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High quality connector shielding gasket produced good wifi jammer

Admin Posted on 2022-10-20

Laird (Laird Technology) is one of the world's leading suppliers of shielding materials, and its various shielding and grounding technologies have obtained a number of technical patents. Laird's series of "D" connector shielding gaskets are specially designed and developed for shielding and grounding applications of D-sub connectors. Our company has also been using its jammer materials to produce various wifi jammer.

The connector shielding gasket series has two categories: non-slotted and slotted, and the materials are also stainless steel and beryllium copper. Among them, beryllium copper gaskets can provide ultra-soft, low-stress versions, and can be processed by various electroplating processes to meet customers' electroplating compatibility requirements.

The "D" connector shielding gasket series of the non-slotted version is designed for the application of a D-sub connector from 9pin to 68pin. The specific configuration and structure size of this series of gaskets are improved by 20 degrees in design. The unique flange design enhances the metal-to-metal contact performance. Structurally, the design fills the gaps between uneven contact surfaces, providing a more continuous contact surface to improve the shielding effect of the gasket. The spacer is universal for front and rear mounting applications of connectors and supports custom production needs of custom shapes and sizes.

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Slotted "D" connector shielding gasket series, suitable for 9pin to 50pin D-sub connector applications, the specific configuration, and structural size, the notch structure of this series gaskets makes it have separate fingers. The pointed structure can obtain a large metal contact surface area, which provides an excellent shielding effect while reducing the compression force of the gasket.

Key Features of "D" Connector Shielding Gaskets:

• Both slotted and unslotted types

• Both stainless steel and beryllium copper

• Beryllium copper gaskets available in ultra-soft, low-stress versions

• Various electroplating processes can be provided to meet customer's electroplating compatibility requirements

• Gasket in non-slotted version with improved 20-degree flange design for increased surface contact and improved shielding

• Slotted version of the gasket with split fingertip structure for increased contact surface area, reduced compressive stress and improved shielding

Typical applications for "D" connector shielding gaskets:

• Various D-sub connectors and terminals

• Computer monitor terminal

• Analog audio terminals

• Digital audio terminal
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