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As a professional wireless signal jammer store, jammer-mart is familiar with all common signal bands and has mastered the instrument manufacturing techniques that shield these signals. If you want to learn more about signal interference, please read our professional blog to help you quickly understand the type of signal you need to block and purchase the best signal jammer device. These include cell phone jammer, wifi jammers, GPS jammers, and high-end drone jammers, and even the upcoming 5G jammers.

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Israel's phantom technologies introduce drone detection and interference

The drone jammer creates an interference envelope that surrounds the drone. The system interferes with the downlink signal from the drone to the drone operator and the signal coming from the GPS satellite. The interference time has been set to up to 2 minutes in order to avoid possible interference with the emissions relevant to other radio frequencies.

Fixed GPS signal interference issue for driverless cars

The Southwest Research Institute (SWRI) in Texas has developed a rigorous method to test how susceptible driverless vehicles are to GPS jammer.GPS is a key technology in driverless vehicles as it enables them to calculate their position, navigation and timing.

Pitbull Military Drone-Jammer is ready to use

We have seen portable drone jammer before, although they are usually in the form of large cannons that would be tedious to transport over long distances. However, the new clip-on Pitbull is designed to be worn by dismantled soldiers for hours.

Why should public WIFI will be used to lose personal information?

In recent years, free public WiFi has become a hidden danger for citizens to divulge personal information and compromise network security. Therefore, WLAN management in public places has come into focus. Corresponding countermeasures are also currently being investigated.

Government often uses jammers - expert

The company confirmed the incident on Friday. "To prevent outside people from using drones to cut off pork with the African swine fever virus, [one of our units] violated the rules by using a signal jammer," the company said.

Chinese pig farm tries to block criminal drones with signal jammers

The company confirmed the incident on Friday. "To prevent outside people from using drones to cut off pork with the African swine fever virus, [one of our units] violated the rules by using a signal jammer," the company said.

Saving Lives: How about Cell Phone Jammers

So keep in mind that the best of engineering achievements have gone into designing, building, and producing this device when using this powerful military jammer to block out interfering signals nearby.

Cell phone jammers in the Cairo conflict

GSM jammer is a tool with which all signals sent and received by the mobile phone can be disrupted. It becomes impossible to use the mobile phone successfully in the region where such a tool is turned on.

Cell phone jammer that might keep you from distracted driving

Hart Levine is a concerned dad and an advocate for stopping distracted driving. He said he had a solution to the distracted driving problem. A cell phone jammer called Drive ID. You buy the device, download an app and connect the app to your phone.

Cyborg Unplug prevents WLAN from being spied on and stolen

Cyborg Unplug is not a wifi jammer, which means it does not interrupt or distort WiFi signals. It simply detects the MAC addresses of the devices in range and sends them disconnect signals to prevent them from entering your network or others if you wish.

Questions and answers about GPS blockers

GPS jammers produce white noise radio signals, which are transmitted at the same frequency as GPS satellites. This may prevent signals sent to GPS tracking devices and navigation systems.

U.S. military commits to electronic warfare (EW) jammers to counter enemy GPS and drone signals

The U.S. government purchases one hundred portable drone jammer to protect government facilities, property, and personnel. The jammer interferes with the radio control of the drone and avoids dangerous alternatives with bullets and other projectiles.

"BLISS" to counteract jammers that block GPS reception

To prevent such a terrible scenario, experts have worked tirelessly for years to find a reliable antidote to GPS jammer.

Why is WIFI accused of being dangerous for your health?

In an effort to stay healthy and get away from Wi-Fi, Stephanie coated her home with four thick coats of anti-radiation paint and banned her from using a computer or cell phone. In addition, it has a special WIFI jammer.

WiFi jammer for home use

Therefore, an efficient wifi jammer can be obtained at a very cheap price. I imagine that with some customization, you can expand the range of Wi-Fi interference and make it a mobile device.

High Quality Indoor Signal Jammers

There are many online stores that sell signal jammer, such as cell phone signal jammers, GPS phone signal blockers, WiFi signal blockers, UHF signal jammers, and other types of signal shutters.

Watch the World Cup with a signal jammer

In this case, use a jammer that can cut off the signal of the mobile phone. At present, the mobile phone jammer may be the best choice. Learn more about the advantages of portable cell phone signal jammer.

Jammer used in the pilgrimage center of the monastery

Bangladesh: Sri Lanka, South India, the pilgrimage center of the Kuks Subra Sulaymaniyah Monastery. Some names have strengthened security measures, and the temple authorities have installed cell phone signal jammer.

Anti-UAV Signal Interference-UAV Jammer

As for the previous news that "the bid failed, the company vice president ordered employees to knock down 17 drones of the opponent", there was a lot of uproar on the Internet, and the important role was the anti-drone gun. In the past two days, I have re-learned the information of several anti-UAV equipment

The drone show has bugs, is it the pot of jammers?

The fastest-growing new technology in recent years is undoubtedly the strong rise of drones. Nowadays, drones in many fields have become a new upsurge. The drone performances that follow are more open-ended. Variety of styles are favored.

