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How to choose a full-band wifi jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-29

As we all know, full-band wifi jammer has played an important role in places where there is a need for signal shielding, such as in the examination room, party and government agencies, large enterprises, etc., and now many families In order to allow children to concentrate on their studies, they will also choose a full-band signal jammer with better performance.

Selection criteria for full-band wifi jammers

1. According to the signal strength

The selection of the full-band jammer should also be determined according to the signal of the environment. If the signal of the site is strong, such as in an area that is relatively close to the signal base station, or the signal base station and amplifier are installed on the roof of the residential building, then the interference should be selected. A very capable full-band wifi signal jammer. Generally speaking, a good-serving full-band jammer salesperson will help you choose a suitable full-band wifi frequency jammer according to the signal strength.

2. Look at the shielding range and power

Generally speaking, the shielding range of a full-band wifi jammer device is proportional to its power, that is to say, the larger the power, the larger the shielding range. For low-power full-band wifi jammers, their shielding range is generally tens of square meters. Some parents will choose to install this kind of device in their own room, and the high-power shielding distance is hundreds of square meters, which is especially suitable for large examination rooms and large enterprises.

wireless wifi signal jammer

3. Look at the position of the antenna

Generally speaking, full-band wifi blockers can be divided into external antennas and built-in antennas. The former has an external antenna and extends outward. Compared with full-band wireless wifi bluetooth jammer with external antennas, the space it occupies is larger. A little bit, but its antenna effect is much more stable, its radiation distance is longer and longer, and its coverage area is larger, so the external full-band wireless wifi jammer is used relatively more.

It can be seen that to choose a suitable full-band 5g wifi jammer, we can judge according to the signal strength of the venue used, the power of the jammer, and whether the antenna is external or built-in. Of course, we can also judge according to the power supply of the full-band jammer There are generally hand-held built-in lithium batteries, and there are voltage power supply forms with various voltage ranges.

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