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As a professional wireless signal jammer store, jammer-mart is familiar with all common signal bands and has mastered the instrument manufacturing techniques that shield these signals. If you want to learn more about signal interference, please read our professional blog to help you quickly understand the type of signal you need to block and purchase the best signal jammer device. These include cell phone jammer, wifi jammers, GPS jammers, and high-end drone jammers, and even the upcoming 5G jammers.

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Factory uses cell phone jammer to improve work efficiency

With the rapid popularization of mobile phones, mobile phone signal jammers have also come along. It can help people get rid of the call noise generated by mobile phones, and can also block the mobile phone communication of employees in certain areas.

Phone jammer blocks mobile noise and GPS tracking

One of our friends told me that he works in the library and people love him because of the quiet environment of the library. But with the arrival of the teenagers, the situation has changed.

Jammer intercepts drone band and mobile phone signals

I believe many of us are tired of cell phone calls that suddenly ring in some public places (such as cinemas, libraries, churches). In many places, such as gas stations and airports, the use of mobile phones is very dangerous.

Wide range of WiFi jammers

First, let's look at how WiFi and Bluetooth work. WiFi and Bluetooth are wireless devices that typically exchange data over short distances by using the 2.4G band. For families, the use of wireless networks is very convenient.

GPS jammer invalidates tracking signal

When driving to a strange city and worrying about getting lost and not knowing the specific location, we are used to using the car's own GPS navigation system, which can help us navigate and reach our destination.

Need to pay attention when buying jammers

Do you want to leave the noisy mobile environment, do you want to have a quiet environment? Do you need a good cell phone jammer? A high-quality mobile phone jammer can help you get rid of noisy mobile phones and bring you quietness and comfort.

GPS jammers responds to terrible tracking equipment

Most of us will install a GPS navigation system in a car so that we can quickly reach where we are located, but we find ourselves in danger because bad people can follow the location of our GPS equipment.

WiFi jammers suitable for many places

There is a growing focus on security and privacy, and there is an urgent desire to find an effective way to prevent their privacy from being leaked or attacked. In order to meet such requirements, WiFi / Bluetooth jammer is the best choice.

With professional drone jammer to block UAVs GPS WiFi band

What is a mobile phone jammer and where can I use it? Have you ever experienced a phone call while watching a concert again? Or, when you watch a new Hollywood movie, someone comes up and talks loudly?

Use uav jammers to deal with drone interruptions

Ever since library friends use mobile phone jammers, the library has remained quiet, no longer using mobile phones to talk loudly, and no more complaints from customers, which is very high.

GPS jammers are very useful in military and civilian

There is a gps jammer that can only interfere with gps signals. But there are many jammers that will not only block gps signals, but also other signals, such as mobile phone signals.

GPS tracking is common and how to stop it

The GPS system is becoming more and more practical in our daily life, and it is very helpful to us. The GPS system is free, open, and reliable. It has led to the development of hundreds of applications that affect all aspects of modern life.

Wifi network puts us in danger all the time

We all like to use WiFi, it is a faster and faster wireless connection, and it is very convenient. We can walk around the house while keeping our phones and computers connected to a high-quality internet.

Install WiFi jammers where mobile phones are not welcome

WiFi signal jammer is an electronic anti-mobile phone WiFi signal device. It can cover and hide the mobile phone signal from the transmission tower by sending a larger sound signal of the same frequency.

Wifi jammer makes the phone quiet

If you are tired of the noise caused by these mobile devices and feel or think you are being tracked by an unauthorized GPS system, you will need a signal jammer.

WiFi jammer prevents mobile phone shopping

We use our phones every day, and when we leave them, we feel very upset. When we go to the market for shopping, we use our mobile phones to pay our bills.

WIFI jammer useful to prevent mobile phone use

Mobile phones were invented in the early days to facilitate cross-regional communication between people. But over time, mobile phones are not only a communication tool, but also computers, portable entertainment devices.

Wifi jammer intercept phone noise and GPS tracking

In modern society, with the rapid development of communication systems, mobile phones have been widely used around the world, but the use of mobile phones regardless of the occasion makes us very troubled.

WIFI jammer helps ban cell phone use

Modern life is inseparable from mobile phones. Today mobile phones are not only a communication tool, they have become our good friends.

WIFI jammer prevents wireless signal electrical transmission

wifi jammer send electromagnetic waves at a frequency that will be broadcast throughout the area. The radio will cover and suppress the frequency band that receives this wave, thereby blocking the radio from broadcasting another band

Wifi jammer blocking cell phone signal

Today, with the development of intelligent technology, more and more people hope to obtain signal interceptor products that block multiple frequency bands at the same time.

WIFI signal jammer products reduce phone unusual use

With the continuous update of mobile phone models, we have to discover the fact that whether in the streets around us or in classes that should be concentrated in learning.

Be careful blocking frequency while buying a jammer

In this state, we can simply choose the signal we want to intercept, because we know that there are different types of signal jammers, such as the US version of the interference signal.

Stopping phone addiction is important

Everyone knows that taking an exam requires the test site to be absolutely quiet and ensure that there is no noise from the mobile phone, which means that anyone who takes the test is not allowed to use a mobile phone or other communication tools to communicate with the outside world.

How to avoid losses from mobile phones

Like every innovation, while the mobile phone brings us benefits, it also has a great negative impact. Of course, the benefits it brings far outweigh the losses.

Cell phone jammer stop children sinking mobile games

Parents want to keep in touch with their children, so now many rapeseed students have mobile phones. However, the school believes that mobile phones have a negative impact on the student's learning process.

Cell signal jammer makes the environment quiet

When you read a book you like, you suddenly have a ringing phone ringing in your ear. Do you feel a headache? When you go out with your boyfriend in a stylish restaurant, the ringtone of your phone will suddenly annoy you.

