wrong one, and do not directly turn on the power of the host without connecting the antenna.

After installation, use the mobile phone to test in the range with the wifi jammer kit installed, and the effect is very good. You don't have to worry about cheating in the process of taking the test.

The above is the installation details of the wireless wifi bluetooth jammer. In order to avoid the detection of cheating in the examination room, I hope that each examination room will pay more attention.

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