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Can drone jammer guns target those small aircraft?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-30

Drone UAV jammer system identification is critical,Low, small and slow targets cannot be found and recognized. Unable to lock the tracking target after identification? Unable to automatically monitor and defend 24/7? The monitoring distance is not enough to strike after identification? drone jammer system cannot be customized? Worried that the structure is complicated and cannot be moved?

Aerial vehicles are often seen in big cities, because big cities have related needs, and some people are curious and will buy unmanned aerial vehicles to spy on some scenes. In order to satisfy personal curiosity, in fact, this aerial vehicle is also called a drone, which is the kind of small aircraft that everyone often sees. This equipment carries modern advanced technology to meet the needs of the times. Of course, due to the fact that personal use is not very familiar with the actual situation, there will be black flying. In this case, large cities generally have drone countermeasures to play a defensive role.

The emergence of the drone signal jammer system is undoubtedly the progress of the times, and its technical content is higher. UAVs use satellite positioning and cameras to shoot various scenes in flight, and then transmit them to terminal devices, thus providing relevant data and content. If you want to counteract, you need to invest more in related technologies.drone jammer for sale The drone frequency jammer produced by our company has a targeted countermeasure program. The drone anti jammer has achieved very good results in technology. It uses the advantages of radar, radio, photoelectric, interference, and other technologies to play a countermeasure role, and also uniquely adds the function of identification. In fact, UAVs are Not all countermeasures that can be destroyed but need to be interfered with depending on the situation, so the function of identification is very important. This is also an important direction in jamming drones. It can be seen that the use of the drone gun jammer system requires the display of technology. At the same time, the design for the team is also a major point.

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