GPS location exposure is dangerous

With the development of the economy, GPS and other positioning systems are now increasing. GPS devices are really useful for our navigation and rescue. But on the other hand, it also reveals our whereabouts all the time.

Using gps jammer protect location privacy

Cell phone jammers are mainly devices that interfere with the mobile phone network to prevent first contact with stations in its vicinity. Once the mobile phone enters its interference zone.

Cell jammer prevents signal transmission

What is a jammer? These days, many people are asking the same question because of the continuous media coverage. In short, a cell phone jammer is a signal blocking device that can transmit the same radio wave band in the same frequency range as the device to be blocked

Jammer helps solve smartphone troubles

Of course, there is no doubt that mobile phones have become the most convenient communication device in our lives. It brings comfort and entertainment to our lives, while making communication between people easier.

GPS jammer application is easy and convenient

Now, let's look at a very practical gps jammer, portable GPS jammer, GPS jamming products can effectively prevent GPS satellite positioning and tracking, and effectively interfere with GPS satellite signals.

Mobile phone jammer purchases and applicable areas

When we purchase a jammer product, we need to make sure that the jammer equipment we choose contains sufficient functions we need. Mobile phone jammers provide us with a good opportunity and the best way to block unnecessary telephone signals.

GPS illegal tracking and prevention

The installation and use of the GPS system is of great help to us. Based on the GPS system, we have developed many devices to help us with military use and life. However, the GPS system also poses a very serious threat to us.

How to avoid using mobile phones in class

Now, with the increasing use of smartphones, mobile phones have become more and more common. In addition to our normal communication, many students also use mobile phones in schools and even play games in the classroom.

Office needs powerful cell phone jammer

We cannot deny that mobile phones have become a part of our lives, especially smartphones, which have helped us a lot, but under certain circumstances, the use of mobile phones may have a "negative impact".

GPS jammer makes car invisible

Today, GPS navigation systems are becoming more and more popular. Almost everyone uses it for personal and professional purposes, and almost everyone of us has a GPS navigation system installed in our car.

Jammer cuts off cell phone and GPS signals

As previously seen in other tests, the scrambler "covers" the target signal to cut off communication on that frequency. Therefore, the jammers studied today will cut cellphone and GPS signals within a few meters radius.

Gun drone jammers are very popular

UAV jammers are mounted on rifles with telescopes for easy acquisition. The most advanced UAVs use GPS networks for many reasons. In case of problems, return to the starting point, pre-established routes and stabilize at a given altitude.

Cell phone jammer address phone noise and privacy security

In recent years, various types of jammers have appeared on many websites. They differ in size, shape, weight, power, jamming distance and frequency range. If you want to use a jammer on a specific occasion, indoor interference equipment will be perfect for you.

Cell phone jammer makes life quiet

The principle of a mobile jammer is to generate a strong enough signal to "smash" the signal picked up by the phone within a nearby radius (a few meters), making it inoperable.

Cell phone jammers are not radioactive

The mobile phone jammer is very convenient to use, and because of its small size and light weight, it can be easily hidden in your pocket. Portable cell phone jammers have a built-in battery, which can be used for 2-5 hours on a full charge, and the device charges particularly fast.

Cell phone jammers can cut multiple frequency bands

Cell phone jammers designed for indoor use are very effective at blocking cell phone signals. When someone's phone bothers you, just activate the phone scrambler and his phone will stop working in seconds.

Cell phone jammer intercepts various signals

The interference range of mobile jammers is 2 to 50 meters. When the device is working, all phones in this range will stop working and its owner will not be able to make / receive calls and send / receive messages.

Cell Phone jammer makes phone disable

Cell phone jammers are an essential tool for preventing communication equipment. For mobile jammers, disabling the use of the phone is very simple.

Jammer intercepts GPS positioning and tracking

Vehicle GPS locator with positioning, navigation, anti-theft and other functions, this has long been an open secret in the automotive industry. With the decisive addition of a vehicle positioning tracker, many people think they are foolproof.

How to prevent mobile phones from being tracked?

As smartphones become more and more common, our lives are more and more inseparable from mobile phones. It is a habit to bring mobile phones with you when you go out.

WiFi signal jammer device affecting wireless network

When we connect to wifi to browse the web, we often encounter situations where the wifi signal is strong or weak. Obviously, the signal was still full, but suddenly it became one or two, or even dropped, causing a sudden card change when watching a movie or playing a game.

Shield WiFi signal and mobile phone call via WiFi jammer

When we choose the wifi network to connect to, we often see a large list of network names. At present, the wifi network uses the 2.4GHz or 5GHz radio band, and the 5GHz radio band has weak wall penetration capabilities.

GSM jammers shield nearby cell phone signals

The GSM frequency jammer only targets the uplink and downlink channels of the mobile phone system. It uses frequency doubling, frequency division, frequency hopping filtering and other technologies to analyze the frequency that needs to be shielded.

GSM Jammers in Games

Anyone who has played CODOL knows that in this kind of game, the choice and matching of tactical equipment is very important to the personal experience of the game. Some inconspicuous props can even save your life at critical moments.

Library use wifi jammer shields phone signals

I went to the library to read a book during the holidays, and found that many of the libraries came together. They took out their mobile phones when they sat down, and chatted aloud while playing. It was particularly annoying to remind them that it was useless.

How to prevent kids from becoming addicted to electronic games

In order to gain more knowledge besides books and classrooms, parents will buy tablets and smartphones for their children, but if children are obsessed with internet games, this becomes a big problem, not only without getting more Knowledge, on the contrary, delays the children's learning.

