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How to determine the number of wireless jammers installed in a conference room?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-22

① Less than 100 square meters. For the more common small and medium-sized conference rooms, the internal environment is relatively transparent, so it is easier to choose the installation location of the wireless signal jammer, and the number of installations is also relatively small.

②100-300 square meters. For a conference room of about 100-300 square meters, usually 1-2 wireless wifi signal jammer are installed, which can basically meet the shielding effect of the entire conference room. In addition, the installation location should be determined according to the on-site environment, and you can choose to install it on the conference table or on the wall. An independent omnidirectional antenna can be used, or it can be installed as a directional antenna if you want to reduce the influence on the outside world.

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③More than 300 square meters. For a space of more than 300 square meters, the installation location and quantity of wireless wifi frequency jammer can be selected by the method of equivalent distribution according to the size of the site. Usually more than 3 units. If it can be installed on the ceiling in the middle, this can use a smaller number to achieve the effect of full coverage, and if conditions are limited, it can be installed using the positions on both sides of the wall.

For a successful installation, you must figure out the size of the installation site before installing the wireless wifi bluetooth jammer. In addition, when installing, we need to make a decision based on its coverage, do not install it at will. The shielding effect can only be improved if the wireless wifi jammer is properly installed.

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