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3G 4G 5G GSM Signal Jammers for sale

GSM is the most common frequency range used to interfere mobile phone networks and mobile communications. It includes four main frequency bands (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz) and uses many smaller standards (like UMTS, CDMA2000, Nextel, TDMA, AMPS, W-CDMA PCS, etc.) in different countries around the world. The main advantage of it is that users can choose the quality and low cost of SMS from more voice choices.

The current GSM jammer is not only used for GSM interference, but also shields GPS and WiFi signals. With advances in technology, people can track your location not only through GPS satellites, but also by tracking cell towers. There is a modern assistive GPS technology. It combines GPS satellite tracking and mobile phone tower position triangulation to quickly and accurately find your specific location, so that you are constantly being monitored. It is embedded in many new microchips in tracking devices and phones.In order to fight this complicated device, we need the jammer devices to interfere with GSM and GPS signals.

Anyway, if you turn on the 3g jammer, you will see that it will start sending frequency interference at the same frequency, and it will block multiple signals in this way. Modern jammers basically have this feature, and the connection between the phone and surrounding signals will be cut off, so you will not be able to speak. Inhibitors can send many different frequencies, If you are willing to spend more money on this type of device, then the device you get will be more powerful.

Most importantly, these GSM jammers are affordable and portable, they not only can interfere with gsm signals, but also block 3G 4G WIFI GPS signals, protecting your privacy and location at all times.Since it can not only block 3G 4G mobile phone signals, some of them can also block 4G LTE signals and 4G Wimax signals, so using 3G 4G jammer, people need not worry about interference from noise.

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Handheld Wireless GSM Signal Jammers 3G GPS WIFI Bluetooth

The 5 antenna handheld mobile phone signal jammer used the golden color appearance design, there are many interference signal frequency band combination for you to choose. The jamming frequencies includes the GSM, 3G cellular signals, GPS, WiFi, bluetooth, wireless video frequency.


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gsm 3g 4g signal blocker
5-band desktop GSM jammer that can intercept 3G 4G WIFI GPS signals

A high-power desktop phone jammer with a white aluminum shell. The jammer has high heat dissipation, so it can work continuously for a long time. It can interfere with GSM, 3G, 4G cellular frequencies. The interference distance is adjustable, suitable for household jammers.


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mini gsm 3g jammer
3 Bands Cheap Portable Mini GPS GSM 3G Jammers For Sale

This mini portable jammer has the function of blocking GSM 3G or GSM GPS frequency, is small in size, light in weight, and has a car charging design, which can be conveniently used anywhere. The interference radius can reach 15 meters.


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Phone Wifi signal jammer
Powerful jammer that shields all 4G 5G telephone signals and WIFI 2.4G 5.8G signals

It can definitely shield all 2G 3g 4G 5G Phone signal and WIFI 2.4G 5.8G signal in 50 meter range. The signals to shield can be customized by the different country standard and the customer specific needs.TX-NZ150W is a self developed wall-mounted Phone WiFi signal jammer. It is made of the antenna, RF Amplifier Unit, Multiplexer,Main Control Board, Smart cooling system, Power Supply system.

$1147.99 $1279.59

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Desktop 5g jammer
Desktop High Power GSM 3G 4G 5G Jammers Block GPS Wifi Frequency

This 8-antenna desktop signal jammer is the only high-power 5G jammer on the market. It has a variety of signal jamming frequency band combinations, which can interfere with 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, GSM, wifi, gps, lojack and other signal frequency bands. The maximum interference radius can reach 40 meters.


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gsm network jammers
GSM 3G GPS WIFI 315MHz 433MHz 868MHz Network Jammers

The golden handheld GSM jammer can intercept CDMA GSM PCS 3G WIFI GPS 315MHz 433MHz 868MHz. The advantages are easy to carry, small size, light weight and easy to hide.


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Power WIFI GPS 3G 4G GSM Jammers Large Jamming

This high-power jammer interferes with all phone frequencies including (CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS, TDS, CDMA, CDMA 2000, WCDMA, 4G), radio, 2.4G (WLAN, WIFI, Bluetooth), equipped with high-quality mute Fan, the interference radius can reach 100 meters.


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Professional GSM Signal Blockers

Portable Handheld GSM 3G 4G 4GLTE GPS WIFI Cell Phone Blockers

GPS mobile phone jammer

6 antenna portable cell phone jammer Adopt brand-new material, in the point, line, face design reached the best state, perfect modelling makes it very popular.

