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How to solve the malicious intrusion of drones?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-07

Malicious drones are a headache for the police, and how to locate and "solve" them has become a topic of research in various countries. London's busy Gatwick Airport has had to be shut down for the safety of passengers after a malicious unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) "intentionally" flew over London's busy Gatwick Airport several times recently. The situation was so severe that the Army was called in to assist the police, and the airport runway reopened after days of chaos. For some time now, governments around the world have been looking for ways to deal with such "malicious" drones. So what are the current solutions? Let's take a look. Some of them are very high-tech, but some are very traditional. It also contains the most popular drone jammer technology today.

Using radar and "jamming" systems Cameras, radar, and radio frequency sensors can be used to detect or locate malicious drones. Integrating the technology into existing airport systems, covering miles of coverage, can “jam” communication between the drone and its operator, forcing it to go into failure mode and return to where it started. Quantum Aviation, which developed the technology, deployed it at the 2012 London Olympics to combat malicious drones. Shoot down drones with a "gun" Of course, the easiest way is to shoot down these drones. But this time the police dealing with drones at the airport were reluctant to use bullets because of the risk of stray bullets. However, a number of companies have produced hand-held or shoulder-mounted barrels that can fire nets at malicious drones, which trap them and stop the propellers from spinning, ditching them from the sky. British engineering firm OpenWorks has also created a large bazooka that precisely fires nets and parachutes. The system has been issued to security forces and government agencies in Asia, Europe, and North America.

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Intercept with a drone jammer

Security companies have also found a way to intercept drones with drone signal jammers, which can target a malicious drone by a police drone, launch a mesh and destroy it in mid-air. Such systems were deployed at the Winter Olympics in South Korea a few years ago and have been used by Tokyo police for three years. France has also used this technique, proving that a drone equipped with a net can capture another. Lasers that can shoot down drones Lasers are another option: Both the US and China have experimented with laser technology that can hit targets in seconds. Boeing has developed a high-energy laser beam that can locate and destroy small drones within miles. Infrared cameras are also said to be used, which can be used in low visibility conditions such as heavy fog. Earlier this year, China showed off laser guns at a weapons exhibition in Kazakhstan.
Dubbed the "Silent Hunter," it helps police intercept drones and other small air targets with "high precision." Specially trained eagles Meanwhile, the Netherlands has found low-tech solutions to high-tech problems. Police there trained eagles to claws on propellers, forcing "hostile" drones to descend. The trainer said the eagle thought the drone was prey, and after it was released, it headed straight for the target. It is reported that the Dutch police are the first in the world to use this method.

Of course, in addition to technical means, countries are also introducing regulations to regulate the use of drones. In the UK, it is illegal to fly drones within 1km of an airport or its borders, but regulations vary in other countries. In the U.S., drones must notify air traffic control in advance of flying within 8 kilometers of an airport. All large drones in the U.S. must now be registered as well. In Canada, drones cannot fly within 5.6 kilometers of any airport, seaplane base or area where aircraft take off and land. The heliport is reduced to 1.9 km. Similar laws apply in Sweden.

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