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The relationship between wifi jammer and external shield

Admin Posted on 2022-10-27

WiFi jammer has been used in various fields of the Internet of Things, such as wireless meter reading applications, wireless charging piles, smart thermostats, etc. The wireless module is the first step to realize communication. It is the most important link in the modern Internet of Things, and it can be said to be very popular in the market. The classification of wireless modules is also diverse, and wireless modules with various functions emerge in an endless stream on the market. But have you noticed that most wireless modules come with a metal case? Do you know what this metal casing can do to the wireless module? The metal shell on the wireless module is called a shield, which belongs to one of the hardware facilities of the wireless module. Its main functions are divided into two:

1. Prevent interference and radiation from the outside world when the wireless module is working; the interference and radiation generated by the wireless module with greater power will be correspondingly greater, so adding a metal casing can reduce these interference and radiation to a certain extent.

2. Shield the outside world to interfere with the wireless module; in the working environment of the wireless module, there are many complex interference sources, such as external electric fields and magnetic fields, which cannot be seen or touched. After adding a shield to the wireless module, these external sources of interference can be well isolated.

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How a wifi signal jammer works?

Use a shield to surround important functional components such as relays, chips, microcontrollers, circuit boards and other important functional components that need to be protected to form a protection circle, which can not only effectively prevent the radiation interference generated by the wireless module from spreading to the outside world, but also prevent external interference sources from affecting the wireless wifi jammer with the normal operation of the module.

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