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How much do you know about the built-in wifi jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-27

The built-in wifi jammer means that the antenna is made in the machine. Why should the antenna be made in the machine? Wouldn't a wifi signal jammer with an external antenna be better? In fact, this statement is not entirely correct. The built-in wifi jammer device can prevent the artificial removal of the antenna and the artificial destruction of the antenna, which can also ensure a longer service life of the wifi frequency jammer and can also avoid damage to the external antenna in an irresistible environment and waste money. Replace the antenna. At this time, someone must have asked, will the effect of the machine inside the antenna be bad? In fact, it is not, because considering that the antenna is built in the machine, the built-in antenna with a gain is used in the machine so that the effect is guaranteed, the appearance is much better, and the concealment is also enhanced. but! It is not excluded that some people do not choose antennas with thicker gain in the machine for the sake of profit, but choose ordinary small antennas with poor quality, and may also make a few fewer antennas, etc., so it is very important to choose a good brand. When users choose a product, they are more concerned about two points, the shielding effect and distance; the other is the noise when the product is working.

adjustable wifi signal blocker

The wireless wifi jammer has evolved again, adding the frequency bands of Bluetooth and wifi to the scanning range, so that several common communication methods in society are completely covered. Many people do not understand the difference between the three methods of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile data. It seems that they are all wireless communication technologies. In fact, the difference between the three is mainly in the frequency band. In mobile communication technology, 2G mainly works in the 900-1700MHz band, 3G works in the 1900-2100MHz band, and 4G works in the 2300-2500MHz band. While Bluetooth and WiFi work at 2.4GHz.

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