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The difference between ordinary wifi jammers and high-quality jammers

Admin Posted on 2022-10-28

People pay more and more attention to their privacy and security, and wifi jammer is becoming more and more popular. Various types of jammers on the market can not only block mobile phone transmissions but also block WiFi networks and Bluetooth connections. Any signal you want to block, these different jammers can do it for you.

WiFi signal jamming is divided into ordinary shielding and high-quality shielding

The technical characteristics of common jamming are mainly based on the shielding principle, using a large number of low-power or high-power equipment to fight against, and staying on a simple technical solution.

High-quality jamming, its technical characteristics adopt strong signal digital point frequency hopping technology, which reduces radiation by 150 times compared with ordinary shielding technology; mainly outdoor shielding, reducing indoor radiation power by hundreds of times; using multi-channel multiplexing technology, full-frequency antennas replace n Frequency division antenna, suitable for wireless long-distance transmission, lays the foundation for the distributed antenna; using distributed antenna technology, reasonably distribute shielding power, disperse power signal, reduce antenna radiation, and improve efficiency by dozens of times.

high power wifi jammer

Eliminate dead spots and leaks at the same time; Jike's unique TD synchronization technology only shields the downlink pilot time slots of China Mobile's 3G (TD-SCDMA) and 4G (TD-LTE) networks, eliminating the interference to the base station and obtaining Approved by the Mobile and Radio Regulatory Commission, while reducing radiation dozens of times.

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