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Do you know an engineering grade wifi jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-11-11

How to choose and use an engineering-grade wifi jammer, and what is an engineering-grade wifi jammer device? In fact, the engineering-grade wifi signal jammer is derived from the hardware upgrade of the ordinary wireless jammer, which is more refined in workmanship, more wear-resistant and heat-resistant in appearance, faster in heat dissipation, and a machine with continuous standby for more than 48 hours. Generally, the machine is used in engineering construction, important examination places, prisons, detention centers, and other places that need to be turned on for a long time. How to choose a good engineering-grade wifi frequency jammer?

adjustable wifi jammer

Engineering-grade wifi signal jammer parameters

Signal jammers (also known as signal jammers/blockers/suppressors/truncators/isolators/conference information security machines) are based on foreign advanced technology, mainly for domestic college entrance examinations, adult college entrance examinations, self-study examinations, and various colleges and universities. During the examination process, some criminals use mobile phones to cheat, and at the same time, it is combined with the current situation of various intermediate and senior middle school students using mobile phones to send text messages indiscriminately during class time, as well as various large, medium and small conference rooms, concert halls, etc. The troubles and noises caused by mobile phones in serious places such as theaters. According to the actual situation of domestic mobile communications, a high-tech product has been successfully developed. It can cut off GSM/DCS within a radius of 1-20 meters (50-250 square meters). /CDMA/PHS/3G(TD-SCDMA/CDMA2000/WCDMA)/4G mobile phone signal, 2.4GWIFI wireless signal, and radio frequency UHF400-470M, VHF136-167M, so that the mobile phone can't make and answer, the walkie-talkie can't work normally, but It will not interfere with the work of other electronic teaching equipment, and the mobile phone and walkie-talkie can be restored to normal use after leaving the isolation range. Also, the school is clean, and the meeting is peaceful.

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