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How to build a high-quality wifi signal jamming system?

Admin Posted on 2022-11-14

As a professional modern communication wifi jammer technology, the signal shielding system is especially used in the special environment of prisons, and the requirements for wifi jamming technology are higher. In the special environment of the prison, the activities are relatively concentrated due to the dense population. If criminals own a mobile phone, it is easy to find blind spots of shielding after a long search. Even if criminals don't deliberately search for blind spots, they will expose blind spots they missed in the face of pervasive text messages.

Detect the effect of the wifi signal jammer system in the prison

In order to achieve unshielded blind spots in the prison, it is necessary to carry out repeated tests and use professional equipment detectors in places with strong signals. The construction party can also request the relevant local departments to conduct professional testing to check equipment, radiation, and other systems. The interference is free of blind spots and meets the testing regulations of relevant departments.

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The problem of shielding effect and external interference

A high-quality wifi jamming system project must not only fully achieve the shielding effect, but also not affect the communication of the residents, and only when the area is accurately shielded and there is no interference outside the shielded area can be considered a complete acceptance project.

The problem of upgrading and expansion

The development of wireless communication technology is very rapid, and now 5G is already in the trial operation stage. Therefore, the construction of the shielding system should be modularized, and it can be easily upgraded according to the changes in the surrounding communication facilities, so as to effectively save the project investment and achieve the purpose of permanent shielding.

After-sales service of the system and engineering cases

The wifi frequency jammer system engineering is a very professional project, so the lack of a good after-sales service system will definitely bring obstacles to the benign and long-lasting operation of the system. The high-quality wireless blocker system suppliers and manufacturers will provide a team with good after-sales service, and will also conduct a series of after-sales services such as regular return visits and system upgrades to truly help customers solve problems.

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