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Drone jammer countermeasures: Radio detection gives drones nowhere to hide

Admin Posted on 2022-11-03

The drone jammer system is radio-detected, and the drone has nowhere to hide. The UAV jammer countermeasure system has become a section that must be mentioned and expanded in the field of UAVs. According to the principle of the UAV itself, the countermeasures adopted by the UAV countermeasure system generally include radar detection, radio detection, and Photoelectric tracking of these types. However, considering the market demand for UAV anti-gun equipment at different prices, a cost-effective UAV anti-gun system is launched.

Drone signal jammer system radio: (detection)

At present, the frequency bands of Chinese drones are all 1.5G, 2.4G, and 5.8G frequency bands.

Automatic search, discovery, identification, and direction finding of illegal intrusion drones through radio detection and direction finding subsystem.

The radio detects whether there is a drone through the frequency band, so even if there is an obstacle, as long as the drone emits the corresponding frequency band, it can be detected.

The question is: why use radar detection when radio detection is used?

The radio can't detect a drone that is flying silently, what is the silent flight?

Silent flight: To put it bluntly, it is a flight that uses navigation to set a route.

Photoelectricity of drone gun jammer countermeasure system: (tracking)

Optoelectronics is actually a tracking system. When the radio and radar find the UAV, it will track and lock to provide positioning for interference strikes.

Visible light monitoring (color, black and white): for day or daytime target detection, verification and tracking.

Infrared thermal sensors: Can be applied to detect infrared rays emitted to targets and identify drone targets in the complete absence or low light conditions.

Infrared laser monitoring technology: used to improve target monitoring resolution under glare conditions at night.

Radar of UAV countermeasure system: (detection)

Electronic scanning radar: It may be tens of millions on the particularly expensive side, and friends with a small budget should not consider it.

drone frequency blocker

Machine scan radar: scan left and right, 6s circle, the radar needs to scan the object 3 times to determine, that is to say, 6*3=18s to determine the object, which will give some drones a chance. (The situation that the drone is flying in the air but cannot be detected is caused by this machine-scanning radar)

Phased array radar: 4-5 planes, the angle between the plane and the plane is 90°, 1.5 seconds to determine a point, 1.5*3=4.5s to determine the object so that the drone has no chance. It is the most used radar for all UAV countermeasures on the market (highly recommended), so the systems using phased array radar (aka 4-area array radar) in the UAV countermeasure system on the market are all good systems.

But in practice, you will encounter such a situation. When the drone sees the radar, it looks for obstacles to hide, such as behind trees or other obstacles, and the radar cannot find the drone.

Drone frequency jammer can curb the chaos of drones being "overbearing and pervasive".

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