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The difference between directional and omnidirectional wireless signal jammer

Admin Posted on 2022-08-24

The directional wireless signal jammer refers to the shielding band that the wireless wifi jammer device only emits in one direction, which will not affect the signal of the mobile phone and other directions of the wireless device. A mask expressed as a certain angular range on the horizontal pattern, which is commonly referred to as a directional mask. Its signal can only be transmitted to the front, which increases the strength of the signal shielding in the front, and the shielding band sent in the other direction is almost zero or very small. Directional wireless signal jammers are generally used in environments with small coverage, large target distance and long communication distance.

The omnidirectional wireless wifi frequency jammer can evenly shield 360° on the horizontal pattern. It transmits signals in all directions, which is commonly referred to as non-directional. The omnidirectional wireless wifi signal jammer has a large coverage and is generally used. in larger areas.

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Through the above, we further understand what is an omnidirectional wireless wifi bluetooth jammer and what is a directional wireless signal jammer. Then in practical applications, when multiple areas need to be satisfied, and these areas are distributed in different directions, it is necessary to use an omnidirectional wireless signal jammer; if it is concentrated in one direction, it is recommended to use a directional wireless bluetooth signal jammer. These two kinds of wireless signal jammers are indistinguishable, it can only be said that what kind of wireless signal jammer to use is determined according to the different environments.

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