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Can the wifi signal be blocked?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-18

Now the wireless network is flooded, so the network will interfere with each other, resulting in poor wireless network at home, many people want to how to block the signal? Can a wifi signal blocker block local wireless signals?

The method of shielding the signal

1. Increasing the distance and physical obstacles between the mobile phone and the WiFi router can weaken the transmission and reception of WiFi signals;

2. There are certain sources of radio interference around the WiFi router or the mobile phone, which will also affect the transmission quality of the wireless signal between the mobile phone and the WiFi router, such as wifi signal jammer.

3. Log in to the web background of the WiFi router and artificially lower the transmit power of the WiFi signal;

4. Place the WiFi device in an environment covered by metal materials to block WiFi signals.

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The method of weakening the wireless network

1. Use more metal utensils, which will weaken the signal but not shield it

2. Generally, thicker walls or walls made of stone also have the effect of shielding the signal.

3. The most common mirrors in the home have the function of reflecting wireless signals, but the cost is high and the risk is also great.

4. Some electrical appliances will also affect the wireless signal, such as refrigerators and washing machines, which will affect the wireless signal.

5. Drones are no strangers, even a small machine like that can affect wireless signals.

6. The microwave oven, a commonly used heating tool at home, will also affect the signal of the wireless network, because it uses microwaves, which are also waves.
There are many factors that can infect or affect the wireless network signal, but if you want to block the signal, these methods are useless. You must use a signal shielding device to completely shield the wireless signal within a certain range.

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