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Cell phone jammers are not permitted in Germany

Admin Posted on 2020-12-14

Cell phone jammers that block the radio signals from smartphones & Co. seem to be a sensible solution in some situations. However, private individuals in Germany are not allowed to use the devices, which are also known as cell phone blockers.

What are cell phone jammers?

Cell phone jammer, also known as cell phone blocker or mobile phone jammer, are devices that prevent wireless connections from being established in their surroundings. This creates artificial dead spots that are supposed to prevent the use of cell phones and smartphones. Cell phone jammers are primarily aimed at cell phone networks, but WLAN and GPS are also affected by them. The range of the Handy-Jammer depends on the model. There are devices that only exert influence within a ten-meter radius, but there are also models with more than 40 meters of influence. There are also models for the military and government that interfere with radio signals for miles.

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Jammer ban in Germany

Great, is that what you want? That's not that easy. In this country and in numerous other countries, including the entire EU, cell phone jammers are prohibited in the operation of private individuals. One of the reasons for this is that cell phone jammers not only prevent private radio traffic, but also radio communications from the police, fire brigade and other important institutions. In addition, emergency calls could no longer be sent.

Theoretically, you could buy the cell phone jammers abroad, but the import of such devices is also prohibited and is strictly controlled. Violations are punished with heavy fines and the confiscation of the devices.

Who is interested in cell phone jammers?

There are many potential buyers for cell phone jammers. Wherever the use of cell phones is undesirable, such jammers would probably quickly establish themselves without the ban: Schools, churches, cinemas and theaters, but also some companies and employers would probably like to use cell phone jammers. Stores could prevent customers from making online price comparisons in-store.

Cell phone jammers in the service of crime

Cell phone jammers related to crime are also popular. Jammers not only interrupt the connection to the cell phone network and thus prevent an emergency call from being made, they also interfere with radio connections and wireless alarm systems. Criminals can make use of this and, for example, attack money transporters or alarmed buildings more easily.

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