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What aspects should be paid attention to when installing a wifi jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-17

Under what circumstances can a wifi jammer be installed, the effect is better, sometimes a wifi signal jammer can be installed, but the effect is not good or the effect is very poor, why? In reality, installing a signal jammer comes down to the surrounding environment. Signal jammers are specific to installation technology and the following factors must be considered:

Comprehensive factors of indoor shielding:

1. Consider the horizontal product of applications in the area to be masked.

2. Consider the floor height of the shielded area or the vertical vertical height in the air.

3. It is necessary to consider the shielding effect of house decoration materials and building materials themselves.

4. It is necessary to consider whether source signal enhancement measures or secondary amplification measures are adopted indoors.

5. You need to consider the ratio of metals to non-metals in the interior.

6. It is necessary to consider whether the transmission frequency of the existing wireless equipment in the room will cause mutual interference of the same frequency.

7. It is necessary to consider the safety separation and the ability of the existing sophisticated equipment in the computer room to interfere with the frequency.

8. You need to consider the separation and orientation of windows, doors and windows in your home.

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Comprehensive factors of outdoor shielding:

1. Before installing non-empty land, you need to think about it.

2. The ability of the repeater to affect the shielding when transmitting strong electromagnetic signals in the horizontal and vertical directions;

3. In the interval and direction of the antenna selection, the influence of the shielding device on the repeater signal can be consistent with the antenna selection.

4. The ability to isolate walls and debris to block the signal transmitted by the repeater;

5. The ability of debris and immobile hard barriers to block the spread of the shield;

6. Analyze the resistance and avoidability of large and strong wireless magnetic fields such as spaced television transmission towers, military radio transmission towers and aircraft navigation systems, as well as various environmental factors that will weaken the impact of signal interference. In addition, today's wifi blocker use technology that does not affect the uplink (base station), not only does it not affect the use of cell phones by nearby employees, but it also improves the jammer's environmental requirements.

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