$309.99 $599.89

The first 22 antenna wireless signal jammer 5GLTE 2G 3G 4G Wi-Fi GPS LOJACK

22 Antennas all Signal Jammers

The newly designed 22 antenna all-in-one 5G jammer. It can not only cut off all 5G mobile phone signal, but also block WiFi 2.4G / 5GHz GPS, RF 315 MHz 433MHz, VHF UHF signals.

$800.69 $1489.59

Latest Desktop 4G 5G GPS WiFi 2.4G 5.8G Frequency Cell Phone Jammer

4g cell phone jammers for sale

This high-power 10-channel mobile phone signal shielding device has a shielding radius of up to 30 meters and can effectively shield various 2G 3G 4G 5G WIFI signals.

$699.99 $1199.89

Highly Recommended GSM Jammer

The influence of gsm signal jammer on our lives

Using GSM and 3G frequency bands not only makes your life easier and more interesting. However, if someone maliciously eavesdrops on our mobile phone, it will be very dangerous. It will invade our privacy and threaten our personal safety. Therefore, in order to prevent information leakage and protect privacy, gsm jammers will be an ideal weapon of choice.

The gsm jammer can block GSM and 3G frequencies. The maximum radius of the portable 3G gsm jammer is 15 meters, and the maximum radius of the desktop 3G GSM CDMA jammer is 200 meters. According to your needs, there are always products you are satisfied with.

What is GSM?

GSM, also known as Global System for Mobile Communications, is considered the second generation (2G) mobile phone system, and it is by far the most successful global mobile communication system. The GSM system is mainly composed of a mobile station (MS), a mobile network subsystem (NSS), a base station subsystem (BSS), and an operation and maintenance center (OMC).

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We need GSM Blocker

Along with the advance of network system, mobile phone function also appears has changed, calling and texting GSM network, 3G network can connect to the Internet, 4G networks can watch video, and now, in the 4G network has almost all over the world, the world's major operators and phone companies are actively layout 5G, want to have further development on the network system. Although many national carriers have proposed shutting down GSM spectrum, it is still used in many countries and covers a wider range of areas, such as GSM anti-theft systems, rather than just communications.

Even 3G, 4G signals popularization, 5G signal will be overwritten, but still the GSM is crucial to the mobile communication signal frequency, and the cause for mobile phones harassment and noise is based on GSM network, therefore the GSM jamming device you may need to be used to solve these problems.In the theater, when some audience members use their smartphones during movie viewing, their screens will illuminate the surrounding channels, distracting everyone ’s viewing experience, which is a torture for other audiences. Theater managers may need to use GSM signal blockers to prevent some rude behavior from the audience.

GSM network to be replaced by other type of cell phone signals in many countries, the network speed is faster, more aspects of the signal type is used, also caused many problems, the wireless network of monitoring to the family, the infringement of privacy in your life. GPS and cell tower triangulation track you, leaving you with no privacy to speak of. In order to better protect your privacy and prevent such behavior from posing a threat to you, it is necessary to use the multi-function portable GSM jammer.

5G jammer is popular

5G network refers to the fifth generation mobile communication network, and its peak theoretical transmission speed can reach 1GB every 8 seconds, which is more than 10 times faster than the transmission speed of 4G network. For example, to download a 1G movie, the theory can be completed in 8 seconds. With the birth of 5G technology, the era of sharing 3D movies, games and ultra-high-quality programs with smart terminals is coming to us.

5G network is a new type of network method, and its penetration rate is still low, and further research is needed. For any kind of network, network security issues are very important influencing factors, and the same is true for 5G networks. Therefore, more attention must be paid to 5G network security issues. 5G jammer is a new product currently researched and developed for 5G networks. It is further optimized on the original technology. It can not only jam with the GSM 3G 4G mobile phone signals common in daily life, but also block GPS WiFi and 5G frequency bands,it is a designated product in Europe and the United States.

The multiband-function 5g signal jammer carries GSM, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi together, which is easy for you, all phone signals will be interfered. Schools, conference rooms, offices, movie theaters, prisons, disco and casino owners in the building all use gsm network. Like these two-way radio stations, are likely to interrupt the signal sent to the mobile phone. This can be done using a 5G blocker.

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