Russia pays attention to GPS interference in new navigation plan

Moscow also claimed that in addition to jamming NATO exercises and deceiving GPS receivers to protect important VIP targets, Moscow also claimed to have added GPS jammer to more than 250,000 home cell towers to help defeat US cruise missiles.

Iran gets a lot of GPS jammers. United States: This battle cannot be fought

According to media reports, in the face of tensions in the Middle East, as the world’s second power, it finally made a move, providing Iran with a large number of GPS jammers. As a result, the US military in the Middle East encountered large-scale signal interference, which directly led to the situation near the Persian Gulf.

International news about GPS

The NATO Communications and Information Agency recently announced that NATO has developed a new tool to evaluate the effectiveness of enemy GPS jammer in order to maintain its advantage in the current fierce electromagnetic environment competition.

Cell phone signal jammer maintains your happy time

Sometimes we don’t want to talk to anyone, but the annoying people will keep calling you. Therefore, your boss can call you several times during the weekend and ask you some questions, which will affect your mood throughout the day.

How do signal jammers affect mobile signals?

Every year during the high school and college entrance examination, there will be network problems around the school, such as dropped phone calls and slow Internet access. This is because the school has turned on mobile phone jammers.

The use of cell phone signal jammers in schools and prisons should be safety-oriented

The above list is the purpose of people using mobile phone signal jammer, but no matter what the purpose is, they should not be exchanged at the expense of public mobile communications.

Practical application of high-power mobile phone signal jammer

The high-power mobile phone signal jammer is a product developed according to the market demand and adopts special advanced technology.

Why use GPS signal jammer?

Nowadays, GPS tracking devices have helped people find many things. They play an important role in car navigation. They also help people find lost pets and cars.

Jammers help stop phone use while driving

According to some experts, the new cell phone jammer will reduce the number of car accidents. If you still know a lot of people how to do that, let's take a look at this topic and say that a lot of us are talking on the phone.

Some interesting facts about jammer

The cell phones that we use a lot can also easily be used as a tool for disclosing our private information. We have found many victims and that's why many people have a cell phone jammer to protect their privacy.

Auto GPS Tracker and how to deal with it

There is no need to buy a GPS Jammer car. Handheld interceptors can also hide your presence on a virtual card. All you have to do is use the switch or press the button to activate it manually.

Be concerned about your privacy on the phone

This is very dangerous, your privacy information is likely to leak because of this, at this point a wifi jammer can help you.

Cell Phone Jammer Debate Should Be Legalized Or Not?

Being the need to communicate is also a glorified way of supporting cell phone use. Cell phone jammer should be legalized in public libraries, schools, colleges etc.

Some ways to prevent drones that violate your privacy

It currently has a range of more than 1300 feet, but may still be able to achieve more versions in the future. Still, you can buy High Power drone jammer online now.

The difference between a fixed jammer and a portable jammer

I believe, dear ladies and gentlemen, you have seen different sizes of jammers. Some are portable and easy to carry, others are desktop and larger, not as easy to carry as portable jammers, which is obvious.

Don’t stay up late, maybe the signal jammer can help you

So we need WiFi jammers. To fufill both, you can choose a phone and wifi jammer to interfere with cell phone signals and WiFi networks at the same time.

India's measures against mobile phone abuse-mobile jammers

Now many people cannot leave the phone. Some people cannot imagine life without a cell phone. But obviously, many examples tell us that unreasonable use of cell phones will cause problems.

Prison information has been leaked seriously in recent years

Talisay City Prison Guard's chief commissioner, Josephus Jelianggao, said he preferred that the prison also have a signal jammer to prevent illegal use of cell phones in the facility.

Cell phone signal jammer applicable places and interception bands

Due to world interference, there are many manufacturers of cell phone jammers on the markets in various countries, but there are few detailed introductions. The following is a description of cell phone jamming devices.

Russia use gps signal jamemr interfere uavs

Conventional military exercises remain Russia's official response. However, simulated GPS jammer exercises are equally effective.

High-end GPS jammers can block enemy drones

The U.S. military hopes that GPS jammers installed on drones will dominate in future electronic warfare, and blocking GPS receivers may directly affect the helicopter's ability to accurately attack targets.

Gps blockers interfere with GPS navigation of drones

Russia's ability to scramble and intercept video streams on drones is currently established, such as the most common GPS jammer devices that affect GPS positioning and navigation.

Buy portable GPS jammer can take with is really great

Today, modern technology is constantly changing our lives, so it is important to understand some of the latest inventions in this field. Among them, the gps signal jammer is really great.

Buy portable GPS jammers appeared in a movie is easy

Many of us may have seen GPS signal jammers used in movies, but did you know that you can buy one of these devices yourself and it is very simple to use.

Cell phone signal jammer keeps your phone safe

Harassment calls will bring this experience to each of us. In severe cases, we may one day receive hundreds or even more harassing calls. We can stop this situation with a cell phone jammer.

