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How to transform the conference room wifi blocker into a portable one?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-28

Some important meetings will use wifi jammer. If each conference room is not equipped with a wifi blocker, or if the conference rooms in different places are used in a staggered manner, the traditional jammer will become a bit complicated when it is transferred. In such a situation, the traditional wifi jammer can be transformed into a portable one, which is much more convenient to transfer.

High quality wifi signal jammer use switching power supplies. You can select a suitable battery to power the jammer according to the output parameters of the switching power supply used by the jammer. The common battery parameters on the market may not be exactly satisfied. Such batteries generally need to be customized separately, or a voltage regulator module can be used to provide a stable power supply to the jammer. Or directly connect the battery to the inverter, let the inverter provide a stable 200V AC power, and then connect the power adapter of the interference meter or the switching power supply through the power cable. Through the above two methods, the ordinary conference room jammer can be transformed into a portable wifi jammer. Or find some manufacturers that can make custom jammers to customize them according to your requirements. Can be made into a portable, or tow box.

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What determines the interference range of a wifi signal jammer?

However, for well-known reasons, the size of the interference range of the wifi frequency jammer is determined by the following two factors. First, the transmit power of the radio frequency modules in each frequency band of the wireless WiFi jammer. Under the same signal field strength, the more the transmit power is. Larger, the larger the shielding range of the jammer will be. Second, use the signal strength of the scene, the general jammer, its shielding principle, in a nutshell, is the power suppression of white noise, which means that which device emits more power in this place, whoever has the better effect. For example, if the signal strength transmitted by the jammer in this frequency band covers the signal strength transmitted by the base station, then it will show that the wifi signal in this frequency band will be blocked, otherwise, it will not be blocked. Therefore, when transforming the conference room jammer, it is also necessary to consider whether the wifi bluetooth jammer can meet the interference requirements of the conference room.

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