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How does the drone jammer counteract "black flying"?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-14

With the rapid development of intelligent technology, drones have now entered people's lives. Various types of drones are used in many fields. Even in the countryside, drones are no longer a new tool. If the drone appears in the wrong location, we must take effective means to control it. Therefore, the drone jammer is to use technological means to carry out drone countermeasures.

How drone jammers work?

The principle of the drone signal jammer is to suppress the control signal through the high-performance interference signal of the same frequency band after sending a high-power interference signal to the drone. Interfering with the sensor, connection, and positioning system of the target drone, and shielding the control signals used by the drone, the drone and the remote control cannot receive signals from each other. At this time, the drone will return when it cannot accept the control signal. At present, my country's UAV jammer equipment has multi-band signal interference technology.

anti drone uav jammer

At present, UAVs are mainly controlled by radio communication technology. The UAV countermeasure equipment can send high-performance jamming signals to the target UAV and suppress the control signal, and the UAV itself can perform a forced landing or return. The drone jammer device will send a full jamming signal to the drone, causing the drone to leave the operator's control and automatically land without receiving a control signal. After the drone is discovered and accurately located, it must be intercepted effectively, usually for signal jamming. The UAV countermeasure equipment mainly transmits a directional radio frequency to the target UAV, cutting off the communication between the UAV and the remote control, forcing the UAV to land or leave safely.

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