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The importance of shielding layer for wifi jammer

Admin Posted on 2022-10-20

Because the shielded cable has a good ability to resist external electromagnetic interference, and also has the ability to prevent the electromagnetic field generated by itself from interfering with the surrounding environment during use, it is widely used in the secondary transmission of power systems and wifi jammer. Equipment production protection, petroleum, chemical, computer, rail transit, and other fields. Corresponding shielded cables include control cables, inverter cables, power guide cables, computer-shielded cables, intrinsically safe cables, etc. In terms of shielding methods, there are three forms: separate shielding, total shielding, and a combination of partial shielding and total shielding.

Metal Jamming

According to the different requirements for shielding performance of the place of use, metal shielding includes copper wire braided shielding, copper tape wrapping shielding, copper wire sparse wrapping shielding, copper wire sparse wrapping, copper tape wrapping shielding, aluminum-plastic composite tape wrapping shielding, Shielding layer composed of different materials such as copper-plastic composite tape wrapping shielding, aluminum alloy wire braided shielding, copper-clad aluminum wire braided shielding, etc. In order to ensure the continuity of the shielding layer and reduce the transfer impedance of the shielding, the copper tape wrapping. The shielding method of wrapping copper-plastic composite tape with aluminum-plastic composite tape needs to place one or more annealed soft copper wires longitudinally in the shielding layer as a drain wire.

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Shielding performance of metal shielding layer

At present, the shielding characteristics of shielded cables are mainly measured by the transfer impedance of the surface of the shielding layer. The smaller the transfer impedance of the cable shielding layer, the smaller the induced voltage generated by the shielding layer current, and the better the shielding performance of the cable. However, in cable production, the shielding performance of shielded cables is often reflected most directly through the measurement of the shielding suppression coefficient.

The jammer must be made of high-quality shielding materials to produce a high-quality wifi signal jammer

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