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The benefits of drone jammer in aviation areas

Admin Posted on 2022-10-10

With the rapid development of social science and technology, in recent years, civilian drones have repeatedly appeared in important consular areas in my country, such as military equipment, airports, prisons, and a series of important areas, disrupting air traffic control and endangering aviation public safety. threat. The probability of using drone jammer is also gradually increasing.

Definition of black flying drone

"Black-flying drones" refer to unregistered drones that do not fly in accordance with guidelines and management regulations. In the open air, except in test flight areas and uninhabited areas, all drone pilots must hold a "driver's license"; at the same time, any aircraft must apply for flight in advance. According to the "Civil UAV Real-Name Registration System" issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, all civilian UAV owners must register with their real names.

The jamming market has been developing drone signal jammer systems, UAV anti-guns, and UAV high-power jammers for many years, which are widely used in special police, military, oil depots, major event sites, and other occasions. All have extensive experience.
electronic drone jammer The drone frequency jammer is a UAV control equipment system, which response to the dangerous behaviors of all UAVs in the air, such as black flying, candid photography, and carrying dangerous items. It is currently a device that can effectively resist the defense of important territories. The human-machine drone gun jammer is aimed at the location of the drone and can be used. At this time, it is necessary to continue to interfere with the drone until it lands and stops rotating, or just cancel the remote control and image transmission signals of the drone so that it automatically returns home and away from the protection target.

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