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How to choose a built-in and external wifi jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-28

Of course, in terms of energy saving and heat dissipation, the built-in wifi jammer cannot compare with the external wifi signal jammer. From the external structure, the built-in wifi jammer device integrates the transmitting antenna, power supply, and heat dissipation fins in an external plastic shell, which is more beautiful in appearance, plug and play, and requires complex antenna connection, plug-in power supply, etc. advantage. And it is suitable for applications in areas with large personnel flow, easy management, or frequent movement in some school examination rooms, conference rooms, and confidential places, which has great advantages.

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Then the external wifi signal jammer adopts thickened pure aluminum alloy in structure, combines the circuit board with the shell through processes such as oxidation and baking paint, and makes full use of the shell to achieve a good heat dissipation effect. Since the antenna is externally connected to a shape memory alloy head and the power supply is also externally connected, it is not conducive to long-term mobile use, the operation is complicated, and the installation is inconvenient. However, the external cooling effect is particularly strong due to the built-in wifi frequency jammer. The matching and use of the external transmitting antenna and shielding device are better. Since the power supply of the external wireless wifi jammer is separated from the host, it will not add extra burden to the host and can work stably for a long time. Combined with the above advantages, the present invention is more suitable for fixed places that require continuous and stable work for 365 days, such as school classrooms, student dormitories, churches, troops, prisons, and detention centers.

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