Wifi jammer intercepts mobile phone uplink signal

Nowadays, many parents are afraid that children will use their mobile phones to play instead of learning. This wifi signal jamming devices is often used in schools, conference rooms, prisons and other places where mobile phones cannot be used.

How many WiFi jammers should I buy?

Wifi signal jamming devices are mainly used in examination rooms, prisons, gas stations, mobile phone bombs, oil depots, detention centers, interrogation rooms, special security and confidential sites.

Instructions for buying wifi signal jammers

When we are very painful about the noise of the mobile phone around us, we are eager to use a device to effectively shield the surrounding mobile phone signal. At the same time, the device will not affect other electronic devices around us. You can choose to buy a wifi jammer.

What happens when the GPS signal is suddenly cut off?

We all know that GPS plays an important role in our lives. Mobile navigation cannot be separated from GPS positioning, and the car navigation system is paralyzed away from satellite positioning.

How wifi jammer block phone signals?

We all know that during the college entrance examination every year, the school will have problems with mobile phones dropping, mobile phones can not access the Internet, and the network speed near the test center is slow.

What is the use of car GPS locator?

In 2009, Concord released the world's first simple and practical vehicle networking intelligent hardware GT02, which has become the leading enterprise in the industry change, making the application of vehicle networking terminal products popular in the industry.

Car GPS terminal equipment comprehensive introduction

In the long-term development and implementation of logistics and transportation enterprise information management system, in the deep exchange with nearly 100 different types and sizes of logistics and transportation enterprises.

Importance of GPS navigation and gps jamming

The use of mobile phones allows us to understand the society faster. We are used to shopping on mobile phones, browsing the Internet, chatting with friends, and then overusing the mobile phone can cause great harm to our body.

Children's smart watch and GPS tracking

GPS smart watches are also called positioning watches, anti-lost watches. It is an electronic product that can be used for satellite positioning and call functions. It is usually said that GPS positioning is not unfamiliar to most people.

Unreasonable use of mobile phones is very harmful

The use of mobile phones allows us to understand the society faster. We are used to shopping on mobile phones, browsing the Internet, chatting with friends, and then overusing the mobile phone can cause great harm to our body.

Three times more likely to have eye cancer using mobile phones

According to the "Oriental Daily" report, a German study found for the first time that long-term use of mobile phones may lead to eye cancer.

Excessive use mobile phones easily cause phone syndrome

Mobile phone syndrome refers to people who use mobile phones excessively. The main performance is: take out the phone every once in a while or even a few minutes to see if there is new information or missed calls.

Cell phone radiation can cause neurasthenia

Cell phone radiation is very harmful to people's heads. Long-term exposure to mobile phone can cause functional disorders in the human central nervous system, causing symptoms such as dizziness, headache, insomnia, multiple dreams and hair loss.

Mobile phone leaks data privacy and location information

We all know that almost all mobile phones have GPS location and navigation functions, which can greatly facilitate people to go out, and also facilitate the merchants to obtain our location information.

Signal interceptor that used to block GPS tracking

I used a mini gps jammer to hide the position of my car, protecting my car and avoiding being tracked by others, a young black guy said.

Android and IOS systems are tracking you

With the rapid development of science and technology, smart phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. We can use it to browse news, back up data, record information, etc. to bring us great convenience.

GPS jammer applications are very common

GPS interference is useful in many places, and gps signal jammers are now widely used on the market. Mobile phone signal trackers and GPS signal trackers that are common on the market.

GPS tracker for monitoring vehicle transportation

An effective and high quality vehicle management workforce is critical to the transportation company.

Aroona homemade "snack pack" prevents company tracking

With the development of GPS satellite navigation and positioning system, the application of GPS technology is becoming more and more popular, and our personal location information has become very important.

Supermarket shopping cart installed with GPS tracker

Large and small supermarkets, shopping centers, etc., we can all see a variety of shopping carts. In our opinion, the shopping cart is just to facilitate people's shopping and reduce people's shopping pressure.

Multi-function GPS jammer interferes with mobile phone drones

The advent of the intelligent era has made our lives more diversified, especially the advent of a series of high-tech electronic products such as smart phones, smart TVs and smart watches, which have brought us more universality in our lives.

GPS signals are very important in the military field

GPS is also known as Global Positioning System, we are very familiar with GPS signals in our life. Our cars, mobile phones and even some smart watches are all equipped with GPS positioning and navigation systems.

Wifi jammers are very versatile in reality

When the church is praying, the priest is reading the Bible on it. Such a solemn moment, if suddenly a loud and loud cell phone alarm sounds, it will be a matter of anger and embarrassment.

Wifi jammer solves phone noise and prohibition

We use mobile phones to make phone calls every day, video chat with distant friends, communication at leisure time. The mobile phone has gradually replaced the real friends and become our companion to pass the time.

Wifi jammer advantage: peace and quiet

We know that today's smartphones are equipped with a GPS positioning navigation system, so mobile phone positioning is relatively easy. Since each mobile phone has a separate identification number.

New discoveries manufacture of wifi blockers

In some cases, the use of mobile phones can cause strong interference and even disgusting to us. For example, when a performance is being enjoyed in a theater, a sudden strong mobile phone alarm in front of us can be very annoying.

Cell phone signal jammer to avoid damage to smartphone

From the first expensive and cumbersome "big brother" phone to the proliferation of today's smartphones, high-tech technology has been changing our lives and playing a pivotal role in our daily lives.

Cell phone signal jammer destroys exam cheating

The cell phone signal jammer can isolate the mobile phone communication or wireless LAN signal from the electronic device, so that the mobile phone is in a state of no signal and can be widely used without destroying other nearby electronic device signals.

Cell phone jammer solves phone forbidden problems

If you find that there may be tracking devices around you and your location is being monitored by others, do you know how to protect yourself?

