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Base station that affects the effect of wifi jammer

Admin Posted on 2022-09-21

After installing and using the wifi jammer, many customers will find that the shielding effect is not ideal. When analyzing the reason, the distance of the base station near the site is a very concerning factor. However, regarding base stations, it is actually necessary to make a distinction. There are several types of base stations. The most common ones that affect the effect of wifi signal jammers are not only macro base stations, but also micro base stations, pico base stations, and so on.

The macro base station is the easiest to identify, and it is usually installed on a large iron tower or a large street light pole. The transmission power of the macro base station is also relatively large, and its coverage generally reaches a level of more than 1000 meters. If the wifi jammer device is used around the site, and there are such macro base stations within a distance of two or three hundred meters, it will have a huge impact on the shielding effect. In extreme cases, there may even be no shielding effect at all.

The number of micro base stations is larger than that of macro base stations. It is generally centered on macro base stations and is installed in densely populated urban areas. Its transmit power will be smaller than that of macro base stations, and the impact on the shielding effect is also more obvious. Usually, It is also required that there cannot be a micro base station within at least two or three hundred meters near the use site of the wifi frequency jammer.

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The transmit power of the pico base station is smaller than that of the micro base station, and it is generally used for indoor installation. It is usually installed in the corridors of buildings or in shopping malls, activity centers, etc. The appearance size of the pico base station is very small, it is easy to achieve concealed installation, and even its appearance will do some camouflage, such as the appearance of speakers, speakers, billboards, etc., making it difficult for people to find its real use. Because the power of the pico base station is small, the impact on the wifi blocker is limited. Therefore, when there is a useful site with a pico base station nearby, sometimes the method of directly dismantling or closing the pico base station in a short distance is adopted to ensure the better performance shielding effect.

A wifi jammer is an electronic device that intentionally transmits signals that interfere with communications. The device works by blocking communication between the phone and its base station. This type of jammer is designed to block the signal from a specific cellular network or cell phone. It blocks the signal to the base station from reaching the mobile device. This type of jammer is not as harmful as it sounds and can be used in a variety of situations.

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