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Wi-Fi protocol flaw exposes personal data of WP 7 and 8 users

Admin Posted on 2022-08-24

With the rapid development of the Internet, smart phones have become an indispensable thing in our lives. They have brought great convenience to our lives and also caused great threats. This is why we try to emphasize the privacy and security issues of these portable devices. main reason. Users tend to share too much sensitive data with the device and run mobile banking apps, which is why hackers try to hack smartphones looking for your personal information.

You should know that no cell phone and electronic device is completely safe. All of these electronic devices have their specific vulnerabilities. Some of them exploit vulnerabilities in mobile operating systems, and some exploit vulnerabilities in security protocols. But the fact remains. Most vulnerabilities - are the user's fault.

The case of malicious applications of the most popular mobile operating systems attests to this fact. As you probably know - in order to install an app on your Android smartphone, you must approve all the permissions the app needs to function properly. Most users never read this, that's how malware gets into Android, they'll approve anything that makes the app install faster, but at this point they'll miss the fact that the app asks to send a premium SMS to a short phone number .
The same is true for iOS. The Apple Store has very strict review rules, and all apps must be tested and approved before entering the store. The easiest way for malware to get into your iPhone or iPad is through a third-party repository. It is equivalent to saying that the user himself is installing a virus.

Wi-Fi signal blocker

A Microsoft Security Bulletin found a vulnerability in the PEAP-MS-CHAPv2 (Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol with Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol version 2) protocol used by Windows Phone during the authorization process for WPA2-based wireless networks.

When the smartphone tries to authenticate the hotspot, the perpetrator can steal the authorization data and then use it to control the device. Wi-Fi itself is vulnerable, but combined with smartphone vulnerabilities, it can be used to steal users' personal data and sometimes access mobile banking information.
Microsoft still doesn't have data on the damage the bug might have done, and they don't have an update or patch for it. Instead of addressing the issue, Microsoft has released a step-by-step guide on how to configure your device to avoid the error.
But there is no guarantee it will work. To keep your personal data safe - it's best to avoid public hotspots and use a Wi-Fi signal blocker. In this case, the bug will not work. You have to remember that your personal data is very valuable and many big companies make huge profits by selling them, that is why you have to keep your privacy safe.

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