Cell phone jammers are very useful to us

Cell phone jammers are used in a wide range of applications. In many places, some sorting organizations, such as the occipital department, the university church, and the public judicial examination site.

Necessary to install a cell phone jammer in the prison.

Cell phone jammer can interfere with cell phone signals in conference rooms and test rooms. Cell phone signal jammers have become an important tool to prevent information leakage,

What type of cell phone jammer is used in the prison?

We know that cell phone jammers will be used in prisons to block mobile phone signals to prevent criminals from using their mobile phones to communicate with the outside world.

Using cell phone jammers in prisons is legal

With the development of technology, previously expensive, cumbersome and limited to offset cell phone jammers in the GSM 900 MHz band, it is getting smaller and cheaper.

Cell phone jammers can also destroy GPS tracking

August 28, 2004, USA - McGregor said: In the Iraq war, Iraqis interfered with GPS navigation data, which leads to US cruise missiles, bombers, etc. could not locate any bombing targets.

Reasonable use manufacturing buy WiFi jammer

The word "WiFi" is very familiar to us. We can make online shopping by connecting to the WiFi network, browsing current news, and downloading documents online.

Whether the cell phone jammer is allowed to use

In EU countries, jammers are banned in many areas because jammers can cause a lot of interference to local communication systems, and even a large percentage of users are used for illegal purposes.

Utilizing drone jammers to defend drones

Nowadays, the drone market is expanding, the use of drones is becoming more and more common, from the initial military detection, to today's civilian use.

Best GPS jammers anti tracking location privacy

The GPS tracker is a terminal with a built-in GPS system and mobile communication software. The positioning data obtained by the GPS system is transmitted to another server connected to the network through the mobile communication software terminal

High power signal jammer interference frequency band width

The development of society makes us have to invest more energy with our work, the family. Sometimes even if we work hard, life still gives us a lot of pressure.

Blocking wifi signals can block mobile phone use

We can use the mobile phone to browse the Internet, watch movies, and video chat with friends and colleagues because our mobile phone can receive the radio signals transmitted by the tower.

4G 5G network development and 5G jammer

Today, almost all mobile networks rely on 4g technology. With the development of wireless science and technology, this technology is more and more mature.

The best-selling cell signal jammer on the market

In daily life, public WiFi networks are everywhere, and we are used to using WiFi networks in public. Although there are many people, wifi network connections are slow. At this time.

UAV new policy real name system and drone jammer

In recent years, the development of drones has been very rapid, and various types of drones on the market are dazzling. The use of drones has ranged from traditional military drones to commercial drones.

Why do so many people like mobile phone jammers?

In United States, smartphones are an essential life "companion". It plays a very important role in people's lives. Without it, it is impossible to imagine how bad life will be.

Prohibit the use of mobile phones in prisons

We know that prisons are places where criminals are guarded, and the safety of prisons is particularly important.

Russia uses signal jammers on the Syrian battlefield

On the Syrian battlefield, Russia invested a large number of fighters, bombers and drones to support Bashar al-Assad's stability of power, making the United States and its allies concerned and strongly indignant.

Car GPS signal loss and thief

The current technology is so developed, which brings great convenience to our life and appearance. For example, driving is convenient and fast when traveling.

Use cell phone jammer to cut off cell phone signals

With the popularity of smart phones, nowadays, almost one mobile phone, the use of mobile phones brings us great convenience.

Educational institutions support the legal use of WiFi jammers

With the release of Pokemon GO this summer, the number of fans has soared. An augmented reality and virtual effect game hunts about 151 Pokémons in towns.

Popular and best-selling car gps jammer

Nowadays, many criminals use GPS tracking devices to obtain other people's geographic location and steal their privacy. They have achieved their own goals.

Gsm jammer legal application and interference range

A GSM jammer is a device that blocks the mobile operator's transmitter from reaching the environment at a certain distance.

Necessity and reason for the use of drone jammers

Drone jammers destroy drone flight by transmitting radio wave noise at radio frequencies, blocking effective communication between the drone and its controller.

Classification and main role of jammers

Many people think that the jammer is just a device that hinders signal transmission. In fact, the jammer has many other uses, and there are many types of jammers.

Which are the common places to use cell phone jammers?

Not just young people, nowadays people of almost all ages are increasingly unable to leave their mobile phones, and even carry a mobile phone with them in the toilet. However, mobile phones are not suitable for all occasions.

New Australia will ban public primary school students from using cell phones by jammers

The New South Wales Government of Australia announced on the 13th that from 2019, the state's public elementary schools will completely ban students from using mobile phones on campus to reduce disruption to normal classroom order and cyberbullying.

Prisons around the world are using phone jammers

The Philippines' CEBU, a special electronic device that blocks cell phone signals, will soon be installed at the Cebu City Prison in Barangay Kalunasan to combat illegal drug trafficking in the facility.

Mobile banking application vulnerability resolution through jamming device

Technological improvements around the world have not left the financial sector. Millions of people have embraced a fundamental shift in mobile banking. People use a variety of mobile devices to conduct banking, and millions of people are expected to enter this trend in the coming years and months.

Jammers help avoids mobile phone security threats

The technology is growing and has its own advantages and disadvantages. People are surrounded by a lot of technology. Android smartphones and iPhones are the next generation of technology innovation.

High quality handheld portable jammer for sale

With the improvement of the level of technology, various types of mobile phones have appeared one after another, bringing great convenience to people's daily life,also providing a lot of entertainment for our spare time.

Pocket GPS jammer

Nowadays, the wireless industry is developing rapidly, many wireless application devices have emerged one after another, which brings convenience to people's lives,but also brings huge privacy risks to every industry and enterprise individuals.

