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Talking about the pros and cons of wifi jammer

Admin Posted on 2022-09-26

Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, the wifi wireless network has become an indispensable and important communication tool in people's daily work and lives. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages. The negative impact of mobile phones is also immeasurable. Negative effects in special scenarios and within a specific period of time have become a new leakage channel and a new criminal method, posing a threat to the security of confidential information. Therefore, it is imperative to strengthen the management and standardized use of wifi jammer.

Wifi blockers are used to block RF signals. Their purpose is to prevent RF signals from reaching their intended destination or to interfere with them in some way. The most common example of a wifi jammer is blocking your local coffee shop's wireless internet connection. But they are also used for other purposes, such as law enforcement surveillance or even military operations!

The benefits of using a wifi jammer

With a 5g wifi jammer, you can prevent the theft of sensitive information of your employees or customers. This is especially important if your office has a large number of computers and laptops used by many people. If someone is using their own device on your network, you may not know what information they are accessing or sending over the Internet. You can even see some of this information on-screen if it's being displayed -- but there's still no guarantee that every employee enters your building with good intentions.

You can also use a wifi jammer device to prevent the entire network from being interrupted. When someone abuses their device by trying to connect it through an unauthorized channel or by disconnecting someone else entirely, they put others who need access at risk; this can lead to a system crash or other failure, thereby Making it difficult for others who need immediate access, such as security guards, to gain access.

Did you know that wifi frequency jammer can be used to prevent someone from eavesdropping on your wireless network? This is because they block unauthorized radio frequency transmissions. Don't worry, as the wifi jammer blocks all signals within its operating range.

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Disadvantages of using a wifi blocker

However, with the promotion of wifi signal jammers, it has also brought some unfavorable effects. The wide range of use of signal jammers will interfere with the normal use of signals of surrounding residents, resulting in no signal for residents to use mobile phones. If the shielding range is shortened, there will be There are a lot of dead spots and blind spots, and it is difficult to control the distance of the shielding edge, and the long-term coverage is wide, the power will be large, and the radiation generated will also affect the human body, so measuring the pros and cons of a wifi signal blocker not only depends on The degree of effective shielding of network signals, and also consider whether the radiation pollution generated by it meets the national electromagnetic radiation protection standards

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