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Can the wifi jammer realize long-distance wireless remote control?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-21

After vehicle modification and comprehensive assembly, the high-power wireless wifi jammer becomes a set of vehicle-mounted special equipment that can be quickly transferred, deployed, and used with the vehicle as the transport carrier. Customers who have used experience know that the device host of the wifi signal jammer is installed at the rear of the vehicle, the transmitting antenna is installed on the top of the vehicle, and near the driver's seat, a control handle with a cable connection or 's controller.

Can a long-distance wireless remote control wifi jammer be realized?

The customer has such questions and ideas. The original intention is that the operator of the vehicle-mounted shielding device does not need to be in the vehicle all the time when it is necessary to turn on, off or set the wireless wifi signal jammer. This is because the controller of the device is controlled by The cable is connected to the main unit of the device and has a limited length. What the operator wants is to remotely control the shielding device on the vehicle through a remote control-like manner at a location far away from the vehicle.

The unfortunate result is that the existing commonly used remote control or remote control methods cannot currently meet the needs of customers. The reason is actually very simple: the commonly used remote control methods are to transmit control commands by wireless communication. Whether it is the receiving end or the transmitting end, data communication will be carried out at a relatively fixed wireless frequency or frequency band. These frequencies or The most common frequency bands are: 433MHz, 2.4G and 5.8G, then the embarrassing reality emerges: what does our car wireless wifi frequency jammer do? Its function is to shield wireless signals, which of course includes the most basic and common frequencies and frequency bands used for remote control signal transmission.

 4 bands wifi frequency jammer

If the technology of wireless remote control is forcibly used as the control method of the car wireless wifi jammer device, the following results will occur: the operator uses the remote control at a long distance from the car shielding device, and there is no problem in turning on the device remotely, but as long as the operator uses the remote control at a distance from the car shielding device It is the wifi blocker that is working normally. Because the emitted shielding signal will immediately shield the signal of the remote control frequency band, no matter how the operator uses the remote control, it will no longer be able to form an effective form with the remote control receiving end of the wifi jammer kit. Communication, it is naturally impossible to achieve remote shutdown, and it is impossible to set and modify other functions or parameters of the wireless signal jammers.

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