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What signals can a wifi signal jammer block?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-17

Usually referred to as a signal blocker, blocking mobile phone signals is the most basic function. Mobile phone signals refer to all 2G/3G/4G/5G signals of the three major domestic operators, and both voice and data (Internet access) are blocked at the same time. In addition to blocking mobile phone signals, what signals can a wifi signal jammer block?
The most common are: WIFI2.4 frequency band (WLAN/Bluetooth) and WIFI5.8G frequency band of wireless network, VHF/UHF low frequency frequency band (135MHz/433MHz remote control, 410MHz/470MHz walkie-talkie), 1500MHz GPS-L1 civil navigation and positioning frequency Wait.

There are also some special customized frequency bands, such as: GPS-L2 and wireless video frequency band of 1050-1260MHz frequency band, 500-800MHz video frequency band, 20-100MHz low frequency remote control and FM radio and so on.

Jammer mart's EOF16US professional all-in-one powerful mobile phone 5G WIFI GPS UHF/VHF wifi frequency jammer is designed with 16 antennas, which brings us strong jamming ability. And it can not only cut off all 3G 4G 5G cell phone signals, but also interfere with WiFi2.4G 5G CDMA450M GPS LOJACK UHF VHF LORA signals. 110 watts are adjustable, and depending on the signal strength at a specific location, the device has an interference radius of up to 80 meters.

wifi signal jammer

In addition, it features enhanced energy management design with EPM, external high gain 3-5dbi omnidirectional antenna all TX frequencies cover downlink only Built-in AC110-240V to 24V adapter, safe and easy to use.
- 7 fans built-in good cooling system, use the infrared remote control to work 2-5 meters uninterruptedly Turn on/off the power Any one frequency band can be adjusted or turned off without affecting the operation of other frequency bands.
- Independent module design, frequency source for each channel, easy maintenance (if the frequency band is damaged, directly replace the new PCB, no need for professional equipment such as frequency analyzer.
- LED indicator shows the working status of each frequency band, you can choose any 16 frequency bands according to your needs.
The device has corresponding LED indicators to observe whether the machine is working normally. The built-in silent fan ensures no noise interference in the examination room environment. The fuselage comes with an ergonomically designed handle for easy handling. The transmission power of the shield is similar to that of mobile phone signal transmission, and wireless transmission does not cause any damage to the human body. It can be equipped with network management and control, and can control the switch on and off of the equipment through the intelligent shielding management system, and the features such as timing switch on and off.

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