High power desktop 3G 4G jammer may meet your need

If you don't know much about certain high-tech products (such as cell phones, GPS transmitters, wifi, Bluetooth, etc.), you really need to one signal jammer. Then jammer-mart can meet all your requirements.

Most popular car GPS jammer prevent tracking

Now, some criminals use GPS tracking devices to capture the location of others and steal their privacy, brinng a huge danger to people's lives. In this case, GPS jammers become our biggest tool to protect the privacy of personal locations.

UAV jammer intercepts drone signals

At present, the control signals used by drones are mostly the conventional civilian frequency bands such as 1.2 GHz, 2.4 GHz, and 5.8 GHz.

Drone jammer mainly interferes with uplink signals

The drone jammer consists of a handheld host and a battery pack. The handheld host is designed as a multi-band transmitter antenna, which can simultaneously generate UAV flight control shielding signals and satellite positioning interference signals

Frequency jammers cut off signals during military operations

Whether in ancient and modern times, information is a vital part. In ancient times, communication facilities were relatively backward. Horses were the most important tools of transportation.

Mobile app collects personal information and causes information to leak

A questionnaire survey conducted by a magazine in the UK showed that 93.34% of respondents believe that mobile APP has too much personal information collection

It is imperative to use mobile phone jammer!

With the emergence and popularity of mobile phones, their functions have become more and more perfect, and our lives have become more intelligent and modern.

Jamming your location information by cheap gps blocker

The GPS tracker is a terminal with a built-in GPS module and a mobile communication module, usually used for transmitting the positioning data obtained by the GPS module to a server on the Internet.

Using WiFi blockers to limit kids online time

The development of smart phone wireless networks has a great effect on improving the speed of development. Mobile phones play a very important role in people's lives, mobile communications and mobile Internet.

Using mobile phone blocker protect our personal privacy!

With the development of science and technology, the progress of society, data modernization has become more and more common, the most obvious is the application of mobile phones, and now mobile phones have become an indispensable part of human life.

Having a leisure quite time by high power jammer

In such a fast-growing world, people have a busy working day, no time to experience life and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside. Even if there is time, most people's spare time is occupied by mobile phones.

Drone blockers protecting society flight safety !!!

Today, science and technology are developing faster and faster, and the use of drones is increasing in daily life.Advanced technology has brought a lot of convenience to people.

GPS jammers can effectively solve location tracking

The GPS satellite tracking locator uses GPS satellite positioning terminals to accurately locate, track, and remotely monitor remote targets.

Using military jammers in prison should konw these!!

The times are developing, science and technology are advancing, and people's mobile communication technologies are rapidly increasing. 3G and 4G communication technologies are already common throughout the world.

Advantages of high power jammers

With the development of the Internet, people shop online more and more frequently. The jammer-mart mall offers many different types of jammers to ensure high quality and low price.

Portable signal jammer for easy carrying

Our company has recently invested a large amount of money in the development of signal interference equipment and achieved great results. Jammer-mart offers a wide range of signal jamming devices

Hidden gps jammer protect location privacy

With the development of GPS satellite navigation and positioning system, the GPS positioning system is becoming more and more popular. It brings convenience to people, but it also leads to the leakage of privacy of many people

wireless remote control signal jammer on sale

In today's era of rapid development of smart technology, smart phones are used all over the world, especially in countries such as China and Japan.

GSM jammer used in places where need quiet

The signal blocker mainly intercepts radio waves from the base station and creates an unserviced shielded area.

Information you should konw about signal jammer!!

Have you heard of devices such as wireless signal jammers? Many customers do not know the function, principle and usage of the signal shielding device.

Useful mobile phone signal jamming device

When we are in the coffee shop, quietly sipping coffee; or in the library, quietly reading a book; or at a movie theater, enjoying the wonderful moments of the movies alone.

Cell phone jammers eliminating phone noise in quiet places

In a company meeting, the sudden ringing of the phone will cause the meeting to be interrupted; the phone ringing in the school class will interrupt the class.

Mobile phone jammers are widely used in our daily life

Along with the science and technology, people's living standards have generally improved, and many high-tech smart products have become more functional, but the price is lower.

It has become common to use WiFi blocker in schools

For today's college students, even high school students, everyone almost has a smart phone . However, at the age of study, while studying, students should put their work first, and mobile Internet access takes up too much of their time.

Protect our position privacy by gps signal blocker

A system for positioning and navigating in real time using GPS positioning satellites, called Global Positioning System (GPS), is a satellite navigation system with omnidirectional.

Using signal jammer devices to protect our privacy!

At present, the jammer signal devices on the market is dazzling and cannot be distinguished. Everyone needs to know how the signal jammer works before purchasing interference devices.

Shoot down drones by uav jammer

In the 21st century, science and technology developed rapidly, and the standard of living of the general public improved. People were used to taking more money to enjoy life while working.

Jamming devices that block bluetooth signal

Bluetooth is a radio technology that supports short-range communication (typically within 10m) of the device. It can exchange wireless information between many devices including mobile phones, PDAs, wireless headsets and so on.

UAV jammers to prevent drones from taking shots

UAVs have become more and more popular, ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars a few years ago. Today's drones can be purchased for even a few dozen dollars.

should we choose high power jammers?

When many people buy mobile phone jammers, they will pick up high-power signal jammers. High-power interferometers have a wide range of interference and high output power, which can interfere with more frequency bands.

Perfect high power jammers are here

For many people, they only need to use signal blockers when they are outside, so they will use hand-held signal blockers when needed, and sometimes they need to use signal-blockers without interruption.

