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The application and characteristics of wifi jammer

Admin Posted on 2022-09-15

Currently, most of the wireless wifi jammer used in exam rooms are wireless wifi bluetooth jammers. However, a wireless jammer like this doesn't look special, so many people don't notice it and don't know what the thing is for. Sometimes they also ask how is it different from the jammer they see, the antenna on it? Some people are very suspicious. After learning that it is a wireless wifi jammer, I will ask if there is no antenna? In fact, it does exist, but the antenna of the wireless wifi blocker is placed inside the machine. When the wifi jammer device is designed, in order to avoid man-made damage, it is specially designed with the built-in antenna. In addition to this, it has many other features, such as the fan is designed to be an ultra-quiet silent fan in order not to affect the test taker. The wireless wifi jammer can not only be used for indoor installation, but also can be installed outdoors. Don't worry about thunder and rain. The built-in antenna is very safe. As long as it is not wet with water, it is still very stable and not easy to happen. Fault. Plus it's also easy to use, as long as it's connected to a power source, it can be used without any tedious operations, which is great, and is why the wifi signal blocker is so practical. Since the antenna is installed before leaving the factory, the user only needs to hang it directly on the wall or directly on the table through the screw holes on the back of the host when using and installing, and the installation is very convenient.

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What kind of wifi jammer is reliable to buy?

There are many types of wifi signal jammers on the market, and there are many brands that research and develop it. So, what kind of wireless wifi signal jammer is reliable? It depends on the qualification and technology of the product manufacturer. The jammer mart wireless jammer is powerful, easy to operate and easy to install, and is exported to countries all over the world.

In order to better meet the needs of users, the brand continues to develop in the field of signal interference. So far, dozens of types of wireless signal jammers have been developed, providing personalized service solutions for most users, and finally winning the favor and recognition of the majority of users.

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