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A technical background in wifi jammer manufacturing

Admin Posted on 2022-10-12

This article relates to the technical field of wifi jammer, specifically to high-power wireless signal jammers that improve heat dissipation and control, which are suitable for prisons, examination rooms, and other outdoor scenarios or scenarios that require high-power and large-area coverage.

WiFi jammers are widely used in examination rooms, prisons, detention centers, and other places, which can effectively prevent personnel from using mobile phones in violation of regulations, ensure fairness and justice in examinations, and maintain prison order and safety. Among them, the shielding area and frequency band of the wifi signal jammer are related to the power, amplitude, frequency, and bandwidth of the shielded signal components, and the coverage is controlled by adjusting the power.

For different usage scenarios, such as small spaces such as examination rooms and conference rooms, use low-power wifi jammers, and large outdoor areas use high-power wifi jammers. Therefore, some jammers will set high-power and low-power modes to meet the requirements field demand.

portable hand-held wifi jammer

The wifi frequency jammer usually includes the main control board, shielded signal components, radiator, and cooling fan. The shielded signal components are arranged in a row on the radiator, and multiple cooling fans will be set at the bottom or one side of the radiator, which are carried out to the outside through the cooling window. Air exchange, the inventor found that the wind speed of the cooling fan is constant, and in order to meet the needs of high-power heat dissipation, the wind speed of the cooling fan is set faster, especially it can reach more than 3000r/min, although it has a good heat dissipation effect. , but there is a lot of exchange with the external airflow, and the internal dust accumulation speed is fast, which seriously affects heat dissipation; and the long-term high-load operation has a serious impact on life.

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