Use GSM jammers block frequencies within a fixed range

The gsm jammer is a shielded signal device that effectively blocks all communication signals such as CDMA, GSM, SCDMA, DCS (1800MHz), PCS (1900MHz), PHS, 3G, 4G.WIFi.GPS,etc

High power jammers mainly placed in large areases

Initially, cell phone jammers were mainly installed in stores to ensure quietness in public places such as hospitals, restaurants, cinemas, etc.

Portable cell phone jammers mainly used in special small scale place

Portable cell phone jammer is a high-tech successfully product developed by the actual situation of external mobile communication.

Wifi jammers are widely used in quiet places

Many people are accustomed to dialing a mobile phone in a bus or in an office area, which not only causes a lot of noise pollution, but also affects other people's moods and even interrupts the work of others.

People use cell phone jammers to block mobile signal in quiet confidentiality places

With the widespread change and replacement of smart phones, wireless Internet has become a necessary part of people's lives.

This gps jammer blocks most tracking devices in life

If you feel like you are being tracked by tracking devices around, do you know how to protect yourself? This is an very important thing. There is a device called GPS jammer

GSM jammers is the main means to shield phone signals

With the development of mobile phones, the Internet world has become increasingly insecure. Some people use mobile phones to eavesdrop on conversations and obtain personal information

Reasons for developing call jamming devices on the market

Most GSM signal jammers on the market can interfere with mobile phone communication and wireless wifi signals, which are relatively small in radiation and can be ignored.

Why can the signal jammer block your cell phone signal?

During the college entrance examination every year, the school will have network problems such as mobile phones network dropped and slow Internet access.

Military jammer to prevent improvised explosive devices

IEDs are one of the most dangerous weapons used by terrorists, and more and more mobile phones are being used as detonators.

Drone blockers affect people's lives

Nowadays, technology is developing rapidly. The use of drones is becoming more and more common. Many consumers use drones. The use of drones brings great convenience to people, but it also brings great negative effects.

Why do you need a GSM jammer urgently?

As technology advances, the world has completed tasks that have not been possible in the past few decades in a few years. In the past, GSM jammers were only used in places like temples, churches, theaters, conference rooms, etc.

Multifunctional wifi mobile phone signal jammer

With the development of jammers, it is not difficult to achieve the blocking of multi-function signals. If you want your phone to be protected from WiFi signals and other signals at the same time.

Buy a suitable cheap cell phone signal jammer

Nowadays, more and more people are tired of the noise brought by mobile phones. Many people want to choose a quiet and beautiful life.

We can avoid GPS tracking interference.

With the rapid development of high-tech products, tracking equipment has become more and more advanced and more and more popular, such as GPS satellite signal positioning and tracking equipment.

Drone jammer blocks unallocated wifi 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz frequency

As the sales of drones are expected to grow exponentially in the near future, the number of drone events that occur every day is increasing, and the harm it brings is also increasing.

Application of portable jammers in war

Netline, which specializes in RF signal jamming systems, has developed IEDs and RF jammers that can be carried like backpacks, as well as interference systems that can be thrown into closed spaces like grenades.

Blocking wifi frequency you want by wifi jammer

With the popularization of smart phones, wireless networks occupy an increasingly important position in people's lives. People can use the wireless network to browse the web faster, watch videos, and download apps.

3 places where need phone jammers

Typically, "jammers" (also commonly referred to as signal jammers, GPS blockers, cell phone blockers, text blockers, etc.) are designed to block illegal radio frequency transmitters , interfere with or interfere with authorized radio communications.

Using GPS signal blocker prevent gps tracking

With the continuous development of innovative technologies, GPS tracking technology has set off a trend. With the popularity of smartphones and Internet devices.

GSM jammers are commonly used in our lives

GSM jammer can generate strong noise interference by transmitting the same radio waves, preventing all radio communications on any device operating on the radio that operates within its operating range.

Hidden your location with an tracker blocker

Security researcher Vlad Gostomelsky has conducted a test to find out how many people use complex detectors every day across the country to find out why they use GPS jammers in the wild: research has found that people use tracker blocker every day.

Cell phone blocker is an electronic device that jamming signal transmission

A cell phone blocker is an electronic device that blocks signal transmission between a cell phone and a base station. By using the same frequency as a mobile phone, cell phone jammers can cause strong interference between the caller and the receiver.

Use WiFi jammer prevent home network from being used secretly

Sometimes you may found thae the wireless network signal at home is always very poor. however the network speed of others is fast.Finally you found that your own WiFi network has been stolen by others.

Portable jammers usually used In agency sector such as prisons

As the number of smartphones increases, the use of jammers is becoming more common. Interferers are widely used in prison armed forces. According to statistics.

UAV jammer force drone to land

The drone industry is currently experiencing exponential growth and there are no signs of slowing down in the short term. For many commercial companies and the public who benefit from drones, this is a good thing, but it also brings a lot of drawbacks.

Have a powerful GPS jammer

Today, the wireless industry is growing very fast. With the advent of many high-tech equipment, not only has people's work efficiency been greatly improved, but also a lot of hidden dangers for many related industries and departments.

Does the conference room need to ban mobile phones?

At the meeting, do you think that the mobile phone is a must? For some people, the mobile phone has become a part of his life, and the mobile phone can't be separated from them every moment.

Shield the examing room signal with wifi jammer

The eraser is often seen in the examination room and there is nothing unusual about it. But if you embed an electronic device in the eraser, it would become an important test cheat tool.

Prohibit mobile phone use by portable jammers

The development of mobile phones is the greatest invention of mankind. It makes it possible for can two people who are thousands of miles away from each other could communicate face to face.

Can you ensure all your wireless devices are secure?

The Internet is everywhere. We use mobile phones to chat, browse videos, and even shop online, all of these are inseparable from the Internet. Nowadays, the network has become very important in our daily life.

Protect phone information security by high power jammer

With the development of technology network technology, our lives are closely linked to the Internet. Whether it is querying real-time reports, shopping payments, etc., it is inseparable from the Internet.

