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Advantages of wifi jammer modular combination

Admin Posted on 2022-09-14

For more than 20 years, in the process of mobile phone development from 2G to 5G era step by step, the development process of mobile phone jammer is also corresponding to it. Among them, the way of modular assembly and combination of wifi jammer has been favored and recognized by customers more and more.

When it comes to modularity, in fact, many manufacturers also advertise that their products use modularity, but the modularity we point out here is different. In the past, the modularization of the wifi blockers refers to the modularization of each mobile phone frequency band inside the product. For example, the GSM900MHz frequency band is a separate PCB board module. The modules of many frequency bands are assembled into a mobile phone jammer to form a finished product. But in terms of the product as a whole, it is still a single form. There are some advantages to adopting this method. The advantages are that each frequency band module works independently, failure generally does not affect other modules, and each module can be disassembled and replaced. But the disadvantage is that when repairing or replacing the module, you need to open the shell of the whole machine, you need to remove the screws, apply heat-dissipating silicone grease, and need to use professional debugging instruments (such as spectrum splitter, RF power meter, RF signal attenuator, etc.), There is also a disadvantage when the total number of frequency band modules is fixed, which can only be replaced and cannot add multiple frequency bands.

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What is the modular combination of the latest generation of wifi jammers?

Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional modular combination of wifi jammer device listed above, Jammer mart has put forward a more advanced and reasonable design scheme of modular combination of wifi frequency jammer through years of experience, and has fully realized the mass production of products. The solution of our modular solution is: make each frequency band module directly into finished products, or directly complete the assembly and combination of finished product modules. There are no restrictions on the selection and combination of frequency bands, and the number of frequency band modules is not limited. any restrictions. Customers can dismantle or replace other wifi jammer modules at any time, and the disassembled modules can be assembled directly without debugging. It's like making a wifi blocker like a Lego set.

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