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Wifi jammer professionally isolates 4G signal and wifi signal

Admin Posted on 2022-09-26

In today's life, 4G networks and WIFI have become indispensable things in life. All mobile phones and computers must go through this channel if they want to connect to the Internet. It can be said that without 4G and WIFI, mobile phones and computers will be gone. The ability to contact the outside world, but also 4G and WIFI give us too much convenience, some people try to use this convenience to choose to cheat in the exam room, then as a wifi jammer specially developed to counter this cheating using communication equipment, Can it effectively isolate 4G signal and WIFI signal?

Wifi blocker can effectively isolate 4G signal and wifi signal?

Because the frequency bands of general 4G signals and WIFI signals are between 800MH and 26000MH, and the test wifi signal jammer is a device that can effectively block all communication signals in this frequency range, so whether it is a 4G signal or a WIFI signal, can be blocked. cheap wifi jammer And now facing the arrival of the college entrance examination, some candidates do not focus on their studies and want to cheat by illegal means, the wifi signal jammer is undoubtedly a powerful tool to break their intentions, which can maintain the normal order of the examination room and allow the students in the examination room Candidates can take the exam with peace of mind, and there is no noise during the use of this device, which can ensure that it will not disturb the exam process of candidates. For many friends who have a demand for wifi blockers, choosing a professional and high-performance device is not child's play. It is necessary to find a professional manufacturer to provide it. There is not only high-quality equipment but also perfect service solutions. Customers' product doubts are welcome to buy.

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