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How does the drone jammer control the drone?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-14

In various environments, drone jammer can use various interference devices to interfere with remote control, GPS signals, images, etc., so that the UAV cannot navigate normally. Thereby reducing the danger of black flying, and in some special places, airports, detention centers, and other places can also be well protected.

At present, electromagnetic interference is carried out by means of signal interference, sound wave interference, etc. Or direct violent destruction, the use of special weapons, and strikes against drones. At or using inducement control, mainly by controlling or intercepting the drone. Some special aircraft, such as terrain matching, such as image recognition, such as high-precision inertial guidance, such as positioning, such as positioning, such as automatic driving and so on. handheld drone jammer Things that the other party cannot photograph from high altitude, including camouflage, interference with the other party's radar, etc. That is to use high-power signals as energy sources, launch equipment at the target, and violently interfere with the flight of the drone, which can only be used in special circumstances. Therefore, many methods have certain limitations and cannot be used. The technical method commonly used by the drone signal jammer equipment is to transmit radio frequency signals to interfere with the UAV and prevent communication between the UAV and the ground remote control device. In order to minimize the influence of black flying on social order and other influences, it can precisely suppress and effectively control all kinds of illegal drones.

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