Jamming wifi frequency by wifi signal blocker

WiFi network is an important network signal that we are indispensable. We rely heavily on WiFi network at work or in life. In restaurants, dessert shops and other places, we often see people asking the boss what the WiFi password is.

Drone flight brings great harm forced drone landing

The Director of the Civil Aviation Administration said in an interview recently that the civil drones entered a stage of rapid development. Due to the low price and different functions, most of the drones appeared on the market as an entertainment tool.

Where are the car GPS locators hidden?

Front and rear bumpers: Many GPS positioning companies installed GPS locators in bumpers. First, because the bumper is concave and convex, it is suitable to install the positioner in the groove.

GPS jammers are commonly used in the UK

GPS interference is the process of using a frequency transmitting device to block or interfere with radio communications. Types of communications that may be blocked include phones, text messages, GPS systems, and WiFi networks.

Shielding the phone signal on the car by mobile phone jammer

What if you don't want someone to call your phone in your car but don't know what to do? Humphries is frustrated that people are using mobile phones in cars, but he does things that people with few ideas will do.

Cell phone too close to the human body may cause cancer

On December 16, the California Department of Health issued a warning on daily mail: People should keep their phones away from the body to reduce radiation and danger.

Using gsm blockers reduce smartphone malware attacks

With the rapid spread of smartphones and the decline in PC market share, mobile users are facing more security threats than PC users.

How to block cell phone signal? It may help you.

Mobile phones are an indispensable partner in our lives and also the biggest tool to attack our privacy. Mobile phones have improved people's lifestyles and brought great convenience to people.

Tele-marketing has seriously affected our normal work and life.

In the era of smart Internet, mobile phones have officially become "smart partners" in people's lives. We can not only watch videos during leisure, play games for entertainment, but also collect information at work.

Military jammers are also common in life

We know that military jammers are mainly used for military activities, and military jammers are generally designed for high output power, which can effectively interfere with cell phone signals in CDMA GSM DCS PCS GPS WIFI 3G and other frequency bands.

WiFi signal problems and children indulge in the network

The advancement of society and the development of science and technology have made smartphones popular all over the world. Almost everyone has a mobile phone, which indirectly reflects the improvement of people's living standards, but it also brings a major problem.

The smallest portable jammer on the market

This is the smallest low-power portable handheld pocket-sized mobile phone jammer on the market. The compact device is ultra-small and looks like a cigarette case.

UAV technology has two sides and drone jammers

The development of science and technology enables people to better explore the world,, enabling people to have a broader vision and to explore nature more boldly.

GPS technology plays a major role in the development of drones

Compared with other aircraft and fighters, due to the simpler operation and safety of drones, they are receiving more and more attention in the field of national defense.

Multi-function mobile phone signal jammer provides our error location information

The application in the mobile phone software provides us with a lot of convenience, we can get the service we want according to the downloaded various applications.

Older smartphones produces big noise problems

According to statistics: the global mobile phone coverage rate has exceeded 80%, the elderly in the 1960s and 1970s,and the children to the age of three or four, all use mobile phones.

Benefits and disadvantages of installing GPS trackers in cars

We all know that the cars currently on the market are equipped with GPS positioning navigation system, which facilitates people's travel, but it may also be an important tool to be tracked, so the car GPS system has been discussed by most drivers.

The harm of indulge in smartphones and measures

Smartphones are one of the devices we carry with us. With the development of the Internet, smartphones have become an important tool for our communication or entertainment.

WiFi radiation seriously affects children's healthy growth

With the development of mobile smart devices, WiFi coverage is also growing, whether in libraries, restaurants, or stations, cafes, and other public places, public WiFi is everywhere.

Development and impact of drones

With the improvement of people's living standards, people put more emphasis on leisure life, more energy into nature, exploring society, and experiencing life.

Advantages and disadvantages of 5G networks

Nowadays, 5G networks are widely spread in various countries. So what is the 5G network? What advantages does it have compared to 4G?

The most practical way to avoid cell phone tracking: cell phone jammer

We often see such fragments from the movie: In order to avoid being tracked by evil organizations or reactionary gangs, the protagonist will break the tracker into pieces or throw it into the river.

UAV application medical assistance and military investigation

The upgrade of drone technology and the increasing globalization of drone applications have made drones more widely used. According to what we know, drones are mainly used for aerial photography.

Mini portable GPS signal jammer for car use

High technology has brought convenience to our lives, but it has also added restrictions on our freedom. For example, we can quickly find our location through GPS location technology, find our destination and determine the route.

Block 4G signals with WiFi Bluetooth jammer

With the 4G signal entering the market, the speed of mobile phones is getting faster and faster, and more and more people use smartphones to watch videos and browse TV news, which is a must for them.

You certainly don't know these mobile phone signal identifiers.

We are familiar with smartphones, such as Huawei and Lenovo in China, iPhones in the US, etc., which are very popular in countries all over the world. But how much do you know about mobile phone signals?

Gps signals and GPS jammers are very important in modern warfare

We are very familiar with GPS signals. It is widely used in our cars, mobile phones, smart watches, etc. The development of science and technology has been more widely used in GPS technology.

How do car owners shield their position?

For those car owners who want to block their vehicle location, do you know how they did it? They use signal jammer devices to shield themselves and the location of the vehicle so that no one can find their location.

What is the cause of the poor WiFi signal?

Clearly installed 100M broadband, but always feel that the network speed is very slow, watching a video has to buffer for a long time, then what are the main factors affecting the strength of WiFi signals?

Use signal jammer to catch a doll

We often see the kind of game machine that catches dolls and spits coins in the dolly field in entertainment venues. We know that it is not easy to catch dolls.