Cell phone jammers help minors escape the virtual world

The virtual world is full of temptations and bad information. This information is not conducive to the growth of children. It can be achieved by using a cell phone jammer to make the mobile phone no signal.

Cell phone jammers avoid phone excessive health problems

The health problems caused by mobile phones must be taken seriously, and the improper use of mobile phones has caused health problems for many people, and mobile phone jammers can avoid excessive use of mobile phones.

Cell phone jammer device prevents mobile phone noise

The popularity of smart phones has brought a lot of convenience to people's lifestyles, and troubles have followed. The use of mobile phone jammers can solve the problem of mobile phone noise.

Schools use cell phone jammer maintain class discipline

Children use mobile phones to play games, are addicted to the Internet, and neglect learning, so some teachers recommend installing mobile phone jammers in the classroom.

Cell phone jammers ensure IOS operating system security

The fact that modern mobile phone users are turning to smartphones is a matter of great importance to the security of these mobile devices, which is why we use mobile phone jammers.

Cell phone jammer blocks nearby certain area WiFi connection

Wi-Fi networks are inherently dangerous. No matter what you are trying to connect, the connection itself is very dangerous, but these can be achieved by buy a cell phone jammer.

Buy cell phone jammer need to attention the jamming radius

There are many types of cell phone jammers on the market, so if you want to block cell phone signals in a very narrow range, portable is a good choice.

Phone jammers help you prevent phone threats

We must admit that the benefits of using a new mobile phone are difficult to overstate, but there are also some devices that block mobile phone signals, and mobile phone jammers are one of them.

Mobile phone blocker avoid cell phone use while driving

Smart phones can be a real killer. More than 20% of fatal traffic accidents are caused by using cell phones while driving. This is the meaning of using mobile phone jammers in cars.

Mobile phone jammers in cars for added security

What is the impact of using a mobile phone signal jammer in a car? This is a controversial topic, but he can prevent drivers from using a mobile phone while driving and prevent traffic accidents.

WiFi Jammer Protects Office Wireless Network Security

Looking around, you will find that a wifi jammer is no different from a small office. There are a large number of devices in our home that are connected to different networks.

WiFi jammer protects against cyber threats and security attacks

Many still find threats and security attacks difficult to perform. They believe that to be exposed to such threats, WiFi jammers can prevent attacks.

WiFi signal jammer to ensure information security

In this case, the problem is that we use the same network configuration for all electronic devices and use WiFi signal jammers to ensure information security.

WiFi signal jammer avoids multiple network risks

Many electronic devices have many network connection functions, which increases the risk of attacking the network. This kind of network risk can be avoided by using WiFi jammers.

Wifi signal jammer protects personal privacy and prevents mobile phone monitoring

In the current generation, mobile monitoring is increasing, and nine wireless service providers have released their data, which can protect personal privacy through portable WiFi signal jammers.

WiFi signal jammers protect personal privacy data

The government must obtain an arrest warrant before issuing private data, so we individually need to protect personal information security, which can be achieved by purchasing a WiFi jammer.

WiFi jammer is to prevent data leakage

Business is developing at the speed of light, and growth brings new challenges to the door. WiFi jammers can prevent data leakage.

High-power GPS jammer can shoot down drones

In order for a GPS jammer to work, it must be close enough to the signal its team wants to jam.

GPS jammer can shoot down drones in electronic warfare

The Russian army now has a special drone fighter unit. High-power GPS jammers can block the GPS positioning device of the drone, forcing the drone to land or return.

The function of GPS jammer is to intentionally block or interfere

Russia ’s advanced jamming technology and electronic warfare capabilities are well known, and the function of GPS jammers is to intentionally block or jam

GPS jammer dominate in future electronic warfare

The U.S. military now wants to install GPS jammer for drones to dominate electronic warfare in the future, and is moving towards a poorly understood and poorly regulated contractual approach to acquire them.

GPS jammer plays important role in war strategy

As more and more GPS blockers combine radios, and even the radio link to drones is disrupted, electronic "cannibalism" incidents are intensifying.

GPS blocker can stop unconventional drone flight

For several years, the U.S. military has been evaluating various countermeasures against drones, including GPS signal jamming or jamming, radar detection, and conventional counterattacks commonly used on aircraft.

gps jammer has become the hottest technology

In all reports of harmful use of consumer drones and near-accident aircraft, it's no surprise that another new technology has made headlines: GPS signal jammers

GPS jammers detects uav land

A new generation of GPS signal jammers, which can cover a wide frequency range and generate specific interference, high-power GPS jammers can identify and indoor signals

GPS jammers pose a huge threat to electronic warfare systems

In an interview with NBC News, Defense Department officials have not confirmed whether the drone was lost due to a GPS jammer, but an official said the jammer had a business impact on military operations in Syria.

GPS jammer prevents smartphone tracking

The United States is at the forefront of all innovations in technology, security or anything else. Now everyone knows that government agencies in the United States and other developed countries have successfully manufactured advanced instruments.

Protect your online privacy with a cell phone jammer

With the launch of Google Glass, technology has become closer to everyone's life and has changed it forever. With the advent of wearable technology, in the next few years.