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Why does my phone fall off after connecting to wifi?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-05

1. Signal interference: There may be strong signal interference sources next to the router, such as microwave ovens, magnets, high-voltage lines, etc. or there may be wifi jammer. The wireless signals and strong magnetic fields emitted by these devices will seriously affect the normal transmission and reception of WIFI signals of the router
Solution: Turn off these devices, or install the router in a place with relatively less interference

2. Router firmware problem: The router firmware version is too low, or the firmware and hardware do not match, which may also cause the router to work abnormally and cause an unstable WIFI connection.
Solution: Go to the router's official website to find the latest firmware of the corresponding model, and follow the instructions to upgrade the router's firmware

3. Mobile phone WIFI function BUG: There may be bugs in the design of individual mobile phone WIFI software, such as turning on the power saving mode, causing the mobile phone WIFI to automatically turn off when it is idle. Or compatibility issues with the router, causing other WIFI devices to drop.
Solution: Upgrade the mobile phone system to the latest version, turn off the power saving mode or other options that may cause the WIFI to be turned off, and report it to the mobile phone manufacturer.

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4. Weak wireless signal: The router's WIFI transmit power is too low, or the device is too far away from the router, and there is a shield in the middle. If the WIFI signal is too weak, it will also drop from time to time.
Solution: Set the transmission power of the router to high to enhance the transmitted signal. In addition, the straight-line distance between the mobile phone and the router should not be too far, and there should not be too thick concrete walls and shields in the middle.

5. Multiple WIFI signals are concentrated in one channel: most wireless routers are set to 6 by default when leaving the factory. If there are multiple wireless routers nearby, the same channel may affect each other.
Solution: Modify the router channel to a channel other than 6, and try to modify the SSID number to a name that will not be repeated

6. Hardware failure: The router's WIFI transmitting module or the mobile phone's WIFI receiving module hardware itself is faulty, soldering and other reasons, resulting in the WIFI hardware not working normally and the situation of disconnection.

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