Still worried about leaking your location information?

The wide application of GPS technology brings great convenience to our life. Many applications of our smartphones have GPS.

WIFI network has big hidden dangers to eliminate

In recent years, WiFi signals have spread throughout the country, from stations to libraries, from cafes to theaters, etc., and there is almost WiFi everywhere.

Gsm jammers are widely used in the market

GSM jammers, also known as a mobile phone blocking program, is a device that prevents it from establishing a wireless connection in a certain environment and forms a certain protection area.

Use mobile phone jammers to prevent others from tracking

Now that the phone is fully functional, we can easily locate our position with our own smartphone, as long as the phone has a signal, it can even be positioned at any time.

How to block cell phone signals in some places

When you take the school exam, do you find a problem: the mobile phone near the test room suddenly has no signal, can't make a call, can't send a text message, and even has no network.

Interference with remote-controlled bombs using military signal jammers

The happiest thing in the world is that we live in a peaceful era. Don't worry about a bomb suddenly falling to your side at a certain moment, not to worry that a bullet will pass through you in an instant.

High-power mobile phone jammers in the market

With the continuous updating of mobile phone software, the mobile phone system has been replaced by generation after generation. The simple mobile phone calls and e-mails can no longer meet our needs.

The universalization of drones has a serious impact on people's lives

Science and technology are always the lifeblood of a country. Whoever has the most advanced technology, this country has the qualification to negotiate with other countries in the world and has the ability to protect itself.

How to prevent GPS tracking

We know that almost all the vehicles we drive have GPS technology, such as cars, buses, trucks, etc., so that we can confirm our location in real time.

Three ways to shoot down drones

In the United States, more and more drones are being put into use, and they are used in various fields to support individuals and companies in accomplishing tasks.

It is practical to use portable jammers to block phone noise

Mobile phones are an important part of everyday life, and almost all of us are used to using mobile phones for real-time business and private calls.

Wireless signal jammers are very useful in large venues

Wireless signal jammers, also known as wireless jammers, are devices that prevent wireless connections from being established within their range.

School test center use cell phone jammers prevent cheating

Almost all schools face this problem: every time there are exams, there are often a variety of cheating tools in the exam room, which makes it hard to prevent.

Portable gps signal jammer protects your location privacy

If you have never known a GPS signal jammer before, it is especially important to pay attention to the signal that the GPS jamming device cut off while purchasing.

Should the school use a cell phone signal jammer?

With the popularity of smartphones, more and more children are beginning to enjoy the various network activities brought by mobile communication, such as mobile games, online shopping, mobile video chat, etc.

Should a jammer be used in the cinema?

Are you angry if you frequently receive harassment from the phone ?but you have to bear it, if you don't answer the call, then the call will be repeated one after another, unless you force the shutdown.

Telephone harassment is a very headache

On the weekends, it was a very happy thing to have a few friends and go to the theater to watch a wonderful movie. The busy life of reality makes us very headache.

Use wifi blockers in the musical theatre to reduce phone noise

In my spare time, watching a game quietly, going to the cinema to watch a science fiction movie, or going to the theater to enjoy a wonderful musical is a very relaxing thing, but the appearance of the phone Broke this rule.

You need know whether your car is equipped with tracking equipment.

The use of cars has greatly facilitated our lives. With cars, we don't have to wait for the bus to go to work, but we have to grow a long pair, and even cause late arrival.

Protect yourself with a cell signal jammer

With the development of technology, we have gradually entered the era of information network. Nowadays, everyone's life is inseparable from mobile phones, computer tools and other network tools, and even almost all cars are equipped with a variety of electronic devices.

Buy a GPS signal jammer suitable for your car

We often see such a clip in the movie: in order to locate the address of the suspect or gangster, the police often install a GPS location tracker on the undercover and "eyeline", or on the mobile phone.

Cell phone radiation affects children's health and should stop them

With the continuous advancement of human civilization, we have entered the era of rapid development of the Internet today. The development of the Internet means that people's communication is more convenient.

Prevent exam cheating: cell phone jammer

We all know that cheating in school exams is very common. With the development of science and technology, various exam cheating tools have appeared one after another.

This wooden block can block the surrounding mobile phone

Artist Allison Burtch installed a cell signal jammer in the logs. He used the jammer to paralyze the frequency of the phone around him, thus getting rid of the phone calls causing serious noise and noisy.

Operation is very simple of signal jammers

There are many applications for signal jammers in the market. Conference rooms may use cell phone jammers to prevent unnecessary ringing during conferences.

The application of jammers is very common

The jammer can make normal radio wave signal reception more difficult or even impossible (such as radio, television, mobile handset, GPS, etc.).

Interfering GPS trackers: How to stop GPS tracking

A GPS jammer is a device of a blocking global positioning system that blocks signals by operation.

Using a cell phone jammer in class

School classrooms are the places to learn. Now, with the popularity of smartphones, you will find that in college classrooms, students can be seen everywhere playing mobile phones.

GPS tracking devices are very common, how to stop it?

Holding a mobile phone with a tracker in hand, you can see where the monitored target is by turning on GPS map navigation.

Jammer one safer method of data protection

From the state, the government, to the company, individuals, and network security has always been a difficult problem for everyone.

Specific uses of cell phone jammers!

Cell phone jammers, also known as jammers or cell phone interceptors, are devices that interfere with other wireless connections transmitted by radio waves.

One-touch mute of the phone will become possible

Noisy cell phone ringing on the plane seat, call someone else in the train compartment: Dear, hello? are you still there? My signal here is not very good, I will call you a little.

Application examples of WiFi jammer in reality

Jammer, which initially sounds illegal, is that not all jammers are used for illegal purposes. Many of them are for legitimate purposes.